Chapter 92 – Exchange conditions? Public fruit, private fruit and nutrients

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After listening to the little girl's words, He Gu looked at the glass marble in his hand in amazement.


So this marble is actually a hidden prop!?


And it's a prop specifically for the blue clothes!


He Gu suddenly realized, no wonder he had been fine when he saw the glass marble before, but today, after changing into the blue clothes, he suddenly felt like he was under a spell and went to pick up the glass marble, and then he didn't know anything…


Thinking of this, He Gu felt somewhat regretful. If he had known about this prop earlier, he wouldn't have had to go through so much trouble dealing with the former supervisor!


Wait… the glass marble can make the person in blue clothes dizzy for 2 minutes, then He Gu can find a way to open the box in the Security Department office!?


With this in mind, He Gu's eyes lit up and he tentatively said to the little girl, "Little friend, can you lend me this glass marble to use?"


The little girl tilted her head and thought for a moment, then nodded and said, "Since big brother likes it, then I'll give it to you, I still have another one!"


After saying that, the little girl added, "By the way, big brother, the effect of this marble can only be triggered once a day for the same person!"


He Gu nodded with joy, "Okay, I'll remember that!"


However, before He Gu could be happy, he heard the little girl continue, "But big brother, since I'm giving you the marble, as an exchange, you have to help me with something."


Hearing this, the joy that had just risen in He Gu's heart immediately extinguished, and he looked at the little girl warily, "What do you want me to help you with?"


The little girl grinned and said, "It's simple, next time if Aunt Yun comes to find me again, just don't let her take me away, that's all."


Listening to the little girl's words, He Gu vaguely felt that something was not quite right.


"Aunt Yun… do you mean the one outside the door last time? When will she come to find you? And what exactly do you want me to do?"


For some reason, He Gu felt that there was something fishy about this matter, and he couldn't agree to it without asking clearly.


However, before He Gu could finish speaking, the little girl's face suddenly changed, "Oh! It's not dark yet, I'll be found out if I stay out too long!"


"Goodbye, big brother, I'll tell you next time!"


As she spoke, the little girl turned and darted back into the bathroom.


"Hey, wait…"


Before He Gu could say anything, the little girl had disappeared without a trace.


Looking at the glass marble in his hand, He Gu had the urge to go back and ask the little girl to take it back.


"Forget it, at least I got a prop…"


He Gu shook his head to comfort himself, put the glass marble in his pocket, and picked up the cane 111 that had been given to him, then quickly left the dormitory.




This was the first time He Gu had openly worn the "blue clothes exclusive glasses" and gone out. As soon as he came out, He Gu found that many things he saw were different.


He found that the light in the corridor seemed not as dim as before, and there were some black marks on the walls on both sides, as if they had been smoked.


However, after He Gu walked down the stairs for a while, he found that only the 4th floor was like this, and there was no obvious difference on the 3rd floor and below.


It wasn't until He Gu went all the way down to the first floor that he was stunned for a moment.


At the entrance of the first floor staircase, there was actually another set of stairs leading downwards!


Looking at this set of stairs, He Gu was dumbfounded.


With these glasses on, he could still see scenes that didn't normally exist!?


But where did these downward stairs lead to?


The light in the stairwell was not good, and the stairs below were dark.


He Gu took a glance and subconsciously avoided that set of stairs, afraid that something would suddenly come out from below and drag him down.


Soon, He Gu left Building 4 and walked towards the internal warehouse area along the route he took to and from work every day.


At this time, there were quite a few people in the factory area.


And along the way, most of the people He Gu encountered were workers wearing green work clothes.


As He Gu walked, he was shocked by what he saw.


After putting on the glasses, He Gu realized that these workers in green clothes, who usually looked unspirited, almost half of their faces were a bluish-gray color, and some even had almost their entire faces turned into a dark brown, bark-like texture, almost unrecognizable as human beings!


In contrast, only a small number of people had most of their faces covered in a white plaster-like color, which seemed to be the "fruits" cultivated by other supervisors.


Although He Gu had already known about these situations, seeing them with his own eyes still had a significant impact on him.




Twenty minutes later, He Gu finally arrived at the internal warehouse area.


From a distance, He Gu saw a tall, thin man in a purple work uniform standing at the door of Warehouse 44.


After approaching, He Gu looked at his work badge, which had the purple characters A58 on it.


A58 had a stern face and seemed a bit displeased, "You're a bit slow in coming."


Before He Gu could respond, A58's face turned cold again, "Follow me."


With that, A58 took the lead and walked forward, with He Gu following closely behind.Before long, A58 arrived at the door of a storeroom without a number, pulled it open, and walked in.


It was only after He Gu followed inside that he realized this was not a storeroom at all. Behind the rolling door was a space resembling a junk room, cluttered with several forklifts and some boxes.


In the corner of this junk room, there was a staircase leading to the second floor.


He Gu followed A58 up the stairs to the second floor, only to discover that the storeroom's upper level was a world of its own.


It was an office space structured like those in a business building, with a dozen or so offices partitioned by glass.


In some of these offices sat individuals, each wearing blue work uniforms.


A58 led He Gu to an office with "Night 4" written on the doorplate, pushed open the glass door, and walked in.


This was a small office, about ten square meters, with a desk and chair, an old computer on the desk along with several document folders, a whiteboard hanging on the wall about one meter square, a water dispenser in the corner, and a potted plant by the window, the name of which He Gu couldn't recall.


As He Gu was surveying the office environment, A58 came to a halt inside, turned around, and said, "This is 411… the office of your predecessor, the previous supervisor. From now on, it's your office."


A58 paused for a moment, then continued with a stern face, "As the night shift supervisor, your job is quite straightforward."


"Firstly, your team is responsible for the night shift work in warehouses 44 and 45. The job is to ensure that goods delivered at night are successfully received and to promptly deal with any issues or problematic individuals that arise during that time."


"Besides that, you also need to ensure that at least one mature 'public fruit' is cultivated each week, or three portions of 'nourishment.'"


Hearing this, He Gu showed a puzzled expression.


However, before He Gu could ask, A58, showing impatience, said, "To put it simply, the fruit you eat yourself is a 'private fruit,' while the other form of fruit is the 'public fruit.'"


"As for 'nourishment,' the semi-finished products that you dispose of in compliance are 'nourishment.'"

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