Chapter 23 – Observer? Sword Girl?

“Hey, Ingurite, do you want to take a shower first or should I?”

Even before they arrived, their voices could be heard. Lois, who was reading in the dormitory, frowned.

The dormitory door was pushed open and two girls carrying sword bags came in, with sweat stains on their faces. They burst into the room, like a spring breeze injecting vitality into the dormitory, emitting a fresh scent of soil sprouts.

“I’ll take a shower first,” Ingurite sat down and said, “I have to wash clothes later, and your feet are tired, so sit down and recover your strength for a while.”

“That’s right,” Sonia stretched lazily and lay like a slime on the table. “Ah, I already regret switching to the swordsman department. It’s so tiring. Even in class, Professor Teluozan insists on making me attend two more hours of advanced classes, and I have to spar with him… In the evening, I have to continue practicing swordsmanship and master the fluctuation sword spirit. I feel like my whole day is packed.”

“It’s not bad,” Ingurite envied her, “Professor Teluozan is a three-wing swordsman, and he was selected as one of the ‘Top Ten Outstanding Sword Saints’ last year. He is known as the ‘Hidden Hand Sword Saint’ and may even compete for the legendary four-wing. When that happens, Sonia, you will be the apprentice of a legendary artificer!”

Lois involuntarily crumpled her book with both hands.

Sonia waved her hand. “Professor Teluozan hasn’t said he wants to take me as his apprentice yet, he just thinks I’m talented…”

“I actually wanted to be Professor Teluozan’s apprentice from the beginning, but he never publicly accepted any apprentices. You are one of the only two exceptions he made in so many years, Sonia!” Ingurite sighed.

“Then I’ll recommend you to Professor Teluozan tomorrow. Although I can’t guarantee it, he should give you a chance to interview,” Sonia said.

“No need, Professor Teluozan clearly went to cultivate geniuses. I’m just an ordinary person. He won’t accept me, but will only dislike me,” Ingurite said while looking for clothes. “And I’m about to break into the second ring. In a few months, I can summon an artificer, and the resources of the swordsman department will also be open to me… Maybe I will catch up with you later!”

“I won’t wait for you,” Sonia giggled. “Fortunately, I have you, Ingurite, otherwise I wouldn’t know how to refuse Felix’s invitation.”

Ingurite asked curiously, “I heard he wants to spar with you again. Don’t you want to compete with him again?”

“I don’t want to!” Sonia said firmly, “He doesn’t really want to spar with me, he just wants to get closer to me.”

“Isn’t it good to get closer to Felix?””I won’t even mention that he’s a playboy, and besides, I’m sure I’ll be better than him in swordsmanship. I won’t be interested in a man who can’t beat me in my strongest field.”

“Jianhua University is still too small for me. I’ll definitely go to Truth University in the future. As for love, I’ll think about it when I achieve something in swordsmanship.”

Lois’s nails almost pierced through the pages of the book in her hand.

Adair, who had been watching the light screen program, asked with half-fake and half-doubtful tone, “Sonia, are you transferring to Truth University?”

“No, but Professor Teluozan can help me sign up for the swordsmanship competition at Truth University and let me use their equipment. I might have to run between Truth and Jianhua universities in the future.” Sonia sighed, “The more I think about it, the more tired I get.”

Adair exclaimed, “Then Sonia, you’ll be able to meet the high achievers at Truth University in the future, right? If you meet a handsome guy, remember to introduce us!”

“No~ prob~lem~” Sonia stretched her voice and said, “How could I forget my roommates when something good happens? We’ve been good roommates for a happy year, right, Lois?”

Lois was so angry that her mouth twisted, but she managed to force a smile and said, “Of course, I’m just afraid that Jian Sheng Sonia won’t recognize us as her roommates anymore.”

“How could that be? I’m just a country bumpkin. I still need Miss Lois to take care of me in the future.” Sonia said sarcastically, “Ah, Miss Lois is reading about water magic? I envy you. I also want to continue learning water magic. It’s easy and decent, unlike the swordsmanship department, which is too tiring.”

Yingu Lite realized that Sonia was targeting Lois, but she didn’t bother with their grievances and went straight to the bathroom to take a shower.

Sonia was ready to face Lois’s anger, but Lois remained silent, as if she had given up.

The point of the sarcastic conversation was for PVP interaction, but now that the opponent was just cowering, Sonia felt that it was no longer interesting. She picked up her backpack and shouted, “Forget it, I’ll take a shower when I come back tomorrow morning. Now I have to go to the meditation room to prepare for my first trip to the Virtual Realm. Wish you all a pleasant night.”

Yingu Lite was taking a shower, Lois didn’t speak, and Adair only responded with “Goodbye, Sonia.”

As the sound of footsteps faded away, only the sound of water remained in the dormitory.Adair looked at Lois, who was silent, and walked over to chat: “Hmph, Sonia, that farm woman, is just a small person who got lucky with her swordsmanship talent. There’s nothing remarkable about her. Lois, you don’t have to worry about her. Her arrogance will eventually lead to her downfall…hmm?”

Adair went over to take a look and found that Lois was really reading a book, and even took out a workbook to do some exercises.

“I lost this time.” Lois said, “That farm woman Sonia has climbed to a height that I need to look up to. If we continue to develop like this, when we meet again a few years after graduation, I will definitely have to bow to her.”

Seemingly thinking about her future humble appearance, Lois’s mouth twitched slightly, “I can’t accept it…I refuse to believe that I can’t even compare to that farm woman!”

Adair didn’t disturb her and went back to her seat to continue watching the program.

