Chapter 17 – Have you ever heard of a land sword immortal?

“Lu senior brother, I remember you have a sword spiritual root?” Tao Yaoye glanced at the ancient sword hanging from Lu Yang’s waist and the calluses formed on his tiger mouth from practicing swordsmanship. In just a year, he had undergone such changes, proving his diligence in sword practice.

Lu Yang nodded modestly and said, “I’m barely considered a sword cultivator.”

Cultivators are divided into pill cultivators, talisman cultivators, formation cultivators, body cultivators, and sword cultivators based on their specialties. Among them, sword cultivators have the strongest attack power and no one wants to face them in battle at the same level.

The most famous skill of sword cultivators is “one sword to break ten thousand laws.” No matter how powerful your Dao is, I can break it with one sword.

In contrast to sword cultivators are Dao cultivators. No matter how powerful your swordsmanship is, I can break it with my Dao.

In addition to “one sword to break ten thousand laws,” sword cultivators also have other famous skills such as “sword opening the heavenly gate” and “flying sword.”

Dressed in white like snow, standing on a flying sword, breaking through the waves with the wind, what a heroic and cool figure!

What cultivators seek is strength and handsomeness, and sword cultivators happen to meet these two criteria perfectly. Many cultivators long to become sword cultivators, but unfortunately, they lack the talent for swordsmanship and cannot become one.

“So, Lu senior brother, what will you do after learning to fly on a sword?” Tao Yaoye had never heard of a sword cultivator who was afraid of heights.

While other cultivators can fly freely in the sky, it seems that Lu Yang’s cultivation may be limited to the ground.

Lu Yang said seriously, “Sword immortals are not only associated with flying in the sky. Have you ever heard of a land sword immortal, Sister Tao?”

Tao Yaoye was taken aback, but seeing how serious Lu Yang was, and how familiar the term “land sword immortal” sounded, she nodded in agreement.

“Who says immortals are all high above? Immortals, after all, have the word ‘human’ in them. Immortals can roam freely between heaven and earth, and can reach the stars and the moon above and the nine abysses below, without any restrictions.”

“The term ‘land sword immortal’ explains that sword immortals are not only in the sky, but also can walk on the ground. With one sword strike, they can take the heads of demons and monsters thousands of miles away!”

“My goal is to become a land sword immortal!”

Tao Yaoye was about to nod along with the atmosphere, but her accumulated calmness made her realize the problem. “Wait a minute, I’ve only heard of land gods, where did the term ‘land sword immortal’ come from?”

Lu Yang silently explained to Tao Yaoye for three seconds, as if he was brewing some ancient secret. Then he said slowly, “I made it up.”


Tao Yaoye had nothing to say in the face of Lu Yang’s sincere attitude.

Tao Yaoye did not want to discuss this topic any further. In just three days of getting to know Lu Yang, his image in her mind had completely changed.During the first level, she witnessed Lu Yang detecting his sword spiritual root with her own eyes. At that time, Lu Yang was like a just and upright heavenly sword in Tao Yao’s heart, silent but invincible.

After the second level, she heard Lu Yang’s unique method of passing the level and thought that sword cultivators had flexible thinking and might have higher achievements in the future.

During the third level, she was so tired on the Wenzhen Mountain that she could hardly open her eyes and thought that no one could climb to the fiftieth step. At that time, she saw Lu Yang climb to the fiftieth step and successfully pass the level. Lu Yang’s success gave her great confidence, and she had the perseverance to continue climbing the mountain and pass the level smoothly.

One year later, she met Senior Brother Lu again, who was afraid of heights but very talkative.

She understood what distance can do to make things beautiful.

“It’s time to get off the boat.”

Lu Yang spread out a large map, which was very detailed, marking the Seek Tao Sect, the imperial city of the Great Xia Dynasty, famous mountains and rivers, important cities, and blessed lands.

This was only one-eighth of the map of the central continent.

There was also a small red dot on the map, moving very slowly. If you didn’t pay attention, you would think that the red dot was stationary.

The red dot marked their current location.

This was not an ordinary map, but a necessary treasure for travel.

Although the map was exquisite, Taiping Township was too small, and it would not be marked on the map. It was already rare to mark Quhe County on the map.

This flying boat departed from the Seek Tao Sect and traveled for tens of thousands of miles to the imperial city of the Great Xia Dynasty. Even if it was Quhe County, it was just a negligible small point at this distance, and the map barely left its name.

The flying boat would not stop at small places like Quhe County. If it stopped everywhere, the speed of the flying boat would be greatly reduced, and its efficiency advantage would not be much more than that of a carriage.

This flying boat was similar to an airplane in the previous life, with extremely fast speed and efficiency priority. The biggest difference was that passengers in the previous life could only wait for the plane to land before getting off, but passengers in the world of cultivating immortality could jump off whenever they wanted.

Emphasizing freedom and openness.

This was Lu Yang’s first time jumping off a boat, and he was very excited.

It was expressed in his legs trembling.

This was a height of ten thousand meters.

“Do you know how to get off the boat, Senior Brother Lu?”

“Of course.” Lu Yang stood tall and proud.

At ten thousand meters high, without any tricks, he would fall straight down. Even if he reached the Foundation Establishment stage, he would still fall into a meat sauce.Lu Yang asked his senior sister how to get off the boat, but she didn’t answer him directly. Instead, she told him not to read books or ask others for help and to figure it out on his own, cultivating the habit of independent thinking.

Then, Lu Yang successfully figured out how to get off the boat and prepared to do so.

It wasn’t just Lu Yang and his companion who were preparing to disembark, but also seven or eight strangers.

Lu Yang and the strangers stood in a row at the edge of the deck.

The strangers took out standard paper umbrellas.

Tao Yaoye took out a carefully crafted red paper umbrella.

Lu Yang took out a parachute.


Lu Yang felt like he didn’t quite fit in since everyone else had something different from him.

Just as Lu Yang was wondering what they were doing, a middle-aged man in black jumped out of the airship with an umbrella in his hand.

The man fell like a cannonball, his speed increasing.

He calmly infused spiritual energy into the paper umbrella, and the light and nimble energy, like a clever green snake, wound around the umbrella bones.

The paper umbrella seemed to come to life, awakening from hibernation, stretching its body, and the man’s descent slowed down gradually, swaying and landing safely.

The man let go of the umbrella, and it closed and turned into a stream of light, shuttling through the clouds and returning to the airship.

The paper umbrella did not belong to the man in black, but was temporarily lent to customers by the airship.

The seven or eight strangers and Tao Yaoye all turned to look at Lu Yang, even Tao Yaoye was puzzled.

They were holding umbrellas to jump off the boat, so why was he carrying a bag?

Lu Yang put on a nonchalant smile and pretended as if he didn’t feel out of place, even though his heart was in turmoil and he didn’t know where to begin.

All he could say was, “Senior sister, you misled me!”

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