Chapter 38 – Sleeve Sword

In fact, this was Chen Xiaoxue’s purpose for getting close to me.

From the day she found out I was a swindler.

She always wanted to stick with me.

After all, a swindler makes money much faster than she does through massage and flesh trade.

I didn’t want to get involved with Chen Xiaoxue.

But today I owed her a favor, which I would have to repay sooner or later.

Might as well repay this favor now.

I didn’t beat around the bush.

Looking at Chen Xiaoxue, I asked directly:

“So, how much do you want?”

Chen Xiaoxue was stunned at first, but then she said with a smile:

“It doesn’t matter how much. As long as you win, just give me a little. I’m not greedy at all…”

I sneered in my heart.

Not greedy?

When she was at my house, I asked her to take 500 for the massage, but she secretly took a thousand.

I would never believe what such a woman says.

“Fine, I’ll give you 30%, but only this once, no more in the future!”

I could feel that Chen Xiaoxue was a bit disappointed.

But she still agreed.

The teahouse Chen Xiaoxue mentioned was called Pinming Residence.

It was mid to high-end.

According to Chen Xiaoxue, her friend used to be a masseuse too.

Occasionally, she would also take some flesh trade orders.

Later, she was fancied by a client who simply kept her for himself.

Afraid that she would be bored all day, he opened a teahouse for her.

And this man liked to play cards, so he would organize a group of people to gamble in the teahouse when he was free.

By the time we arrived, it was already past ten in the evening.

But the card game in the private room was still in full swing.

Chen Xiaoxue’s friend was very enthusiastic.

As soon as we arrived, she invited me and Old Hei to join the game.

But I didn’t agree, I still followed my previous rule.

Stand aside and observe the game first.

They were playing three-card poker, with six players in total.

They were playing with a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 500, with a cap of 20,000.

Everyone had to place a base bet, whether they followed or not, they had to place 100 first.

The maximum bet could be 500.

If you play passively with 500, the one who reveals the cards has to call with 1,000.

When the table reaches 20,000, regardless of how many players, they directly compare cards.

Relatively speaking, it was more reasonable than the game I played with Hou Jun before.

This game was indeed good.

After watching for a while, the poker was fine, and I didn’t find anyone cheating.

And the people at the table all liked to place bets passively.

Almost every round, there was a lot of money on the table.

The least amount was also three to four thousand.

And every few rounds, there would be a cap of 20,000.

This kind of game, for me, was like picking up money.

Even if I played conservatively, it wouldn’t be a problem to make over a hundred thousand in one night.

After playing for a while, the boyfriend of Chen Xiaoxue’s friend said he was hungry.

He wanted to go downstairs for some late-night snacks and asked me to play first.

I didn’t refuse anymore and directly took his seat.

When we came, we specifically went to the bank.

We withdrew all the money Old Hei and I had.

After all, some games require you to show your money in advance.

That is, they only allow you to join the table if you bring enough money.

I took out 20,000, put it on the table, and started playing.

The dealer of this game was not rotated.

It was whoever won, got to be the dealer.

If you keep winning, you can keep being the dealer.

In this kind of casual game without a casino dealer dealing cards.

Being the dealer is the easiest way for a swindler to cheat.

After all, just by shuffling and dealing cards.

You can control the whole game.

But I wasn’t in a hurry to be the dealer, nor did I cheat.

I just played casually according to the normal card path.

After all, I was a newcomer in this game.

If I started off by winning big.

It would easily arouse suspicion.

That wouldn’t be called cheating, but robbery.

Although, in my eyes, these people were all fools.

But that doesn’t mean that fools don’t have moments of alertness.

Such a good game.

Such a fat group of pigs.

I had to raise them little by little, and slaughter them slowly.

Sitting opposite me was a middle-aged man wearing gold-rimmed glasses and dressed decently.

From the moment I walked in, he would glance at me from time to time.

His gaze was cold, as if he was not welcoming me.

I thought he didn’t like strangers joining their card game.

But after playing for a while, I found something wrong.

There was a round of cards, I clearly remembered the card sequence.

His cards should have been a pair of 10s and a J.

But when he revealed his cards, they turned out to be 10, J, Q.

He had switched cards.

Because I didn’t follow that round and was talking to Old Hei.

I didn’t notice how he switched his cards.

Of course, I also understood.

Why he kept looking at me when I walked in.

He was guilty, afraid that I was a swindler and would discover his cheating.

Perhaps he saw that I didn’t make any moves and even lost some at the beginning.

He was sure that I was not a swindler.

His courage grew a lot.

After a round, he switched cards again.

But this time, I saw clearly how he switched his cards.

The technique he used was called Sleeve Sword.

Also known as Water Cloud Sleeve.

It’s a kind of Swindler technique.

By flicking the cards or hooking the hand, the cards are transported into the sleeve.

This kind of cheating method mainly has two types.

One is without the aid of any tools.

Completely relying on the skill of the hand, the cards are hidden in the sleeve.

And, it can be done so that the cards in the sleeve can be moved at will.

To avoid being caught and found hiding the loot.

Of course, those who can do this.

Their swindler techniques are top-notch.

The other is when the hand skill is not good, and tools are used.

For example, making a…

Forget it, no example.

In case some fool reads this and actually makes one.

Then it would harm others and oneself.

And the glasses man opposite me was using a tool.

Because his movements were slightly stiff.

Once I discovered his cheating.

I intentionally avoided him.

When he placed a bet, I tried not to follow.

It’s not that I couldn’t beat him.I was afraid he would become suspicious and ruin this perfect setup.

But while I was accommodating him, I found that he wasn’t doing the same for me.

There were two rounds of cards when it was just the two of us left.

I chose to compare cards directly each time.

Although he won both times, he seemed far from satisfied, muttering under his breath:

“Damn, if you don’t have money, don’t play. I have such good cards, but I only won a little money…”

Greed is a bottomless pit.

This guy with glasses is the greediest swindler I’ve ever encountered since I started this.

Seeing his attitude towards me,

Old Hei’s eyes immediately widened, staring at him with a face full of anger.

I quickly signaled to Old Hei to let it go.

For swindlers, impulsiveness is a big taboo.

After all, we’re here to make money, not to cause trouble.

But I still needed to teach this guy with glasses a lesson.

When it was my turn to shuffle the cards,

I deliberately checked the deck.

Of course, I was shuffling and checking at the same time.

To outsiders, it just looked like I was shuffling normally.

But for me, I was able to remember the order of the cards and also find out how many cards the guy with glasses had hidden, and what they were.

The guy with glasses had hidden two cards.

One was the Jack of Hearts, and the other was the Ace of Clubs.

When I was dealing the cards, I deliberately dealt the Ten of Hearts and the Queen of Hearts to the guy with glasses.

As long as he switched cards, he would definitely end up with a flush of Ten, Jack, and Queen of Hearts.

The guy with glasses didn’t switch cards every round.

He also had to consider the amount of money on the card table.

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