Although the program was still good, Adair’s mind couldn’t calm down.

She turned her head and took another look at Lois, who was still focused on studying. She thought for a moment, turned off the screen and took out a book to study.

After taking a shower, Yingu Lite came out and was slightly surprised to see that both of her roommates were studying seriously.

But she didn’t say anything and quietly went to the balcony to wash clothes.

After the security guard checked the student information in her wristband, Sonia entered a fully enclosed special building.

As soon as she crossed the threshold, Sonia felt like she had passed through an invisible boundary line, and her thinking speed suddenly increased a lot. Her Wave Sword Artisan also jumped out from her shoulder, looking very excited.

“So, will you still be by my side after I enter the Virtual Realm?” Sonia asked.

“This actually belongs to overtime work.” The Observer walking beside her said, “It’s beyond my service scope.”

“So, you mean you don’t want to…”

“So, there has to be overtime pay!” The Observer rubbed his fingers and said, “If you go to a bar to find someone to chat with, you have to buy them a drink, right? If you find someone to accompany you to the Virtual Realm for a chat and tour, you have to express your gratitude, right!?”

“I’m super poor!”

“Besides money, you still have a lot of residual value to sell.”

Sonia raised her eyebrows slightly, hooked her shirt with her fingers, revealing a deep cleavage, “My most valuable asset is myself, you know…””I’ve been waiting for that sentence! From now on, you will be my employee.” The observer snapped his fingers. “But since you haven’t graduated yet, you are still in the probation period. However, since it’s a probation period, there is no labor contract. As for the salary during the probation period, the energy potion you drank before and the wooden sword you used have already covered it, so…”

“So you want me to work for you for free?”

“Tsk, that’s not what I meant. I’m providing various opportunities to cultivate your growth, and during your growth process, you can do some work to repay me. Isn’t this a good productive relationship between employers and employees?”

Sonia didn’t refuse this unequal contract, but asked in return, “So you spent so much effort, tested me in the dream realm, arranged my training, and stimulated my talent in swordsmanship just to make me work for you? What is my job?”

“To stay alive.”

“Stay alive?”

“Staying alive is the rarest thing in this world,” the observer seemed to be laughing. “Most people just exist.”

“I still don’t understand,” Sonia said. “I believe that all gifts come with a price. You have invested so much in cultivating me, and you must want to harvest more from me. Unless you are my spiritual phantom, I can’t think of any selfless reason for you to do this.”

“I’m not selfless, on the contrary, there is no one more selfish than me in this world,” the observer laughed. “I’m asking you to live according to my wishes. Is there anything more selfish than this?”


“Haha, I was just joking earlier. How could I be such a good person who thinks for you?” The observer said with a smile. “I have a serious matter to ask you for help- for some reason, I have become very weak now and can’t explore the virtual realm alone, so I need you to protect me.”

As he spoke, Sonia had already walked to the door of room 311. She opened the door with her hand ring and saw a narrow and empty meditation room inside, with only an orange carpet covering the ground, and the ceiling lights illuminating every corner.

This is the meditation room of the Sword Flower University, and it is also the best place for Sonia to enter the virtual realm.

She closed the door, sat cross-legged on the carpet, let the fluctuating sword spirit float in her palm, poured all her heart and soul into the spirit, searched for the truth gate hidden in the knowledge, and tried to embark on her first virtual journey in life.

Although Sonia successfully summoned her first artisan, she cannot be considered a sorcerer yet, because she has not condensed her “silver wings.”Without Artificing, without condensing virtual shadows, one cannot fully activate the Sorcery Spirit and cannot be considered an Artificer.

To condense the Silver Wings, one must enter the Virtual Realm, swim in the Sea of Knowledge, attract knowledge with their soul, extract Artificing from knowledge, condense Artificing into virtual wings, and leverage the power of the law through the virtual wings to become an Artificer!

The only way for ordinary people to enter the Virtual Realm is by finding the Door of Truth within their Sorcery Spirit. By allowing their soul to pass through the Door of Truth, they can directly reach the illusory world built by laws and knowledge – the Virtual Realm!

It is said that the Virtual Realm is dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of times larger than the real world.

Countless Artificers never encounter other people in the Virtual Realm throughout their lives, so all Artificers can only rely on themselves to explore the Virtual Realm.

The Meditation Tower is a quiet room specifically designed for Artificers to explore the Virtual Realm. In addition to being quiet and undisturbed, Sword Flower University has also cast the miracle [Starlight Chasing Shadows], which not only accelerates the students’ thinking speed in the Meditation Tower, making it easier to find the Door of Truth, but also attracts countless beams of starlight from the Adeptus of the Starry Sky, making the students’ souls emit a fragrance that knowledge likes, allowing them to condense the Silver Wings faster!

Soon, Sonia found the Door of Truth within the fluctuating Sword Sorcery Spirit.

After all, it was her first time in life, Sonia couldn’t help but feel as nervous as if she were going to a hotel room, and asked in her heart, “Sword Girl?”

“I’m here. Don’t worry, there is a bond between you and me, and the sacred destiny connects us.”

Sonia’s mind instantly calmed down, her consciousness touched the Door of Truth, and her vision was immediately engulfed by darkness.

When she woke up, she found herself lying in a boat, floating on a lead-gray sea.

In front of her was a thick, ink-like sky, and around her was a hazy fog.

She lay at the stern of the boat, and saw a familiar person lying at the bow.

Sonia: “Sword Girl?”

Asho: “Sword Girl?”

The two looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief.

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