Chapter 3 – He looks like an honest man

“… Why do common names sound more like formal names?” Lu Yang muttered under his breath.

“Because the first pure Yang spiritual root senior called himself a single dog spiritual root.” Yun Zhi’s cultivation was unfathomable, and Lu Yang’s whispering was as clear as if he was speaking directly into her ear.

Yun Zhi paused and added, “There is a tradition in the cultivation world to respect the single dog seniors.”

It seemed that saying such a sentence could enhance her persuasive power.

Meng Jingzhou naturally passed the first test, and Lu Yang followed after him.

“Huh?! Another single spiritual root?!” Dai Bufan’s pupils shrank. He had just complained about not encountering a single spiritual root after working hard for so long, and now he encountered two in a row.

“Me, a single spiritual root?” Lu Yang pointed at himself, his heart pounding. He felt like he was hallucinating, and his mouth unconsciously curved upwards.

“Yes, you are a variant single spiritual root, a sword spiritual root.” Dai Bufan nodded affirmatively. He had never made a mistake in judging a person’s root bone.

The sword spiritual root was born with a sword seed, sharp and unstoppable, with the strongest attack power!

Senior Sister Yun Zhi looked slightly surprised at Lu Yang. She agreed to ride in the carriage just on a whim, but she didn’t expect that both of the people in the carriage were top-notch cultivation geniuses.

The eyes of the crowd became more eager as they began to calculate which suitable young girl could marry Lu Yang and become part of their backer’s power.

Unlike Meng Jingzhou, who had the support of the Meng family, Lu Yang was obviously an ordinary person with no backing.

With excellent talent and no power, he was simply the best object to marry into a family.

The most important thing was to get married and have children!

Lu Yang felt that the way everyone was looking at him was strange, so he quickly entered the second test.

Behind Dai Bufan was a bamboo forest, and the second test was conducted in this bamboo forest.

“So, what is your spiritual root?” Meng Jingzhou quickly stepped out of the shadow of being a single dog spiritual root and enthusiastically asked Lu Yang.

So what if he had a single dog spiritual root? There were many dry bones on the path to immortality, and women were just red powder skeletons. He didn’t need any beautiful fairy companions by his side!

It was Lu Yang, who, although able to pass the first test, was probably the only one with such extraordinary talent as a single spiritual root. He was at the level of having dual spiritual roots.

As a single spiritual root peerless genius, he should take care of the mediocre geniuses.

“A sword spiritual root.”

“Fuck you.”

“Huh?” Lu Yang was confused.

After a while, the people behind him entered the second test one by one, and Dai Bufan eliminated those whose root bone did not meet the standard.

Listening to the discussion behind him, it seemed that there were several people with special physiques, but before he could inquire about the specifics, Senior Sister Yun Zhi appeared in front of everyone, lightly saying, “The second test begins now,” and then disappeared, leaving everyone confused.The thick fog gradually rose like smoke and waves, surging like water, as if a huge veil covered everything in the bamboo forest.

The people instinctively wanted to struggle, but it didn’t have much effect. They felt powerless and gradually lost consciousness.

This is the Illusory Bamboo Forest, which is a part of the Sect’s protective array. How could these people resist it?

Yun Zhi drew a circle at random, dispelling the mist and creating a space for the Sect’s disciples to stand behind her.

Dai Bufan smirked and said, “Being trapped in the Illusory Bamboo Forest will make them forget their identity, forget the test, forget everything, and show their truest reactions. I wonder how many people can pass the second test this time.”

“I hope more of them can pass. There are several good seedlings in this batch, and it would be a pity if they fail the second test.”

Yun Zhi had not kicked Meng Jingzhou and Lu Yang out of the test because Meng Jingzhou’s test was not from this year, but from twenty years ago.

“I wonder which elder sold it.”

“Dai Junior Brother, who do you think can pass the second test?”

“Of course, it’s the ancient barbarian tribe. The ancient barbarian tribe is known for their pure hearts and unquestionable character.”

“I also think the single dog spiritual root and sword spiritual root are good. They look like honest people at first glance.”

Yun Zhi thought of the scene where Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou were discussing how to cheat in the carriage and felt that they had nothing to do with honest people.

“Where am I?” The ancient barbarian tribe’s strong man, Man Gu, looked around in confusion, forgetting what had just happened.

He held a tattered axe and stood by the river. The small river was sparkling and beautiful.

Man Gu’s hand slipped and the worn-out axe fell into the river. Just as he was about to retrieve it, bubbles began to rise from the river, and a fairy-like figure appeared with three different styles of axes floating in front of him.

“Young man, I am the River Spirit. Did you drop this worn-out axe, this spiritual axe, or this immortal axe?”

The spiritual axe and immortal axe were two famous axes in the central continent. Even ordinary people without talent could become powerful figures once they obtained these two axes.

Man Gu blurted out, “The worn-out axe.”

The River Spirit smiled slightly. “You are an honest young man. Here are all three axes for you.”

Man Gu passed the second test.

“You see, I told you Man Gu could definitely pass the second test. Let’s see how the single dog spiritual root and sword spiritual root choose.” Dai Bufan eagerly watched.

The second test tested honesty, and the passing standard was to obtain all three axes.The River Spirit is not an illusion. He was born in the small river surrounded by bamboo forest, a naturally nurtured creature.

He transformed into numerous forms and entered illusions to test everyone.

The River Spirit likes honest people. The only way to pass the second test is to honestly answer his question and receive three axes as a gift.

“Hmm? How did the axe fall into the river?” Lu Yang was a little puzzled. He felt like there was an inexplicable force that made him drop the axe.

The River Spirit appeared again and gently asked Lu Yang, “Young man, I am the River Spirit. Was the axe you just dropped this old broken axe, or this spiritual tool Mountain-Opening Axe, or this immortal tool Heaven-Creating Axe?”

Lu Yang squatted down and looked at the three different axes. He looked up at the River Spirit as if he was looking at a fool, with a hint of pity in his eyes. “Two of these axes belong to you. Don’t you know which two are yours and ask me instead?”

The River Spirit’s smile stiffened, not knowing what to say for a moment. He could only follow Lu Yang’s words and say, “I really don’t know which two axes belong to me.”

Lu Yang looked at the River Spirit warily. “If I choose one axe, don’t suddenly recover your memory and say which two axes belong to you.”

“I absolutely won’t.” The River Spirit said confidently.

“Let me see all three axes.”

The River Spirit handed all three axes to Lu Yang.

Lu Yang immediately threw all the axes into the river. “Ask me that question again.”

The River Spirit reflexively asked, “Was the axe you just dropped the old broken axe, or the spiritual tool Mountain-Opening Axe, or the immortal tool Heaven-Creating Axe?”

Lu Yang smiled. “They were all dropped by me.”

The River Spirit: “…”

The River Spirit gritted his teeth and said, “You are a truly honest young man. Here are all three axes for you.”

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