Chapter 2 – Single spiritual root

Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou now only have one thought in their minds: they're finished. They actually discussed cheating in front of the examiners.


Senior Sister Yun Zhi seemed to be unaware of their cheating plan. After a glance, she didn't look at them again and began organizing the test.


It was evident that she had a high prestige among the disciples of Seek Tao Sect, and could be considered as someone who commanded respect.


These disciples of Seek Tao Sect were all figures who were highly regarded and admired in the outside world. They were the pride of heaven. All of these geniuses obeyed her orders without any disobedience or slackness, which showed the high position of Senior Sister Yun Zhi.


"Root bone is the first hurdle on the path to immortality. Without sufficient root bone, no matter how many resources are infused, one cannot cultivate immortality. The first test is to test the root bone. Everyone will come forward in turn. If anyone lacks confidence in their root bone, they can leave on their own."


No one left.


Those who came to participate in the exam of Seek Tao Sect had an understanding of their own root bone, so there were few people like Lu Yang who came to Seek Tao Sect just because it was close to their home.


Seek Tao Sect did this to prevent those who did not meet the requirements of their root bone and wanted to cheat their way through from entering Seek Tao Sect.


Generally, for testing root bone, root bone stones were used. They were large in size and very conspicuous. Looking at the empty space in front of Seek Tao Sect, it was clear that they did not intend to use root bone stones.


A disciple of Seek Tao Sect sat at the front, named Dai Bufan. The cultivation technique he practiced was very special. When his spiritual energy circulated in the opponent's body, he could know what their root bone was, what cultivation technique they practiced, and where their life gate was… in battle, he was like a fish in water.


Dai Bufan was like an old Chinese medicine practitioner. He put two fingers on the opponent's wrist and could accurately know their root bone.


"Triple Gold, Water, and Fire Root? It's passable, you can go."


"Water and Fire Dual Root, not bad."


"Water and Wood Dual Root, your foundation was once damaged. You should have left hidden dangers, but your life was not meant to end. You met a high-level expert who had a good heart and cured you. Their medical skills were also exquisite, and they repaired your foundation."


The person was slightly shocked. He didn't expect Dai Bufan to be so accurate, "My mother died when I was twelve. My stepmother was in charge and was afraid that my existence would affect her son's position, so she plotted against me. I fell into a coma and when I woke up, I was unharmed. My father told me that a high-level expert passed by at that time and saved me. They didn't leave their name when they left."


After the person left, the disciples of Seek Tao Sect congratulated Dai Bufan on his further improvement of his cultivation, "Just by taking the pulse, you inferred the cause and effect of the matter, as if you had seen it with your own eyes! Congratulations to Senior Brother Dai for his advanced cultivation!"


Dai Bufan said lightly, "Oh, it's nothing. That high-level expert was me. At that time, I was in a hurry to travel and forgot to leave my name after saving them."




While speaking, Dai Bufan waved his hand to the next tester, "You're eighteen years old and over the age limit. You can go back."


A cute little monk came to Dai Bufan with a big monk leading him and bowed seriously.


Dai Bufan glanced at him and threw the little monk to the big monk, "What is the Sand Monk of the Floating Temple doing here? You have the seal left by the abbot of the Floating Temple in your body. Go back to your Floating Temple."


"I remember that the Floating Temple is one of the five major immortal sects?" Lu Yang whispered to Meng Jingzhou.Meng Jingzhou nodded seriously and said, "The Suspended Temple has the fewest disciples among the Five Great Immortal Sects. At its lowest point, there was only the abbot and one disciple, and at its highest, there were no more than ten people. This little monk hasn't even started cultivating yet, but he's already a disciple of the Suspended Temple, so he must have a deep Buddha nature."


He looked at the little novice who was taken away by the Suspended Temple senior brother with great vigilance, "I thought I would be looking down on everyone in the future world of cultivation, but I didn't expect that there would still be someone who could become my opponent."


Lu Yang didn't know where Meng Jingzhou got his confidence from, "Aren't you worried that Yun Zhi will kick us out?"


