Chapter 83 – The leader is gone, the followers scatter!


After two crackling sounds came from the intercom, the entire warehouse fell into complete silence.

The supervisor did not respond.

Inside the wooden crate, there was also complete silence, as if there was nothing inside.

He Gu stood at the edge of the pile of goods, maintaining a steady and even breathing rhythm, trying to calm his emotions as much as possible.

After about two or three minutes, heavy footsteps could be heard coming from outside the warehouse.

He Gu turned around and saw the supervisor, with a gloomy expression, walking in from the door.

When the supervisor saw the box with a hole in it in front of He Gu, his expression visibly stiffened, and his footsteps paused for a moment.

After hesitating for two seconds, the supervisor reluctantly walked over to the box and asked with a frown, “What’s going on!?”

He Gu had already put one hand in his pocket, holding the sharp glass shard, and calmly said, “Just now, this box suddenly started shaking violently, as if something inside was hitting the inner wall… Damn!”

Before He Gu could finish his sentence, the supervisor suddenly turned around and reached out to grab He Gu’s neck.

This guy was not playing by the rules, he was actually planning to strike first!

Fortunately, He Gu’s attention had been highly focused all along, and he realized that something was wrong the moment the supervisor turned around. He quickly dodged backwards, narrowly avoiding the supervisor’s hand.

The next moment, with a sudden turn of his heart, He Gu took advantage of the supervisor’s empty-handed grab and kicked him hard in the chest.


He Gu’s right foot landed solidly on the supervisor’s chest, making an abnormal muffled sound.

However, when this kick landed, He Gu felt as if he had kicked a thick wall. Not only did he fail to knock the supervisor down, but he was also pushed back a few steps by the impact.

On the other hand, the supervisor only swayed slightly, snorted coldly, and pounced towards He Gu.

At a critical moment, a dark shadow flashed past the smashed box, and then He Gu saw something seem to stick to the supervisor’s back.

The supervisor stiffened all over, and his face instantly turned pale.

Seizing this opportunity, He Gu immediately grabbed the piece of broken glass and struck towards the supervisor’s forehead.

However, although the supervisor’s body stiffened, he did not completely lose his ability to move. He kept shaking his head to avoid the glass shards from He Gu.

In desperation, He Gu immediately used his left hand to grab the supervisor’s hair tightly, trying to prevent him from moving, while using his right hand to stab the glass shards towards the supervisor’s forehead.

However, the supervisor’s strength was too great, and even in his weakened state, he was still not something He Gu could contend with.

Pulling the hair did not completely restrict the supervisor, and his head continued to shake.

But He Gu couldn’t care about that much. The glass shards had already stabbed up.

In an instant, the supervisor’s forehead was cut open in several places, and blood flowed out.

He Gu’s own fingers were also cut by the glass, and a burning pain came from his fingertips.

Fortunately, after a chaotic struggle, the supervisor’s forehead was cut in several places, and He Gu’s goal was achieved.

Next, He Gu quickly took out the syringe containing the black cat’s blood from his pocket, removed the needle, and pressed it against the supervisor’s forehead.

However, after a day and night, the black cat’s blood in the syringe had slightly solidified, even though it had been stored in the syringe almost hermetically.

The dark red blood clogged the syringe’s outlet, and the plunger couldn’t be pushed!

At this moment, the supervisor suddenly roared and violently shook his body, and a dark shadow was thrown out behind him.

And in the moment of getting rid of the dark shadow, the pale-faced supervisor regained a hint of color.

He broke free from the control!

The next moment, the supervisor suddenly reached out and grabbed He Gu’s neck with both hands.

In that instant, He Gu felt as if his neck was being crushed by a hydraulic press, and he almost fainted on the spot.

The supervisor, now covered in blood, looked terrifying, and he lifted He Gu to the delivery port like a chick.

He Gu’s vision darkened from being choked, feeling like his neck was about to break, but he still held onto the supervisor’s hair tightly, and with the other hand, pressed the syringe against the supervisor’s face, using every last bit of strength to push the plunger.

Just as the supervisor reached the delivery port, ready to stuff He Gu’s head in, He Gu heard a light “pop.”

The clogged blood scab blocking the syringe’s outlet was squeezed out, and He Gu finally pushed the plunger.

The supervisor, who was already covered in blood, now had another dark red pool of blood plasma on his face.

The black cat’s blood sprayed all over, and fortunately, some of it flowed into the wound on the supervisor’s forehead.


At the same time, a sizzling sound, like a branding iron on raw meat, rang out.

A wisp of white smoke rose from the supervisor’s forehead.


The supervisor let out a miserable scream, jumping as if electrocuted, and He Gu was thrown out, hitting the wall and falling to the ground.

“No! No—”

The supervisor was clutching his forehead, screaming and rolling around in pain, soon falling to the ground and writhing in agony.He Gu lay on the ground, coughing violently, struggling to sit up, only to see his supervisor writhing on the ground not far away, screaming in agony.

The sound made He Gu’s scalp tingle.

After about ten seconds of struggle, the supervisor’s voice gradually became hoarse and deep, and the strength of his struggle weakened.

It was then that He Gu noticed the skin on the supervisor’s face and hands turning a visible shade of dark blue at an alarming rate.

Another ten seconds passed, and the supervisor stopped moving.

He Gu didn’t dare to approach rashly and waited by the wall for a while.

About half a minute later, He Gu suddenly smelled an indescribable fragrance.

The scent was like barbecued meat, yet also like some exotic fruit, contradictory and complex but incredibly tempting.

Soon, the fragrance grew stronger, and He Gu couldn’t help but start salivating, his appetite stirring.

Quickly, He Gu realized that the fragrance was emanating from the supervisor’s body!

At that moment, He Gu finally understood why Old Ma’s message said, “When the time comes, you won’t be able to resist the urge to eat him, trust me.”

With this thought, He Gu bit down hard on his own tongue, trying to stay as alert as possible.

To avoid being eaten by the supervisor, he could kill without hesitation.

But to eat the supervisor… He Gu really couldn’t get over this mental hurdle.

However, the fragrance was too tempting, subtly eroding He Gu’s sanity!

He Gu’s tongue was already bleeding from his bite, yet he still couldn’t resist the increasingly strong impulse inside him.

After a moment of deadlock, He Gu finally stood up and walked over to the supervisor’s corpse, slowly squatting down.

He Gu squatted in front of the supervisor’s body, head bowed, shoulders shaking, seemingly unaware that a figure had appeared behind him at some point.

However, just as the figure approached He Gu from behind, He Gu suddenly stood up swiftly, and as he turned around, the wrench in his hand swung out.

Looking at the supervisor’s body on the ground, it hadn’t been touched at all.

He Gu had been acting!


The wrench hit the figure, making a sound like metal colliding.

He Gu, sweating profusely and panting, grinned with a somewhat crazed smile: “You finally showed up… If you hadn’t come, I might have really lost control…”

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