Chapter 22 – Deathmatch invitation

“Suihu Prison, restaurant.

“I won 45 contribution points, and I still have to participate in the Blood Moon Trial in a few days!?”

Asho, who was eating, looked up with a look of being deceived: “Isn’t it that those with more contribution points have a lower trial sequence!?”

“That’s true.”

Langna, drinking milk on the side, said, “But there is a premise-all prisoners are not allowed to miss their first Blood Moon Trial, and only a few people can escape because of amnesty and other reasons.”

“And those who have experienced the Blood Moon Trial and survived will be arranged according to their contribution points for the trial sequence.”

“What if I die in the first Blood Moon Trial?”

“If you have this worry, why don’t you play a fake match with me and lose all your contribution points to me.”

“Dream on!” Asho muttered and thought for a moment, “You said before that only one person will die in the Blood Moon Trial?”

“Yes, there are eight participants, but only one person will die.” Langna said, “The probability of death is only 12.5%, which is actually quite low-this is the general situation.”

“Am I a general person?”

“Obviously not, as the leader of the Four Pillar God Heresy, you have committed murder, kidnapping, imprisonment, and bloody sacrifices… at least thousands of people have been victimized by you, and your reputation is well-known during this period. If there are no accidents, you will definitely be an important focus of the Blood Moon Trial.”

Heath is brave and Asho is burdened… Asho has infinite resentment towards Heath in his heart. He drank six walnuts when he had a brain deficiency. Why did he join a heresy? And he made it so hateful, even more hateful than online loans!

“So, if you give up, why not give your contribution points to me?” Langna said, “I will remember your sacrifice and live happily with my boyfriend…”

“Get lost!” Asho said with a sneer, “Maybe I will survive? I won’t give up!”

“Okay.” Langna seemed not to care about Asho’s 95 contribution points, and said, “Someone wants to challenge you, will you accept it?”

“That’s why you are waiting for me in the restaurant?”

“Yes.” Langna said frankly, “As for the reason, you will understand when you see the amount of contribution points the other party bets-37 contribution points.”

Asho narrowed his eyes: “The person who fought 36 death matches before is challenging me? But I only bet 2 contribution points.”

Langna shrugged.

“That’s why I came to inform you specifically.”

“Generally speaking, newcomers challenge the old in death matches because newcomers can win big with small bets. It’s not impossible for the old to challenge the new, after all, even a mosquito is meat, but it is basically after 5 matches. Otherwise, the old will not even have the interest to earn contribution points.”

“So I was quite surprised when an old person took the initiative to challenge you. I want to ask if you have any grudges with the other party.”

“Who is the other party?”

“Wakas Ur.”

Asho shook his head: “Never heard of him.”

Of course he hadn’t heard of him, after all, he didn’t even have Heath’s memories. Even if Wakas Ur really had a grudge with Heath, Asho couldn’t possibly know.

“Xilin Dor.”

“Hmm?” Asho blinked, “Who?”

Langna waved his hand, “Nothing, I just remembered an acquaintance.”

“So, do you want to accept Wakas’s challenge?”

“What weapon does Wakas use?”


Asho’s heart moved, and he looked at the side with the corner of his eye. He saw the Sword Girl sitting on the dining table with her legs crossed, her hands folded in front of her chest, and calmly looking at him. The black silk on her legs was very dazzling.”She glanced at Asho with a sneer, “Are you interested in peeking at me like a sneaky ghost?”

“I’m sorry.” Asho turned to stare at the black stockings, suddenly thinking, “Speaking of which, since you can touch me, can I also touch you? Ahem, Sword Girl, you go wash up first…”

Clang! Sword Girl drew out her beautiful decorative sword, and Asho sat up straight, saying to Wakas, “Tell him to wash his neck clean for me tomorrow!”

“Then come to the Deathmatch Society tomorrow morning, I won’t disturb you eating. My boyfriend is waiting for me. Goodbye.” Lana said before leaving in a gust of wind.

Asho thought Lana’s boyfriend was waiting for him in a lover’s room, but after taking a closer look, he realized that Lana wasn’t heading towards the lover’s room. On the contrary, she was heading towards the Deathmatch Society… Maybe someone wanted the medical staff to work overtime and die from exhaustion in the middle of the night, Asho thought.

“Let’s go back to the dorm.” Sword Girl jumped off the table. “You’re busy tonight. I’ll take you to explore a world you’ve never known.”

Asho was suddenly filled with anger and blushed. What did she mean by a world I’ve never known!? Do I look like a virgin!?

This woman is speaking too rudely. If I let her continue to be so arrogant, I’ll have no status at all!

“Why aren’t you coming?”


At 8:45 pm, in the Deathmatch Society with no other audience, an unknown deathmatch was going on.

“Asho agreed, but not because of the name you gave me, but because he was looking forward to a sword opponent – when I mentioned that you use a sword, he made up his mind.”

“Thank you, this time I owe you a favor, Lana.”

“Wakas, you can repay me now, just tell me why you suddenly targeted Asho, is it related to that name – Xilin Dor?”

In the dim audience seats, a slender middle-aged man was watching the contestants in the arena.

Yes, contestants. There probably isn’t a better adjective than that. Although the food could move, escape, scream, beg for mercy, it was ultimately just food being gnawed on.

“I don’t mind telling you, as long as you don’t regret it.”

“Then forget it, my boyfriend and I are very loving, and I’m satisfied with my life. I don’t want to get involved in the games of big shots.”

Lana tore off a warm strip of meat and chewed it slowly. “But is Asho really the leader of the Four Pillar God Heresy? I think I have a good ability to judge people. He looks more like a student who just started working. I thought he was innocent.”

The middle-aged man snorted.

“Everyone who enters this cesspool is far from innocent. The only difference is whether they only have their skin stained with filth or whether they open their mouths and actively devour the stench.”

“I’m eating, Wakas, can you not talk about feces?”

“Then I won’t disturb you. Enjoy your meal.”

When the door of the Deathmatch Society closed with a bang, the faint moaning disappeared into the thick darkness.

Wakas walked through the prison corridor, and every prisoner and guard he met avoided him coldly.

Occasionally, he met a new prisoner who had just arrived, and when the latter saw Wakas’ pointed ears, his face naturally showed a gloating expression.

Because Wakas’ ears were sharp.

When Wakas returned to his dorm, he saw a guard waiting at the door.He had anticipated it, and as he opened the door, he whispered, “Asho Heath has agreed to fight me to the death.”

“Be sure to completely shatter his brain, heart, and spine, to the extent that even a two-winged Sorcerer cannot heal him,” the prison guard said.

“I will do what you ask, but what about what you promised me?” Wakas opened the door but didn’t go in, turning his head to stare at the prison guard.

“As long as Asho Heath dies tomorrow, you will disappear from this prison after the next Blood Moon trial,” the prison guard said, “However, you and that child cannot stay in Camon City any longer, as per Mr. Xilin’s request.”

“I have no interest in breathing the same air as Xilin anyway,” Wakas said with a disgusted expression.

“The free activity time is almost over, don’t stand outside, go into your cell.”

Wakas’s mouth twitched as he stepped into his room, letting the automatic door close behind him.

The prison guard turned and left, the corner of his mouth slightly raised, sneering.

“A mere elven death row prisoner, still holding onto the pride of a born noble… Ha!”

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