Chapter 18 – Demon bird

Lu Yang’s knowledge of the cultivation world was not comprehensive. Before joining the Seek Tao Sect, all his knowledge came from storytellers. After a year in the sect, his knowledge of cultivation increased at an astonishing rate, but none of the books he read mentioned how to descend from a flying boat.

Who writes about this kind of thing in books?

In terms of common sense regarding life in the cultivation world, he was not as knowledgeable as Tao Yaoye, who grew up in a family of cultivators.

Regarding flying boats, he only knew that they belonged to the Falling Money Chamber of Commerce and that the way to descend was by jumping off the boat. The specific method of jumping off was unknown.

Every year, flying boats brought in a huge amount of wealth, but for the Falling Money Chamber of Commerce, it was only a trivial industry.

The Falling Money Chamber of Commerce was the largest chamber of commerce in the Central Continent, with a mysterious background and countless rare treasures. As long as you had enough spirit stones, you could buy even immortal treasures that only existed in legends, such as the Buddha’s Relics, the Holy Bones of the Demon Territory, and the Dao Fruits of the Immortals, which no one had ever seen.

If anyone dared to owe a debt to the Falling Money Chamber of Commerce, or even attempted to steal from the chamber, then the disappearance of several powerful cultivators without a trace would serve as a warning to the world.

Legend has it that there was a powerful cultivator called the Thief King, who was proficient in the path of space and could easily take away the storage space of others. Distance was just a meaningless number to him, and he could cross millions of mountains and rivers with a single step, traveling from the far west of the Central Continent to the far north.

Even the treasures of cultivators in the Nascent Soul stage had been stolen by him.

There was one rule that he followed and never broke: he never stole from the Falling Money Chamber of Commerce.

Originally, the Thief King abided by the thief’s code and had no contact with the Falling Money Chamber of Commerce. As his reputation grew, numerous famous experts joined forces to hunt him down, but they could not even find a trace of him. He gradually felt that he was no longer just a thief and had surpassed the ancestor of thieves, so why should he continue to abide by the rigid code?

He arrogantly declared that he would steal the treasure of the Falling Money Chamber of Commerce tonight.

Everyone thought that either the Thief King would silently steal the treasure using his profound understanding of space, or there would be a great battle between him and the powerful cultivators behind the chamber.

No one expected that nothing would happen that night, and the Thief King disappeared without a trace thereafter.

Lu Yang’s embarrassment only lasted for a moment. When it was time to jump off the boat, the strangers had no time to continue looking at him.

The people opened their paper umbrellas and jumped off the boat one after another.

Lu Yang and Tao Yaoye also moved.

In the high sky, several strangers opened their umbrellas, looking like sesame seeds from a distance. Lu Yang, on the other hand, pulled the rope behind him, and the parachute opened with a loud “bang,” making him particularly conspicuous in the high sky.

In such a high place, Lu Yang would be very nervous if he didn’t calm down.But now Lu Yang didn’t have the mood to think about these things.

It’s too embarrassing.

Fortunately, everyone had different destinations, and only Lu Yang and Tao Yaoye went to Tai Ping Village.

As soon as they arrived at Tai Ping Village, the two of them received a warm welcome from the village head, as if he had known they were coming.

“Two immortal elders, you have finally arrived. The way you jumped off the flying boat was truly remarkable.”

Lu Yang opened his mouth, but he didn’t ask how the village head knew when they would arrive.

“My name is Lu Yang, and she is Tao Yaoye. We are both disciples of the Seek Tao Sect. The description of the demon bird in our mission is not very detailed, so please tell us more about it.”

Originally, the village head had prepared a welcoming banquet, with some local specialties to offer after a few drinks, and then he would talk about the demon bird. Whenever someone was sent from above to handle a task, it was always like this.

Unexpectedly, the two of them were so efficient, which made the village head secretly pleased and praised them for being disciples of the immortal sect.

Tao Yaoye glanced at the village head. He was at the later stage of Qi refining, but his foundation was not well established in his early years, and there were many impurities in his spiritual power. He had no hope of building a foundation and was just an ordinary cultivator with nothing outstanding.

Speaking of the demon bird, the village head looked very troubled. There were not many outsiders who came to Tai Ping Village, which was quite isolated. Now that news of the demon bird had spread in the area, even merchants were unwilling to come near.

He had reported it to Quhe County, but they were short-handed and since the demon bird did not harm people, they said to wait until they had the manpower to send someone to Tai Ping Village.

It had been twenty days since then.

“It was about twenty days ago when Feng the tailor ran out to the street shouting that a man-eating monster had come to their house, and it was very powerful.”

“After the neighbors heard about it, they were all shocked. A man-eating monster was no small matter. There were only about thirty cultivators in Tai Ping Village, and I, with the highest cultivation level, was also the village head. So when Feng the tailor came to find me with the neighbors, I first asked about the situation before exterminating the demon.”

“There is a big difference in danger between a demon that has eaten people and one that hasn’t. Humans are the spirit of all things and are naturally endowed with spiritual wisdom. Once a demon has tasted human flesh, it will become addicted to the taste and will continue to eat more people, causing havoc in the area.”

“Feng the tailor said he didn’t know who the man-eating monster had eaten, but the monster could speak, so it must have eaten a person to learn how to speak.”

There were indeed rumors among the people that a demon that ate people could speak and even take on human form, but these were all false rumors.

It was not so easy for demons to cultivate to that level. To speak like a human, they had to refine the hyoid bone in their throat, which required at least the later stage of Qi refining.”Feng the tailor said that the monster was colorful like a flower. At first, he thought it was a lost bird in the forest. The demon bird sat on his back and watched him sewing clothes without moving. Suddenly, it spoke, scaring Feng the tailor who quickly ran out of the shop.”

“I saw that Feng the tailor couldn’t provide any useful information, so I let them wait in the distance while I secretly approached and saw the demon bird.”

“The demon bird had bright and shiny feathers with a distinct red color around its eyes. It was not an ordinary bird. How could an ordinary bird dare to be so flamboyant?”

“The demon bird spoke and asked, ‘Who are you? Where is Zhang Guanjia?’ Its tone was quite urgent.”

“I was puzzled. Zhang Guanjia was a cultivator from our village with a cultivation level of only three levels of Qi. How could he have any connection with a demon beast?”

“At that time, I tried to relax myself and looked non-threatening. I politely asked, ‘May I know why the demon king is looking for Zhang Guanjia?’”

“The demon bird did not answer and flapped its wings to leave the tailor’s shop.”

“Since then, the demon bird has been flying around Tai Ping Village, eating crops in the fields, and speaking human language. Although it does not eat people, how could ordinary people not be afraid of it? Therefore, everyone has been living in fear these days, afraid that the demon bird will suddenly become ferocious and eat them all.”

“Have you ever fought against the demon bird? What is its strength?” Lu Yang asked.

The village chief shook his head, “The demon bird flies in the sky all day long, appearing and disappearing like a ghost. It’s hard to find its trace.”

“Moreover, I can’t tell its cultivation level. It means that its cultivation level is at least the same as mine, which is only at the seventh level of Qi. I’m afraid that the demon bird had no intention of harming people, but I rashly fought it, which backfired and made it angry.”

Lu Yang nodded, the village chief’s actions were reasonable.

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