Chapter 34 – There must be someone else

My face remained calm, not uttering a word.

Master Liu once said,

A top-notch swindler should remain unflustered even if Mount Tai is collapsing in front of him.

I could keep my face unchanged.

But my heart was like a stormy sea.




Various emotions intertwined in my heart.

I hated!

Hated Eighth Brother!

Hated Centipede!

Thirteen years of hard training, mastering the swindler techniques, were about to be destroyed today.

I also hated myself!

I’ve been in the world for more than half a year.

Without my own boss.

Without my own team.

I’ve wasted half a year like this.

And now, just when I was getting a glimpse of the path of the Swindler Sect.

It was ruined by scum like Centipede and Eighth Brother.

Various emotions intertwined in my heart, rising.

But I still didn’t give up the idea of keeping my hands.

Suddenly, I raised my head and looked at Centipede.

My expression became colder. My eyes were like knives, and I said harshly:

“Centipede, I advise you, you’d better kill me!”

My words stunned both Eighth Brother and Centipede.

“Otherwise, I will definitely kill you in the future!”

Although they controlled me.

But my tone was still fierce.

Centipede grabbed my collar and brought his face close to mine.

Staring at me, he said viciously:

“You little bastard, dare to threaten me?”

Facing his gaze, I didn’t back down at all.

Gritting my teeth, I said harshly:

“Yes, I’m threatening you! Come on, kill me! Whoever doesn’t dare is a son of a bitch!”

I knew.

Some people would think that I was putting on a show.

Being controlled, my hands were about to be gone.

And I was still talking tough here.

But actually, I was gambling.

Gambling that Centipede wouldn’t dare.

Because there were too many unreasonable things about today’s incident.

Firstly, Centipede didn’t dare to go to the casino, he only gambled with me in the spare room.

This shows that he was afraid that he couldn’t take me away in the casino.

After all, there were both open and hidden lights in the casino.

It wasn’t that he could take me away just by saying that I was cheating.

Moreover, although I had won fifty thousand from Centipede before.

But if Centipede wanted to get the money back, he had too many ways.

With his strength, it was more than enough to deal with me.

There was no need to involve Eighth Brother, a big brother in the world.

Moreover, so far, they haven’t mentioned a word about “money”.

Lastly, if they really wanted to cut off my hands. They could have done it a long time ago.

Why bother to bring in a swindler and deliberately cut off his hand in front of me?

This kind of killing the chicken to warn the monkey was clearly to create psychological pressure on me.

To break down my inner defense and achieve their goal.

That’s why I dared to gamble.

Just like a hostage in the hands of a kidnapper.

Before achieving the goal.

The kidnapper won’t easily tear the ticket.

Master Liu once said.

The Swindler Sect is like a chess game.

There are traps in every step.

And I, was trapped in the game, it depends on whether I could win this game!

Centipede and I were staring at each other angrily.

The room was extremely quiet.

And Centipede’s eyes were getting more and more scattered.

I knew that Centipede was hesitating.

Sure enough, he turned his head and glanced at Eighth Brother.

But unfortunately, Eighth Brother was leaning on the boss chair, puffing smoke, and didn’t look at him at all.

For a moment, the scene was a bit awkward.

Suddenly, a thug standing by the window pointed outside and said:

“Eighth Brother, a lot of people are coming outside, it seems they are here to make trouble……”

Everyone’s eyes, including mine.

Couldn’t help but look outside the window.

I saw that at the bottom of the stairs.

There were already more than a dozen black business cars parked.

As the car doors opened, people came out one after another.

There were a lot of people.

There were fifty or sixty people.

They all had short hair, black short sleeves, and were holding baseball bats.

As soon as these people got out of the car, they all stood aside in an orderly manner.

When the last person got out of the car.

The car door opened, and a woman in a white dress with a graceful figure slowly got out of the car.

She looked up at the sign of the arcade.

Then, she walked towards the stairs.

And the fifty or sixty men in black.

Immediately surrounded her and followed behind.

This momentum was spectacular.

It made the passers-by stop and watch.

This woman was Su Mei.

At this moment, Su Mei was no longer the coquettish woman she used to be.

She had a few more heroic spirits on her.

Of course, there was also a few more murderous anger.

Seeing Su Mei at that moment.

A warm current surged in my heart.

Since the age of six.

Except for Master Liu, it seemed that no one else cared about my life or death.

And now, I was kidnapped by Centipede.

Su Mei actually appeared with the security of the casino.

I was just an insignificant little person.

But because of me, Su Mei put on such a big show.

I must remember this kindness.

As soon as he saw Su Mei.

Eighth Brother’s eyebrows couldn’t help but frown.

He immediately stood up and said to Centipede:

“You guys, watch this kid for me. Centipede, unless I call you, you absolutely can’t come out. Also, none of you make a sound!”

With that.

Eighth Brother, along with a few thugs and the enchanting Huan sister, directly left the office.

A subordinate immediately locked the door from the inside.

For fear that I would shout.

Centipede also had his men tape my mouth shut.

I didn’t resist.Staring motionlessly out of the window.

The office glass was the kind of one-way mirror that you couldn’t see in from the outside, but you could see out from the inside.

As soon as Su Mei entered the lobby, Eighth Brother immediately greeted her.

The office walls were temporary partitions, and the soundproofing was not good.

The voices from outside, from Centipede and the others, might not be clear.

But for me, I could hear everything perfectly.

“Manager Su, what’s going on? You brought so many people, and even weapons. Did I, Old Qian, offend you?”

Eighth Brother feigned surprise.

Su Mei looked at Eighth Brother with a cold expression and said, “Eighth Brother, you didn’t offend me. But your underlings did…”



“Oh? What did he do?”

Eighth Brother continued to play dumb.

Su Mei sneered and said, “Today, he took people to our Bathing center and kidnapped one of our attendants!”


Eighth Brother still feigned surprise.

But soon, he laughed.

Looking at Su Mei, he deliberately said, “Just for an attendant, is it necessary for you, Manager Su, to make such a big fuss?”

Su Mei held her head high and said coldly, “It is necessary! General Zou has said that every employee of Sky Like is one of us. If one of our own is in trouble, I, as the manager, cannot just sit by and do nothing!”

Su Mei deliberately mentioned our beautiful boss, Zou Xiaoxian.

Obviously, she was reminding Eighth Brother.

She was here on behalf of Zou Xiaoxian.

Sure enough, Eighth Brother laughed and said, “Manager Su, even if you lend me several guts, I wouldn’t dare to go against Miss Zou. I’m not refusing to help you find the person, but Centipede didn’t come to me…”

Eighth Brother’s words made me even more puzzled.

He kept saying that he didn’t dare to go against Miss Zou.

But it was clear that he was the one who instructed Centipede to kidnap me.

Could it be that he really didn’t care about the Zou Family?

Although he was also a big brother in the world.

But his strength, let alone the Zou Family.

Even Zou Xiaoxian, he couldn’t compare.

So why did he dare to send Centipede to Sky Like to kidnap me?

Thinking of this.

I was shocked.

It seemed that there must be someone behind Eighth Brother.

Who could it be?

That arrogant Second Boss, Zou Tiancheng?


Although I’ve never met Zou Tiancheng.

But I’ve heard his conversation with Su Mei.

With his arrogant and domineering character.

If he wanted to kidnap me, he would definitely go directly to the Bathing center.

He wouldn’t go to such great lengths.

It seems that there must be someone else.

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