"What's there to be afraid of? Haven't you seen that in all the stories, the big sects are blind and falsely accuse and frame the talented youths, kicking them out of the sect? The talented youths regard it as a shame, work hard, have adventures, and soar to the top to become the existence that the big sects look down on… oh, no, look up to."


Lu Yang was silent for a moment before reminding him, "…But it seems that Yun Zhi doesn't need to falsely accuse us."


"That's true."


So Meng Jingzhou also became anxious.


"Your qi flows continuously within your body and circulates on its own. You don't seem to be from a cultivation family based on your clothing. Could it be that you accidentally consumed the Green Wood Immortal Fruit when you were young? You can go now."


"Hey, your physique is quite interesting." Dai Bufan placed his fingers on the bronze-skinned man's wrist and his eyes lit up. "It's the bloodline of the ancient barbarians. I haven't seen it in a long time."


The muscular man was tall and sturdy, with a shiny bald head and skin that reflected the sunlight. Judging by his appearance, some people believed he was 25 or 26 years old, but Dai Bufan didn't question his age, indicating that he was not yet 16 years old.


Lu Yang could only say that he had developed well.


The crowd was slightly agitated. The bloodline of the ancient barbarians was powerful and prosperous to the extreme, but then disappeared in the river of time.


It had been a long time since the bloodline of the ancient barbarians had appeared in the Central Continent. Everyone thought that this bloodline had disappeared, but now it had unexpectedly appeared in the Seek Tao Sect's test.


Dai Bufan yawned. He had already checked half of the people, but he hadn't seen a single person with a single spiritual root. Had they all been taken away by other sects?


Meng Jingzhou boldly stepped forward, and Dai Bufan didn't have much hope, but when he placed his index and middle fingers on Meng Jingzhou's wrist, his eyes suddenly widened, and he stood up abruptly, "It's actually a single…"


When Dai Bufan said this, there was a buzz of discussion below. It was a single spiritual root!


A single spiritual root meant that the bottleneck of each realm was much looser than for others, and it was destined that they would become a great immortal cultivator. They could hold high positions in the court or be kings in the wild, and even stand alone!


Everyone's gaze was focused on Meng Jingzhou, their eyes eager. There was no harm in befriending such a person in advance; only benefits!


The elders hurriedly instructed the younger generation to establish a good relationship with Meng Jingzhou when they entered the Seek Tao Sect.


Meng Jingzhou, a single spiritual root, and a disciple of the Seek Tao Sect. These three identities combined would make him a future powerful figure in the Seek Tao Sect and a renowned immortal cultivator in history!


"Single dog spiritual root." Dai Bufan said Meng Jingzhou's full spiritual root name, and the scene fell silent.


Meng Jingzhou was furious. What was this single dog spiritual root? Would he be single for his whole life?


"I have little knowledge, don't fool me!" Meng Jingzhou's veins bulged, and the table made a loud noise as he became very angry."Dai Junior Brother, don't play with others." A fairy-like voice came, and Yun Zhi appeared from a mist, glaring at Dai Bufan. Dai Bufan shrank his neck in guilt.


Meng Jingzhou finally calmed down a bit. Yeah, it must be Dai Bufan deceiving people.


Yun Zhi said to Meng Jingzhou again, "But Dai Junior Brother didn't deceive you. You do have a single dog spiritual root, which is its formal name. It's just that in the cultivation world, everyone is more used to calling it by its common name, the pure Yang spiritual root."


Meng Jingzhou: "…"


He finally understood why the elders and his parents didn't tell him about his spiritual root. It's not that he would know when he reached the five major immortal sects. They just didn't want to tell him!


No wonder his parents asked him after he tested his aptitude whether he wanted a younger brother or a younger sister.


Variant single spiritual root, pure Yang spiritual root, extremely strong and Yang, ghost and demon nemesis.


Maintaining a pure Yang body, one's cultivation progresses rapidly. Breaking the pure Yang body, one's cultivation progresses slowly.

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