Chapter 93 – The manager doesn’t like me? Carpet-style search for clues

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The words of A58 sent a chill down He Gu's spine.


So, the supervisor had such tasks as well?


Before He Gu could ponder further, A58 continued, "Also, the goods entering the warehouse at night are all valuable, and the crates must not be damaged."


"Whoever has damaged crates in their warehouse, dispose of the storage personnel promptly."


"Additionally, if more than five crates are damaged within a week, you will be disposed of."


After saying this, A58 paused for a moment, as if considering whether there was anything else he hadn't mentioned.


A few seconds later, A58 spoke as if something had just occurred to him, "Right, hand me your walkie-talkie."


Upon hearing this, He Gu, puzzled, handed over his walkie-talkie.


Taking the walkie-talkie, A58 pointed to the channel knob and instructed He Gu, "The walkie-talkies in the factory are custom-made. Remember, channel one is to call me, channel two is to call your subordinate, and channel three is to call the cleaning team."


After finishing, A58 added, "Today is your first day on the job, and the factory has temporarily assigned you one subordinate, number 449, a newbie. Remember to call him to have lunch with you later."


"According to the rules, on a newbie's first day, they must serve food to their supervisor. Whatever he gets, you eat; don't break the rules."


Hearing A58's words, He Gu tensed up and asked, "What happens if the rules are broken?"


A58 glanced at He Gu with annoyance, "You can try and see."


He Gu felt a sinking feeling. Did this department manager really dislike him?


After thinking it over, He Gu asked, "My team is responsible for two warehouses, but I only have one subordinate. Does that mean I have to guard one warehouse myself tonight?"


A58 replied impatiently, "No need, warehouse 45 is currently unused, we're only opening warehouse 44 these days."


"That's all I need to tell you. If you have any other questions, ask me during the work process."


With that, A58 turned and walked towards the door.


Reaching the doorway, A58 looked back coldly at He Gu, "Kid, I might as well tell you, I really don't like you."


"Better behave yourself during your shift, don't let me catch you abandoning your post!"


After speaking, A58 glanced meaningfully at the cane He Gu had been holding and then strode away.


Watching A58's figure disappear down the corridor, He Gu suddenly had a bad premonition.


Where had he offended this department manager? It seemed like he was out to get him!


What happened to purple being a protective color?


He Gu sighed helplessly and turned back to survey the spartan office.


The office was partitioned with glass, allowing a direct view into the adjacent offices on both sides.


At the moment, the office to He Gu's left was empty, while the office on the right was occupied by a dark-skinned, skinny man who was currently bent over writing something.


Then, He Gu walked over to the window to take a look outside.


Outside the window was a vast expanse of asbestos-tiled roofs.


Judging by the structure of the building, He Gu's office was likely above one of the warehouses, and the roofs outside the window were probably above the inbound passages of the warehouse.


He Gu stood by the window for a while and noticed significant wear and aging on the window's sliding track, suggesting the window was frequently used?


After observing for a while, He Gu sat down at his desk and casually flipped through several document folders.


Out of five folders, three were empty.


Of the remaining two, one contained a stack of blank "Duty Situation Forms," which required filling out daily duty personnel, quantities of various goods stored, and batch numbers.


The other folder contained just one A4 sheet of paper.


【Office Rules】(Rule Six)


1. Under normal circumstances, opening windows is prohibited;


2. Maintain good relations with colleagues in adjacent offices;


3. If you see a crow's carcass outside the window, immediately open the window and throw it far away;


Hidden message: Numbers are reliable




The sixth set of rules!


Up to now, this copy had revealed six sets of rules!


Just from this, the complexity of this copy had already surpassed most of the copies encountered before!


However, for He Gu, this wasn't entirely bad news.


The more rules that appeared, the more hidden information He Gu could glean.


Although these hidden messages were usually cryptic, they could still provide He Gu with some reliable guidance.


Even after fully deciphering the meaning of the hidden messages, the answers often seemed within reach!


Looking at the rules in front of him, He Gu habitually took a photo with his phone, then began to frown in thought.


The good news was that these three rules weren't instant-death rules, which meant the danger level might not be too high.


But on the downside, without instant-death rules, He Gu couldn't immediately determine the authenticity of the rules.


However, it was fortunate that these three rules weren't difficult to follow, so for now, he would treat them as real rules.


It was worth noting that Rule One stated that opening windows was prohibited under normal circumstances, yet Rule Three said to open the window and throw out any crow carcasses that appeared outside…


This meant that the appearance of a crow's carcass was an "unusual circumstance."


But considering the wear on the window track, it was clear the window was often opened and closed.


This suggested either that the first rule was false, or that "the appearance of crow carcasses outside" was a frequent event!


But why would there be crow carcasses outside the window?


He Gu didn't recall ever seeing crows in the factory area.




After pondering for a while without any clues, He Gu decided to wait and see what would happen next.


At that moment, He Gu remembered finding clues left by predecessors in both warehouse 44 and his dormitory. Perhaps there would be something similar here?


With that thought, He Gu immediately opened all the drawers of his desk and inspected them carefully.


The drawers were empty, and he wasn't sure if they had always been that way or if they had been emptied after the death of number 411.


After checking the drawers, He Gu turned on the computer in front of him and searched for a long time, but the computer seemed as good as new, with no signs of use.


Thinking it over, He Gu stood up to take a look at the whiteboard hanging on the wall.


The whiteboard was wiped clean, leaving no trace behind.


Undeterred, He Gu took down the whiteboard to check behind it, but there was nothing hidden there either.


Finally, He Gu's gaze fell on the potted plant in front of the window.


It was the last item in the office.


Soon, He Gu turned the plant upside down, lifting it to check the bottom of the pot.


Still, there was no discovery.


It seemed the office had been cleared in advance, leaving no trace of any previous occupants.


Looking at the plant in front of him, He Gu suddenly recalled a scene from an animated series where a potted plant was lifted, roots and all, to hide something underneath.


Operating on the principle that it was better to err on the side of caution, He Gu grasped the plant and gave it a firm tug upward…


To his surprise, the plant, along with its clump of soil, was actually lifted by He Gu!


Even more astonishingly, at the bottom of the pot, there were indeed a few torn pages with writing on them…

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