Chapter 43 – Is this a bond?

“Human ability is limited, but truth is infinite.

In this world where knowledge can summon artisan and artisan can create miracles, pursuit of knowledge is almost an instinct engraved in the soul of sorcerers. However, when sorcerers pursue knowledge relentlessly, they are faced with a barrier – the efficiency of learning.

Regardless of the race or level of sorcerers, their learning methods remain the same: memorization, understanding, and mastery. Different races of sorcerers have their own advantages, with the sky-dancing race’s innate sharp vision being good at memorization, the powerful soul of the elf race being good at understanding, and the keen intuition of the orc race being good at mastery. Although not equal, all races have the potential to become sorcerers.

However, when sorcerers enter the Virtual Realm, they find that their racial advantages are laughable in the face of the immeasurable amount of knowledge. Even if they are naturally intelligent, their efficiency in acquiring knowledge is like drinking from the Knowledge Sea with a straw, the only difference being the thickness of the straw.

Sorcerers have come up with many ways to solve this problem, such as inventing miracles that increase efficiency like “photographic memory”, “mind acceleration”, and “intuitive understanding”; or extending their lifespans to make up for the deficiency in learning efficiency.

The growing pursuit of knowledge and the lagging learning efficiency is a survival contradiction that sorcerers can never solve.

But the Virtual Realm has already prepared a solution for sorcerers.

“This is a light attribute experience bead.”

Sonia gently held the bright and transparent bead in her hand, her voice light, as if afraid of hurting it by speaking too loudly. “As long as you absorb it, even someone who knows nothing about the light attribute can immediately have the knowledge of a silver-level light specialist and become a sorcerer specialized in light.”

“After returning to reality, as long as you study and organize the knowledge a little, you can even summon a light artisan based on your strength. Because it provides sorcerers not only with ‘illusory’ knowledge, but also with ‘real’ experience – the experience that Fox Illumination Dragon has.”

“If artisan is priceless, then experience beads are truly invaluable.”

Sonia’s eyes were full of infatuation. “Even the poorest sorcerer will not sell experience beads, and even the most generous sorcerer will covet them. Although experience beads can also be brought out of the Virtual Realm, few sorcerers will do so – sorcerers absorb them the moment they get them.”

Almost every legendary sorcerer has absorbed a large number of experience beads. It is because of the existence of experience beads that sorcerers have the possibility of simultaneously mastering knowledge from various factions, thus renewing factional knowledge, creating new miracles, summoning new artisans, and even creating new factions.

The contribution of experience beads to the development of sorcerer civilization today is immeasurable.

Asho could understand the wonder of experience beads, but could not understand Sonia’s excitement.

“You make it sound like this bead is very precious, but isn’t it easy for us to get one?”

Sonia took a deep breath and silently repeated to herself three times, “The observer is a foolish little trumpet,” before calmly explaining, “Indeed, experience beads are not difficult to obtain in theory. Any knowledge creature that is killed has the possibility of dropping one.””However, let’s not talk about how knowledge creatures often have the power to defeat same-level artificers. Suppose you find a knowledge creature that you can defeat, but many times what happens is that when you are about to defeat the knowledge creature, it runs away.”

“It can still run away?”

“Since it’s a creature, it naturally has the instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. How could it not run away?” Sonia asked back. “Is it possible for knowledge creatures that can give birth to artisan to be idiots who don’t even know common sense?”

Asho felt like Sword Girl was scolding him, but he had no evidence. “Then won’t the artificers lose out?”

“Not necessarily. Knowledge creatures also know the principle of cutting off the tail to survive. When they try to escape, they will deliberately throw out artisan to attract the attention of artificers. As long as an artificer can defeat a knowledge creature, they can at least obtain an artisan.”

“That’s good, at least winning is not losing.”

“Sometimes winning can be more heartbreaking. If an artificer kills a knowledge creature, it is possible to destroy the experience bead as well.”


“The experience bead is not generated after the knowledge creature dies, but it already exists inside the knowledge creature.” Sonia explained. “Because of the characteristic of knowledge creatures dispersing after death, no one knows where the experience bead will be generated, and even the parts where different knowledge creatures gestate experience beads are different.”

“If an artificer accidentally attacks, it is highly likely that they will also destroy the experience bead.”

“It is a common thing for artificers to kill knowledge creatures without any experience beads dropping. They also cannot know whether there is no bead inside the knowledge creature or whether they accidentally destroyed the bead.”

“So, do you understand how lucky we are to obtain this bead?”

Sonia looked towards where Fox Light Dragon disappeared. “If Fox Light Dragon didn’t fall asleep, if we didn’t concentrate our attacks on Fox Light Dragon’s head, if the experience bead happened to be in Fox Light Dragon’s head, if Fox Light Dragon had the strength to fight us… if there was even one ‘if,’ this bead would be almost impossible to fall into our hands.”

