Chapter 37 – Innocent

“My Master Chu Liu! Would you say something…”

Seeing me silent, Su Mei started to get anxious.

I could feel that she was genuinely worried about me today.

“I told you last time to go to the casino downstairs as an undercover. You disagreed, saying that I couldn’t meet your conditions. Fine, now I’m telling you, Xiao Xian is returning to Harbin North tomorrow. Whatever conditions you want, you can negotiate directly with her…”


I looked up at Su Mei.

The legendary beautiful boss was finally back.

“But let me tell you, you can’t make outrageous demands. And you can’t talk nonsense. Xiao Xian is a beauty, don’t be like you are with me, always wanting something from her…”

Cough! Cough!

I just took a puff of my cigarette.

Before I could exhale, Su Mei’s words made me choke.

I didn’t expect her to still remember this.

I wanted to laugh.

This Su Mei was indeed interesting.

She could be charming, cold, and seductive.

But this was the first time I discovered.

She also had a cute side.

Seeing me coughing with a smile, Su Mei glared at me.

With a bit of annoyance, she asked me:

“Did you hear what I said?”

I nodded.

“I heard, I’ll meet this General Zou tomorrow!”

“Most importantly, don’t talk nonsense, remember!”

Su Mei glared at me again.

I nodded slightly.

Seeing my agreement, Su Mei seemed to be somewhat relieved.

She turned around, took out two car keys from the drawer, and handed them to me, saying:

“In the parking lot downstairs, there’s a black Santana 2000, the latest model. All the documents are in the car. You can go and check it out. If you don’t like the color, I’ll have someone change it tomorrow. Alright, you can go now…”

Su Mei was decisive in her actions.

What she said yesterday, she did today.

What I originally wanted was just a car worth about a hundred thousand.

But the price of this car was probably around one hundred and eighty or ninety thousand.

I didn’t say anything polite.

I picked up the keys and was about to leave.

Just as I reached the door, I heard Su Mei’s voice from behind.

“Chu Liu, wait a moment…”

I turned back to look at Su Mei, not knowing what she wanted to say.

And Su Mei’s expression was somewhat awkward.

Her fair face was also a bit shy.

After hesitating for a moment, she still whispered:

“I want to know, why didn’t you… with me last night…”

When she said this, Su Mei paused.

Her beautiful face also blushed a bit.

“And you what?”

I asked knowingly.

I don’t like to joke.

In other words, I don’t know how to joke.

I like to be straightforward.

But at this moment, I wanted to tease Su Mei.

Su Mei glared at me and asked discontentedly.

“What did you say?”

Swinging the car keys, I confidently said:

“Because sooner or later you will be mine, why should I rush?”

“Hmph! Stop dreaming!”

Su Mei’s expression was somewhat disdainful.

But she looked even cuter.

“I thought you found something wrong with me. You know, when a man and a woman are alone at that time, and nothing happens. I feel like I’m not good enough, or not womanly enough…”

I laughed.

This was a heartfelt laugh.

This is a woman.

A contradictory woman.

When you want her, she’s unwilling, she feels wronged.

She expresses her dissatisfaction in various ways.

But when you do nothing according to her wishes.

She starts to feel that you are rejecting her.

“So you can laugh…”

Su Mei rolled her eyes at me again.

Yes, I can laugh.

But it’s been many years since I’ve laughed so heartily.

When I reached the lobby on the first floor, before I could leave.

I heard someone calling my name from behind.

I turned around and saw Chen Xiaoxue running towards me in high heels.

Her heels were very high, so she didn’t dare to run fast.

Her careful and somewhat anxious look was quite amusing.

When she reached me, Chen Xiaoxue grabbed my arm as if afraid of falling, and said:

“Chu Liu, are you okay? I saw you going upstairs just now, I guessed you were going to see Sister Mei, so I didn’t call you. Actually, I’ve been waiting for you in the lobby for a while…”

I knew that Chen Xiaoxue was waiting for me.

It was probably about today’s matter.

So I nodded and said:

“Thank you for today! I’ll treat you to a meal another day!”

