Chapter 44 – Silver Coins of the Dead Crazy Sword Girl

With the interlude of the experience pearl, the distribution of the remaining three sorcery spirits became easy and comfortable.

Although Sonia strongly demanded that all three sorcery spirits be given to Asho, after careful consideration, Asho chose to take the two lower-value spirits, “Foxfire” and “Lamp Light,” and gave the most useful “Moon Silk” to Sonia.


“One-winged Sorcery Spirit”

“Limitation: The sorcerer must have a tail.”

“Basic effect: Swing a varying number of blue flames with the tail, the blue flames can burn on specific objects for a period of time, the burned target will not feel pain, and may even experience pleasure.”

“Passive effect: The body’s fur becomes more lush and flammable.”

“Pain and pleasure are actually just a kind of illusion. When you burn away the disguise, you can see the true inner self.”

“Lamp Light”

“One-winged Sorcery Spirit”

“Limitation: The sorcerer must possess a light-emitting medium or have a light source nearby.”

“Basic effect: Emit a light that can hover and move flexibly at will.”

“Passive effect: You will be more energetic in areas with sufficient light.”

“It’s not the light that dispels the darkness, but the darkness that chases the light.”

“Moon Silk”

“One-winged Sorcery Spirit”

“Limitation: The sorcerer must possess a light-emitting medium or have a light source nearby.”

“Basic effect: Create multiple temporarily suspended and straight moonlight threads.”

“Passive effect: You will become lighter under moonlight.”

“Listen, moonlight is weaving the curtain of night.”

Obviously, “Foxfire” and “Lamp Light” should be the main attack methods of Foxfire Dragon. By attaching Foxfire to Lamp Light, they can create a continuous and flexible flame attack.

Fortunately, they beat up the sleeping Foxfire Dragon, otherwise, just this “Foxfire Lamp” would be enough for them to eat a pot, not to mention “Moon Silk” – Sonia tried it out and could create steel-hard and suspended straight threads in the air. Anyone who touches it will be cut by the thread instantly, it’s like a trap for fraud.

Originally, Asho also wanted to take “Moon Silk,” but he couldn’t use the sorcery spirit in prison. No matter how good the sorcery spirit was, it was meaningless to him. Therefore, he chose “Foxfire” and “Lamp Light,” and planned to go pay-to-win later – neither of them had tails and did not have the conditions to use “Foxfire Lamp.”

The stronger “Moon Silk” was given to Sword Girl as a research project. After all, her learning experience would also be shared with Asho. Asho couldn’t let her have no practice book in her hands.

At this time, Asho suddenly realized a problem: “Can we exchange sorcery spirits in the Virtual Realm?”Sonia knew immediately what he wanted: “You want me to help you find the Artisan of the Miracle of Beheading, and then exchange it in the Virtual Realm?”

“Yeah, after all, you–“

“It won’t work.”


“Don’t ever sever your link with your Artisan in the Virtual Realm, or something very serious will happen.”

Asho’s throat gulped.

“What, what will happen?”

“The Artisan will run away instantly, instantly.”

“…Can’t we catch it back?”

Sonia shook her head, “No Sorcerer can catch it back – perhaps you haven’t realized that we Sorcerers are foreign travelers, and in this Virtual Realm, the Artisans are the real masters.”

“Although the Artisans are not considered living creatures, and even whether they can think or not is questionable, they undoubtedly possess some instincts – such as yearning for freedom.”

Thinking back to the Artisans he encountered on the Adventure Island, which quickly fled, Asho couldn’t help but nod, but still had some doubts.

“The Artisans run away slowly, why can’t they be caught?”

“Because those are Artisans that have never been caught before. Which mouse do you think is more vigilant, the one that has been caught once or the one that has never been caught? Learning is also an Artisan’s instinct.”

“But even if the Artisans are more vigilant, they can’t run fast.”

Sonia nodded and shook her head, “In reality, your statement is correct. When you sever your link with your Artisan in reality, although the Artisan will also run away, its impact on reality is not significant and it is easily caught.”

“But the Virtual Realm is the Artisans’ home, and this is where miracles originate.”

“As long as the Artisan wants to, the entire Virtual Realm will help it.”

“Although I don’t know what price the Artisan will pay, countless records indicate that as long as you sever your link with your Artisan in the Virtual Realm, the Artisan will disappear instantly, and no Sorcerer has been able to catch it back.”

Another road was blocked, and Asho sighed and was about to go back, but was stopped by Sonia’s call, “Don’t rush to leave, there’s still something to divide here.”

Sonia walked towards the small tree where the Fox Dragon had just perched and picked two green and immature fruits from it. Asho took one, and couldn’t tell what kind of variety it was.

“Virtual Fruit, Soul Fruit, Mysterious Fruit – this thing has many names and different shapes, but the effect is the same – eating it can replenish the depleted soul energy and prolong the exploration time of this Virtual Realm journey.”

“By the way, it’s hard to eat.”

Asho gagged and looked at Sword Girl, taking several seconds to recover from the nausea. Eating shit was no different from this. “Can you put the main point first next time?”

