Chapter 24 – The Swindler Sect, Eight generals

Little Duo was taken aback at first, but she quickly put on a defiant expression and said, “I didn’t even hit him hard. If I had, his hand would be useless by now…”

This girl was wild.

She was unreasonable and didn’t follow rules.

My words alone wouldn’t be enough to make her submit.

So, I slowly walked towards her.

Little Duo was highly alert. Seeing me approach, she immediately glared at me and asked warily, “What are you up to?”

I shook my head and said calmly, “Don’t worry, I won’t lay a hand on you.”

In fact, if it came to a fight, I might not necessarily be her match.

After all, that blade of hers, sharp as a scalpel, would make anyone wary.

Little Duo knew that under these circumstances, I wouldn’t dare to make a move.

She stood her ground.

I raised my hand and patted her on the shoulder.

Although she was dressed like a beggar, Little Duo was still a girl.

When I patted her, her face showed a hint of disgust.

She pushed my hand away.

In the midst of this push and pull, Little Duo’s face changed dramatically.

She glared at me and shouted, “Give it back!”

With that, she charged at me.

Old Hei was completely dumbfounded.

He had no idea what had just happened.

Old Niu, on the other hand, saw Little Duo’s move and immediately barked, “Little Duo, stand still. You let someone take your weapon and you still dare to be reckless. You have no manners!”

With that, Old Niu turned to me.

He gave me a thumbs up, pointing to the blade between my fingers, and said, “That sleight of hand was impressive. For that alone, I should call you Master Chu Liu!”

The day I parted ways with Master Liu.

He told me to make a name for myself within three years.

In the world, there must be a name for Master Chu Liu.

Old Hei and Chen Xiaoxue had called me Master Chu Liu.

But that was because we had a bet, and I won.

Today was different. It was Old Niu’s heartfelt admiration for my skills.

What Old Niu referred to as sleight of hand was the swindler technique I mentioned earlier.

In a card game, sometimes you have to steal or hide cards.

Once you hide a card, it means you have evidence on you.

If someone searches you, there’s a risk of exposure.

But with sleight of hand, you can plant the card on someone else without them noticing.

When you need the card, you can retrieve it quietly.

Master Liu once said that this technique evolved from the Honor Sect’s thieving skills.

He warned me many times not to use it unless absolutely necessary.

Because if something goes wrong, innocent people could get involved.

“Now, isn’t it time to give my friend an explanation?”

I continued to look coldly at Little Duo and said slowly.

Little Duo seemed to want to say something, but Old Niu spoke first, his voice filled with anger, “Kneel down and apologize to this brother!”

Little Duo was still fuming. She looked at me, her eyes full of defiance.

But when Old Niu spoke, she didn’t dare to disobey.

She glared at Old Hei and was about to kneel down.

Old Hei quickly stopped her, waving his hands and saying, “No, no, no, don’t kneel, no need to apologize, I forgive you, it’s okay…”

Everything that had just happened left Old Hei in a state of confusion.

I knew he had a lot of questions for me.

No rush, I would tell him everything tonight.

As I left with Old Hei, I placed the small but incredibly sharp blade on the bed.

I looked back at Little Duo.

Her face was defiant, she was still not convinced.

This girl, she’s really wild!

On the way back, Old Hei had one question after another.

Of course, the main question was one.

Was I really a swindler?

Standing under the dim street light, I looked at Old Hei and nodded coldly.

“Yes, I am a swindler.”

Even though he was prepared.

My answer still shocked Old Hei.

He held his head in his hands, mumbling to himself.

“No wonder, no wonder…”

He finally understood everything.

Hou Jun, Centipede, all the wins and losses, everything became clear.

But what came next.

Old Hei’s actions still made me secretly admire him.

He took out the remaining nineteen thousand yuan and handed it to me, saying, “This is your winnings, it should be yours…”

Old Hei’s character was beyond doubt.

I didn’t take the money, but said, “You keep the money. Old Hei, have you heard of the Eight Generals of the Swindler Sect?”

Old Hei nodded, saying he had seen it in a movie.

I asked again, “Would you like to be my Fire General?”

Old Hei was still confused.

He had no idea what a Fire General was.

So I explained to him what each of the Eight Generals of the Swindler Sect did.

After I finished, Old Hei’s expression became serious.After a while, he solemnly said:

“From now on, I, Old Hei, only recognize one master, and that’s you, Master Chu Liu!”

I nodded slightly, patted Old Hei’s arm, and said:

“You’re Master Liu, but also a brother!”

The world of the Swindler Sect is complex and intricate.

In all the major gambling rounds and casinos, the swindlers always have accomplices, working in groups to cheat.

After all, a single tree does not make a forest.

Of course, there are often individuals cheating in the smaller, outside gambling rounds.

But such people can hardly be considered part of the Swindler Sect.


The following days were no different from usual.

I still went to work, got off work, slept, and suffered from insomnia.

The underground casino of Sky Like had opened.

Of course, the opening of a casino couldn’t be announced with loud gongs and drums, or a chorus of firecrackers.

But it was noticeable that there were quite a few gambling customers.

Even the bathing business was booming.

I never went to the casino, nor did I see the rumored beautiful female boss make an appearance.

I did see Su Mei twice, and she was busier than usual.

But every time I saw her, even if we were on different paths.

She would deliberately or unintentionally walk over to me, but she wouldn’t talk to me.

She would just talk to the people next to her about how busy she was, and how good the casino business was.

I knew she was showing off to me.

Hinting to me that even if I didn’t become a hidden lamp.

It had no impact on the casino, and the business was still booming.

Hou Jun no longer worked at the bathhouse.

I heard from colleagues that he had been transferred to the casino.

What exactly he was doing, I wasn’t sure.

In the meantime, Chen Xiaoxue had asked me out twice.

She said she was going to play cards with friends and wanted me to join.

I naturally refused, directly each time.

I was on the day shift that day.

Just before getting off work, I was planning to call Old Hei.

Recently, I had been asking Old Hei to keep an eye on the outside gambling rounds.

I was preparing to find a couple of good rounds to make some money.

After all, I was broke.

And in this world, being broke meant being unable to move an inch.

Before I could make the call, a waiter came into the storage room.

He told me that Sister Mei was looking for me and asked me to go directly to her office.

Since the last time I called Su Mei to take a leave of absence.

We hadn’t spoken a word to each other.

Even when we met, her attitude towards me was icy cold.

And now she suddenly wanted to see me. I guessed it must be related to gambling.

After tidying up, I went straight upstairs to Su Mei’s office.

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