Chapter 25 – Three conditions

Knocking on the door, I entered.

Su Mei was standing by the window, looking down at the street below.

Su Mei was very beautiful.

Even her silhouette was flawless.

Especially today, under her short skirt, her high, perky buttocks and long, straight, beautiful legs.

Plus, she wasn’t wearing stockings, her fair and tender legs were even more dazzling.

Seeing me enter, Su Mei turned her head, gave me a gentle smile, and politely said:

“Chu Liu, have a seat…”

That’s women for you.

Her speed of changing faces was comparable to my card-switching speed.

You should know, these days when we met, she hadn’t even given me a single gentle expression.

But now, her eyes were full of charm, and her face was full of smiles.

“How have you been lately?”

Su Mei handed me a cigarette and lit it for me.

She didn’t smoke, the cigarettes in her office were all for entertaining guests.

“Same as before…”

I said indifferently.

“I’ve been busy with the casino recently and haven’t had time to chat with you. Let’s find a time, I’ll treat you to a meal. I’m quite familiar with the delicacies of Harbin North…”

I knew, Su Mei was just making small talk to ease the awkwardness.

And the main topic should be coming up soon.

Sure enough, Su Mei changed the subject and asked me:

“Chu Liu, I have a money-making job here, are you interested?”

“Go on…”

Su Mei immediately said:

“Here’s the thing, since the casino opened, there’s been a regular customer who always wins. I feel something is off about him, I want you to check it out…”

Su Mei made it sound simple.

But I knew, the situation was far more complicated than she described.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come to me in such a humble manner.

Seeing that I didn’t say anything or ask further questions.

Su Mei had no choice but to continue:

“The boss has been out of town recently, and I’ve been in charge of the casino. Ah, and then this happened. It’s so frustrating. The most annoying thing is, this guy comes almost every day, plays at all the tables. But I checked, the tables where they win money are all at Blackjack. They win every day, basically never lose. This guy takes at least fifty to sixty thousand from the casino every day. Sometimes, it’s over a hundred or two hundred thousand. I’m sure he must be cheating. But I don’t know how he’s cheating…”

I understood.

Su Mei wanted me to help catch the swindler.

“What about the casino’s insiders? Didn’t they notice anything?”

I asked.

Su Mei sighed helplessly, shook her head and said:

“No, not to mention the insiders we have. We also invited a few experts from outside, but they didn’t notice anything either. Chu Liu, Sister Mei knows that you are an expert in swindler techniques. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother you…”

Su Mei’s words were somewhat flattering.

Of course, I wouldn’t take such words seriously.

“What about that Gao Zhiqiang?”

Last time Su Mei set up a game, Gao Zhiqiang, who knew Ghost Six Fingers, had gambled with me once.

I had a deep impression of him.

Because he should be the most powerful swindler I’ve encountered since I entered the world.

Of course, the most impressive thing was that he wanted to bet on hands.

Su Mei still shook her head.

“Gao Zhiqiang is good at dice, poker is not his strong suit…”

I nodded slightly and didn’t say anything else.

Su Mei was very smart, seeing that I didn’t speak, she immediately asked with a smile:

“Chu Liu, if you don’t speak, can Sister Mei take it as your agreement?”

I looked up at her and still said expressionlessly:

“You haven’t mentioned the reward yet!”

Su Mei chuckled.

I was sitting on the sofa.

And she was leaning on the office desk with her arms crossed and supporting her chest.

With her laughter, the pair on her arm also trembled up and down.

My eyes were unabashedly staring at them.

And Su Mei knew I was looking, she didn’t show any disgust.

On the contrary, she deliberately straightened her chest.

That’s Su Mei, a top-notch woman.

She understands men and knows what men want.

She doesn’t give you everything, but she hooks you in.

“I would offer others two hundred thousand. But for you, Chu Liu, I can add another hundred thousand. Three hundred thousand, not bad, right?”

Three hundred thousand in 2000 was definitely not a small sum.

But I still slowly shook my head.

Su Mei obviously didn’t expect that I would disagree.

She thought for a moment and immediately said:

“Like this, Chu Liu. As long as you can catch him, I can add another hundred thousand. Four hundred thousand, that should be enough, right?”

I still shook my head.

Su Mei’s eyebrows furrowed involuntarily.

“Then you tell Sister Mei, how much do you want?”

I took a puff of my cigarette and said indifferently:

“I don’t want money, but I have three conditions!”

“Go ahead!”

“First, as long as I catch him, from then on, I am your master. You must call me Master, Master Chu Liu…”

Su Mei looked at me in disbelief.

She would never have thought that I would come up with such an absurd condition.

I could feel that she wanted to laugh.

But she was afraid of angering me, so she was holding it back.

“Okay, but can I not call you that when there are others present?”


I still had to give her this face.

Su Mei laughed, her smile charming, her eyes twinkling.

Staring at me, she deliberately slowed down her voice, cooing:

“It’s easy, actually I can call you… Master, Master Chu Liu! As long as I catch you, you’ll be my Master Chu Liu! How about it?”

Being addressed as ‘Master’ is quite satisfying.

Especially when a beauty, like Su Mei, calls you ‘Master’, it’s even more exhilarating.

Her voice is naturally pleasant.

And she intentionally adds a coquettish tone.

This feeling is intoxicating.

“Master Chu Liu, what’s the second condition?”

Su Mei flirtatiously smiled, still using her coquettish tone.

But I knew, there was a hint of teasing in her voice.

However, I didn’t mind, sooner or later, she would sincerely call me Master Chu Liu.

“The second condition is even simpler, I want a car, it doesn’t have to be a fancy one, a Jetta Santana will do. As long as it performs well…”

Without even thinking, Su Mei immediately nodded.

“No problem!”

Indeed, for her, this was a trivial matter.

“The third condition, is the simplest!”

As I spoke, my gaze wandered over Su Mei’s body.

“What? You mean…”

“You, I want you, to spend a night with me!”

Su Mei’s face was originally filled with a charming smile.

But the moment my words fell, her smile instantly froze.

Her face showed a coldness that pushed people thousands of miles away.

And I continued to smoke.

Still staring at Su Mei.

After a while, Su Mei coldly said:

“Chu Liu, do you find this amusing?”


My response was cold, devoid of any emotion.

I could feel that my answer had provoked Su Mei.

Her face turned red, her beautiful eyes staring at me intently.

“If I don’t agree, you won’t go catch Qian?”


Su Mei hesitated for a long time.

Then she stared at me, as if she had made a big decision, and said:

“Fine, I can agree. But what if you can’t catch him?”

“You mean…”

“I want you to be my dog, a dog that kneels when I say kneel, crawls when I say crawl!”

Su Mei was furious.

My repeated rejections, coupled with my just-proposed condition, had completely enraged her.

She thought of the most vicious revenge she could imagine, and made it the condition of our bet.

But I have to say, Su Mei, even in her rage, was still very beautiful.

I extinguished my cigarette in the ashtray, and said lightly:

“Fine, it’s a bet!”

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