Chapter 33 – Shared pain

Centipede was deliberately trying to scare them.

He wanted a more favorable witness.

Chen Xiaoxue was a bit flustered. She stuttered:

“I saw, saw, saw that the person who caught him, already had a poker card in his hand…”


Centipede cursed, raising his hand.

He had intended for Chen Xiaoxue to be his witness.

But unexpectedly, Chen Xiaoxue spoke the truth.

Centipede seemed to want to slap Chen Xiaoxue.

But after hesitating, he lowered his hand.

However, this was somewhat unexpected to me.

I didn’t expect Chen Xiaoxue.

At this moment, she dared to side with me and tell the truth.

Centipede patted my head again, saying sinisterly:

“Kid, now you’re caught red-handed, what else do you have to say?”

“Centipede, you’re playing dirty. You know better than anyone whether I cheated or not!”

Although the knife was against the back of my neck.

I didn’t back down, but stared coldly at Centipede.

This bastard, playing dirty enough!

“Heh, still stubborn? That’s easy. I’ll take you somewhere and beat you until you admit it!”

With that, he waved his hand.

Two of his underlings grabbed me tightly and walked straight out.

And behind me was another person, pressing a knife against my lower back.

If I resisted in the slightest.

This knife would undoubtedly stab into my lower back without hesitation.

Looking at this situation, I’m afraid I can’t escape today.

As I thought.

Centipede set a trap to catch me today.

It’s all about wanting money.

But to my surprise.

On the way, Centipede didn’t mention money at all.

He took me to an arcade in the city.

Although it’s called an arcade, it’s actually full of gambling machines.

Like slot machines, Song King, fishing, and so on.

Centipede’s status here should not be low.

All the staff here, when they saw him, respectfully called him “Brother Centipede”.

I was taken to an office on the first floor.

The office was nicely decorated.

Leather sofa, solid wood desk, luxury boss chair.

As soon as he entered, Centipede asked a woman leaning on the sofa:

“Huan, where’s Eighth Brother?”

This Huan looked to be about twenty-six or seven.

She was pretty, but dressed revealingly.

And she wore heavy smoky makeup.

Her figure was top-notch, curvy.

Looking at her, she was quite tempting.

But she exuded a strong air of worldliness.

Huan didn’t answer, but looked at me and asked:

“Is he the one called Chu Liu?”

“Yes, it’s him!”

Centipede answered.

But I was a bit surprised.

I’m just a little waiter in the bathhouse.

And this Huan, she actually knows my name.

After looking at me again, Huan got up and lazily stretched.

She was already wearing a tight-fitting shirt.

With this stretch, her full chest seemed about to burst out of her clothes.

“Eighth Brother is sleeping upstairs, I’ll go call him…”

Huan said lazily.

Centipede nodded.

“Tell Eighth Brother, I’ve brought the person…”

Watching Huan sway her slim waist and leave the room.

My doubts deepened.

I thought that Centipede set up a trap to get me.

Just because I won him before, he wanted to get the money back.

But now it seems, things are not that simple.

Not to mention that Centipede didn’t mention money.

The person who really wanted to find me, it seemed, was not Centipede, but the Eighth Brother he mentioned.

Not long after, the office door was pushed open again.

A group of thugs in tight black T-shirts, with dragon and tiger tattoos, surrounded a man who walked in.

This man was of medium height, with a big head and eyes as small as a slit.

On his short, thick fingers, he wore a gold and jade ring.

Around his neck, he also wore a Thai amulet.

This outfit, at a glance, was that of a big brother in the world with a certain status.

As soon as he came in, Centipede and the other underlings immediately greeted him respectfully.

“Eighth Brother!”

Eighth Brother didn’t answer.

His small eyes looked me up and down.

After a while, he finally asked:

“So you’re Chu Liu?”

I nodded.

“Caught cheating?”

Eighth Brother asked me coldly again.

This sentence, seemingly ordinary.

But it was full of loopholes.

From the bathhouse, I was put in a car.

I’ve been sitting in the same car with Centipede all the way.

On the way, Centipede didn’t make a single phone call.

And this Eighth Brother, how did he know I was cheating as soon as he came up?

I guess there’s only one reason.

This trap was designed by Eighth Brother and Centipede together.

But there’s one thing I haven’t figured out.

I’m just a little waiter in a bathhouse.

Even if I won fifty thousand from Centipede.

It’s not worth it for a big brother like Eighth Brother to set up a trap to get me, is it?

Before I could answer.

Eighth Brother asked again:

“Do you know the consequences of being caught cheating?”

“I know, but I didn’t cheat!”

I answered lightly.

Eighth Brother laughed.

But his laugh was a grim, cold laugh.

It gave people a chilling feeling.

He touched the ring on his left hand, the corner of his mouth lifted, and he said coldly:

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it! I have ways to make you admit it! Bring them up. Let’s deal with these two little swindlers today!”

As soon as his words fell.

At the door, two thugs brought in a tall, thin man.

As soon as he entered.

The thin man’s legs gave out, and he knelt on the ground.

Facing Eighth Brother, he cried and pleaded:

“Eighth Brother, I was wrong, I won’t dare again, please give me another chance…”

Eighth Brother snorted coldly.

“Chance? You dare to cheat in my gambling den. You have the nerve to ask me for a chance?”

With that, he waved his hand.

Several thugs pushed me and the tall thin man to the front of the desk.

Both of our hands were pressed hard on the desk.

Centipede stood to one side, watching us with a sinister expression.

In his hand, somehow, there was now a hammer.

The hammer wasn’t long, less than a meter.

But the head of the hammer was quite large, similar to the size of a coarse porcelain bowl.

Holding the hammer, Centipede looked at us ominously and asked:

“Which one of you is going first?”

As soon as he finished speaking.

The tall, thin man immediately cried out in heart-wrenching pain.

“Eighth Brother, I was wrong, please spare me. I’ll be your servant, just let me go, I’ll do anything…”

But Eighth Brother didn’t even glance at him.

His gaze was fixed on me.

Suddenly, Eighth Brother’s lips moved, and he coldly said two words:

“Do it!”

Eighth Brother had spoken.

Then, there was a dull “thud”.

It made my heart tremble.

The tall, thin man beside me immediately let out a horrifying scream.

The scream was extremely chilling.

It made one’s hair stand on end.

The pain was unbearable.

With that one hammer blow, his palm was reduced to a bloody pulp.

His fingers were unrecognizable.

This scene made me sigh inwardly.

I felt a sense of shared pain.

This was the Blue Path.

This was the Swindler.

The Swindler Sect often said, a novice fears the experienced hand, the experienced hand fears the expert, the expert fears the Swindler, and the Swindler fears making a mistake.

Once a mistake is made, there’s no turning back.

The tall, thin man was rolling on the ground in pain.

The people around seemed to be used to this kind of thing.

One by one, they watched with numb expressions.

The voluptuous woman called Sister Huan seemed a bit annoyed.

She rolled her eyes in dissatisfaction and said with a look of disgust:

“Why is he howling? It’s annoying. Take him somewhere else and throw him out. He’s an eyesore…”

Two of her men immediately stepped forward.

They dragged the tall, thin man out.

In the room, everyone’s gaze turned to me.

Centipede had a sinister smile on his face, wiping the blood off the hammer with a tissue.

“It’s your turn!”

As he spoke, he deliberately looked at my hand, clicking his tongue in admiration.

“Tsk! Tsk! Such a tender hand. I wonder what it will look like after I bring down my hammer…”

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