At this point, Sonia couldn’t help but look at the observer with an astonished look – the observer’s stay just now was undoubtedly waiting for Fox Light Dragon to fall asleep. This unheard-of despicable operation was really… great!


Asho nodded, his eyes fixed on the experience bead.

Sonia clenched the bead, her body trembling slightly. But soon, she exhaled and handed the bead to Asho. “Here.”

“You want to give it to me?”

“Are you not in a dangerous situation and in need of props to increase your strength?”

Sonia pretended to be casual. “I’m not in a hurry, so I’ll give this bead to you. Don’t fight me for the next time you encounter a swordsmanship bead.”


Asho reached out to take the bead but couldn’t lift it.

“Let go!”

“I’m letting go, I’m letting go, but my fingers won’t listen to me!”

Asho had to pry her fingers open one by one and took the bead in front of Sonia’s reluctant gaze.

As a warm current flowed into his palm, a piece of information popped up on the light screen:

“Radiance Bead””The essence of truth left by Fox and Dragon contains secret knowledge that ordinary sorcerers cannot obtain through normal channels. Absorbing it can gain a large amount of experience. ‘Moonlight is a jumping fox, and a fox is walking moonlight.’”

At the moment of touching the bead, Asho also felt a palpitation in his heart. An indescribable hunger spread from his heart to his whole body. Asho had never experienced this before – the strong desire for knowledge was actually affecting his reason.

It was an indescribable experience, more intense than the desire for knowledge when reading a novel and suddenly encountering a cliffhanger, more anxious than the urgency of finding half the answer missing during an exam, and more exciting than the excitement of a hentai suddenly freezing at a critical moment. Every wrinkle and every pore in Asho’s body seemed to urge him to absorb this bead.

At this moment, all thoughts of prison, danger, and survival were thrown out of his mind. Knowledge became Asho’s only desire.

Just as Asho couldn’t help but absorb the bead, his reason flashed with a flash of wisdom –

Wait, I smell the remaining value.

Asho carefully looked at the introduction of the luminous bead. It undoubtedly said “absorbing it can gain a large amount of light experience.” That is to say…

“Sword Girl, you can absorb it.”

Watching the bead being thrown over, Sonia, who had extraordinary skills, became flustered at this moment, carefully caught the luminous bead, and looked at Asho with anger and shock.

“Is your light-level knowledge already at the silver level or even higher?”

“No, I don’t understand the light-level knowledge at all.”

“I see, the light-level knowledge conflicts with the knowledge of the sect you have mastered, such as the Abyssal Sect…”

“No, I don’t know anything. You know that.”

“Then why don’t you absorb this bead?”

“Because there is a bond between you and me.” Asho said matter-of-factly, “You becoming stronger is me becoming stronger.”

Sonia had not heard the audience say “there is a bond between you and me” for the first time, but she used to think it was another elegant way of saying kidnapping and threat – I have a way to control you – until now, she couldn’t help but sigh: Is this a bond?

As for the audience’s words “you becoming stronger is me becoming stronger,” Sonia regarded it as a polite remark, similar to “hello, everyone is good.”

Sonia did not hesitate and directly crushed the experience bead. Her body trembled slightly, her cheeks showed a touch of blush, and she let out a long and melodious sigh.

Although the scene was very tempting, Asho had no time to appreciate it at this time. After all, he was in a state similar to Sonia’s.

This feeling, rather than “absorbing knowledge,” was more like “memories flooding back.”

Just like seeing a difficult math problem, suddenly remembering the content taught by the teacher, Asho naturally mastered a lot of related knowledge. He went from a novice who didn’t even know the light-level sect to a specialized sorcerer of the light-level sect.

It really works!

Sword Girl can share 30% of the light-level experience she absorbed from the experience bead with Asho!This was why Asho wanted to give the bead to Sword Girl: he would gain 100% benefit from absorbing it himself, but Sword Girl would gain 130% benefit!

Moreover, as long as Sword Girl continued to progress in the Light faction in the future, Asho would be able to enjoy endless long-term benefits. Wouldn’t the surplus value generated in this way be much stronger than if he kept it for himself?

That’s why Asho wasn’t blinded by the temptation of the experience bead: the experience bead was just a tool, like a hoe. No matter how cool the hoe was, it had to be given to someone who could cultivate the land to bring out its proper use. As for someone like Asho, who had no talent, it was enough for him to just wait and eat rice.

Sonia gradually recovered from the lingering sensation of being filled with knowledge and looked at Asho with gratitude on her face. “Thank you!”

“Don’t let me down. You should study the knowledge of the Light faction well and not neglect the training of the Swordsmanship faction!”


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