“Isn’t this good? I don’t want to eat a second one.” Sonia’s face was twisted by the nausea as well….

Perhaps a single experience bead had already depleted their luck, because after that, Asho couldn’t find any ideal areas worth exploring, either leading to a dead end or being a waste of effort, and even prompting a “run for your life” warning.

After leaving the Virtual Realm and returning to the prison, Asho used “Foxfire” and “Light” to recharge. Both Artisans were worth 10 points each, and with the sale of the “Rapid Fire” Artisan before, Asho now had 30 points.

Coincidentally, a “Set of Sourcestones” in the game was worth 30 points.

Although Asho could continue to save up and buy a bigger one, the sense of oppression in his heart grew heavier after hearing about Professor Xilin’s pursuit order from Wakas. The prison was not his shield, and danger was everywhere!

If he didn’t spend it now, he wouldn’t have a chance to spend it later!

Using up the 30 points to purchase a “Set of Sourcestones,” which contained six stones, Asho actually received 12 Sourcestones due to the first recharge double reward. With the three Sourcestones he received from signing in these past few days, Asho now had a total of 15 Sourcestones, enough for five gacha draws!

After three days, Asho went to draw again. He washed his hands and prayed to the gods whose names he could remember, even including the origins of miracles in this world: “Virtual Realm, oh Virtual Realm, I’m using your Artisans to pay-to-win, in other words, I’m also drawing for you. What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine will eventually be yours. Making me happy is the same as making yourself happy. I won’t say too much about the rest, you understand…”

Gacha time!

Not satisfied with the requirement for a ten-draw, Asho continued to do single-draws. Believing in his heart was the magic of miracles!

White light, “Energy Potion”!

White light, “Experience Potion”!

Very good, Sword Girl won’t have any rest time next week either.

Purple light, “Virtual Realm Telescope”!

Orange light, “Dead Crazy Sword Girl’s Silver Coin”!

Purple light, “Awakening Battle Record”!

Surprisingly, three new items appeared in a row at the end. Is this the charm of single-draws?

“Virtual Realm Telescope”: When exploring the Virtual Realm, your observation distance increases by 1.

The shorter the introduction, the stronger the effect. Asho immediately understood what a good thing this was. His current observation distance in the Virtual Realm was only 1, meaning he could only see the surrounding 8 tiles. With this telescope, he could observe an area of 5×5 tiles, increasing the number of observable tiles from 8 to 24!One of the main reasons why Asho couldn’t find a suitable exploration area was because he had a narrow view of the Virtual Realm and could only take the safest route. With this item, their efficiency in exploring the Virtual Realm increased by at least 50%.

“Dead Crazy Sword Girl’s Silver Coin”: one of the three silver coins that Dead Crazy Sword Girl has been collecting for years. If someone brings this silver coin to her, they will either receive a reward or die. After use, it expands the bond function.

Although the introduction was unclear, Asho could see the pattern at a glance: this was the full potential mechanism in gacha games. When you draw the same character, you can unlock more poses for that character, tempting players to spend more money.

After using “Dead Crazy Sword Girl’s Silver Coin,” the information about “Dead Crazy Sword Girl” changed.

“Dead Crazy Sword Girl”

“Human·Female·20 years old”

“Bond Level: 1 (35% experience sharing)”

“Bond Resonance·Greediness: When acting together, there is a chance to get better loot.”

“Profession: One Winged Swordsman”

“Professional Characteristics: Reduce 10% energy consumption when using sword art spirits.”

“Holding item: Wooden sword for training”

“Controlled Artisan: Fluctuating Sword, Moon Silk, Torrent”

“Sword Art Faction: Silver”

“Radiant Faction: Silver”

“Water Art Faction: Unfamiliar”

“Virtual Realm Exploration: 0.002%”

The biggest change, other than the experience sharing ratio increasing from 30% to 35%, was the addition of “Bond Resonance·Greediness.”

It was obviously a bad quality of the Sword Girl, unrelated to Asho, but the effect was good. He could leave the last hit on the monsters to the Sword Girl.

Asho looked at the last thing he drew, the “Awakening Battle Card.”

It came out with purple light, indicating that it was not some ordinary item, but something on the same level as the “Virtual Realm Telescope.”

“Awakening Battle Record”: arrange a high-difficulty battle for the agent to enter the awakening state. In the awakening state, the agent gains 250% battle experience and is more likely to create miracles, summon art spirits, and break through boundaries (danger: medium).

“I hardly have any personal time now…”

“I’m so tired…”

“Can we reduce the training time to an hour…”

The Sword Girl’s complaints echoed in Asho’s ears, and he struggled with his decision. Just then, the morning prison song rang on time:

“If enough harm is done, use a pair of hands, and cut open yesterday’s curse with pleasure. Waiting for dawn in the night, only scars remain…”The singing seemed to strengthen Asho’s resolve, and he resolutely used the “Awakening Battle Card”!

The target: Dead Crazy Sword Girl!

“Sword Girl, I’m doing this for your own good!”

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