Although I didn’t like Chen Xiaoxue.

But she did help me today.

The favor I owed her, I would repay sooner or later.

As soon as I finished speaking, I turned around and started to leave.

But Chen Xiaoxue followed me, walking and talking:

“Where are you going? Don’t wait for another day, you can treat me today…”

“I have a friend waiting for me…”

As we spoke, we had already left the building.

In front of the parking lot at the entrance, Old Hei was pacing around boredly.

Seeing me coming out with Chen Xiaoxue, Old Hei was taken aback.

He pointed at us and asked with a puzzled face:

“What’s going on with you two?”

“Nothing inappropriate!”

After I won Chen Xiaoxue last time.

Chen Xiaoxue broke up with Hou Jun.

Old Hei must have thought that I had done something to Chen Xiaoxue, and now she was my girlfriend.

So, I specifically explained.

As soon as I finished speaking, Chen Xiaoxue tilted her head and looked at me, giggling:

“That’s not necessarily true. Maybe it won’t be so innocent later…”

I ignored Chen Xiaoxue’s teasing.

Instead, I asked Old Hei directly:

“Old Hei, can you drive?”

“Yes, when I was in the Sanda team, we all took the driving test…”

I threw the car keys in my hand to Old Hei.

Pointing to the brand new Santana 2000 in the parking lot next to us, I said:

“You’ll be driving this car from now on!”


Both Old Hei and Chen Xiaoxue looked at me in disbelief.

A Santana 2000, in this era, was definitely considered a high-end car.

You have to understand, the average salary in the year 2000 was just over a thousand.

And for ordinary people like us.

To spend nearly two hundred thousand on a car like this.

It was simply a pipe dream.

The reason I gave the car to Old Hei to drive.

Was because my current status was not suitable for driving.

Old Hei needed to go out and find games.

Having a car would not only be more convenient.

But it could also elevate his status.

Once in the car.

Old Hei carefully caressed the steering wheel.

Chen Xiaoxue was also curiously looking around.

“Where did this car come from? Did you win it?”

Chen Xiaoxue asked me.

But I didn’t answer.

For people like Chen Xiaoxue, the less she knew, the better.

Seeing that I ignored her, she immediately slapped Old Hei’s back.

“Let me tell you, Old Hei. You drive well, not only do you have to be a good driver for Master Chu Liu, but you also have to be a good bodyguard for him. Today he was kidnapped by Centipede, if I hadn’t gone to Sister Mei in time. Something bad might have happened today……”

Chen Xiaoxue didn’t forget to take credit.

And when Old Hei heard this, his eyes widened and he asked me:

“What’s going on?”

I briefly explained what had happened.

But I didn’t tell Old Hei some of the details.

It’s not that I don’t trust Old Hei.

But there are some things that I don’t understand myself.

After hearing this, Old Hei was furious.

He gritted his teeth and cursed:

“Damn it, that bastard Centipede, thinking he’s something because he’s with Old Qian. Chu Liu, if Centipede dares to bother you again, you tell me. I don’t care if it’s Old Qian or Old Bastard. I’ll crack his skull open, or I’ll run them over with this car!”

I knew that Old Hei had this fierceness.

But I also knew.

In the world of the Swindler Sect.

Problems can’t be solved by fighting and killing.

Just like a line from a movie years later.

The world is not about fighting and killing, it’s about favors and worldly wisdom.

After talking about Eighth Brother for a while, Old Hei changed the subject and said:

“By the way, Master Liu, I recently heard about two good games. But they play big, without a recommendation, you can’t get in……”

I had previously asked Old Hei to find games.

Although you can make money in the casino.

The casino is a mixed bag, with cheaters lurking in the shadows.

It’s okay to go there occasionally to make some money.

But if you go often, it’s easy to be targeted.

Even if you’re not caught cheating.

It’s hard to guarantee that you won’t be stabbed in the back.

Old Hei’s words made Chen Xiaoxue’s eyes light up.

She looked at me excitedly and said:

“You guys are looking for a game? I know a game, they play big too. It’s in a tea house owned by one of my girlfriends. I can take you guys there……”

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