Chapter 82 – Reach consensus, plan to start!

He Gu walked towards a pile of wooden boxes in the warehouse, holding a radio in his hand. The sharp, unpleasant voice immediately laughed, “Hey! The little piglet is coming over. Do you think he will ask for our help?”

The rough, sandpaper-like voice chuckled, “If he really wants to take on the Blue Robe, he will definitely need our help. Hey… I wonder if this little piglet knows about the taboo…”

The sharp voice continued, “I highly doubt it. This little piglet just took some medicine, so there’s no way he can hear our voices. He might go back to an empty box to discuss…”

The things inside the boxes could never have imagined that He Gu could hear their conversation clearly.

During this process, He Gu had already determined which box the voices were coming from based on the sound.

However, He Gu did not rush to converse with the things inside the box. Talking to them now would violate the rules, which was probably what they meant by “taboo.”

Instead, He Gu walked to a corner with the radio and tried to tune the frequency knob.

To activate the recording function, the knob needed to be turned to a non-existent “Channel 5.” Following this logic, He Gu quickly discovered the recording function from the “Channel 6” position.

After that, He Gu stood in the corner, put the radio to his mouth, and spoke in a voice that only he could hear, “I know you want to come out, and you seem very interested in this thing.”

This was what He Gu had heard in a recording left by 424 before.

After a brief thought, He Gu understood.

This was the method to communicate with the things inside the box without violating the rules—using recordings to communicate with them!

This way, He Gu wouldn’t have to talk to them directly, and naturally wouldn’t violate the rules!

After recording, He Gu turned and walked towards the pile of goods, knocked on one of the boxes on the bottom layer, and then played the recording.

After the recording finished, the warehouse fell into a brief silence.

A few seconds later, the sharp, unpleasant voice rang out again, “This little piglet actually came up with this move? Quite interesting.”

The rough, sandpaper-like voice next to it chuckled, “Hehe… he can’t even hear us talking. What’s the point of his effort?”

The sharp, unpleasant voice paused for a moment and said, “I actually hope to reach an agreement with him, but unfortunately, he took medicine tonight.”

He Gu frowned at the words, then took the radio back to the corner, opened the recording function, and said, “Since you also want to reach an agreement, don’t waste time guessing whether I can hear you or not. Hurry up, we don’t have much time.”

After that, He Gu returned to the box and played the recording.

The warehouse fell silent again after the recording finished.

This time, the silence lasted noticeably longer.

After a moment, the sharp, unpleasant voice sounded somewhat anxious, “You can actually hear me speaking!?”

After a pause, the voice said tentatively, “If that’s the case, I can cooperate with you.”

“I know what you want to do, and I can help you, but you only have half a pill in your hand, which is too little.”

“After it’s done, I want a drop of your blood!”

Upon hearing its request, He Gu frowned. After a moment of thought, He Gu coldly refused through the recording, “Don’t bargain with me. You and I both know that you have no choice but to agree to my terms, otherwise I’ll put you on the conveyor belt immediately!”

The things inside the box were clearly anxious upon hearing this, “Without my help, you won’t survive tonight!”

He Gu sneered through the recording, “There is more than one box in the warehouse.”

The things inside the box fell silent for a while, and finally, reluctantly said, “Fine, I accept your terms.”

He Gu immediately imitated 424 through the recording, “I don’t believe your promise. To prove your sincerity, I want you to give me your right eye.”

In fact, He Gu didn’t know what use he had for its right eye, but since 424 had done it before, it meant that it could effectively restrain the things inside the box.

This time, the things inside the box unexpectedly did not object. There was a sound of “clicking” from the box, and after a moment, something like a black bean sprout was pushed out from between the wooden boards.

At first glance, it looked like a “tentacle,” with a yellow bean-sized eyeball hanging at the top, still rotating.

Holding this thing in his hand, He Gu felt goosebumps all over his body.

What exactly was inside the box?

This eye was almost like an alien!

After reaching an agreement with the things inside the box, He Gu returned to his seat, took out the things hidden under the cushion, and put them on.

After doing all this, He Gu took out his phone and checked the time. It was already 11:49 PM.

Only 11 minutes left until midnight!

Between midnight and 1 AM was the supervisor’s weak period!

It was also He Gu’s only chance in an hour!

After checking the time, He Gu consciously slowed down his breathing and adjusted his emotions and state.

Since learning that He Gu could hear them talking, the things inside the box had not spoken again, and the warehouse fell into silence once more.

Time passed by second by second.

When He Gu saw the time on his phone jump to 00:00, he immediately stood up, picked up a wrench from the table, and walked towards the pile of boxes.



Just a moment ago, He Gu was a little nervous and uneasy, but when the wrench started hitting the wooden boxes, he unexpectedly felt a sense of calm in his heart.

The wrench fell on the wooden boxes one after another, and the dull sound of “bang bang” echoed in the silent warehouse area.Soon, cracks began to appear on the wooden board, widening at a speed visible to the naked eye.


A minute and a half later, accompanied by a crisp sound, a hole the size of a bowl appeared in the board.

He Gu continued to pry around the edges of the gap, enlarging the hole to the size of a basketball.

Peering through the hole into the box, He Gu saw nothing but darkness; he couldn’t make out anything inside.

At that moment, a sharp and unpleasant voice came from inside the box: “That’s about enough, any larger and I won’t be able to hide.”

Hearing this, He Gu stopped what he was doing.

He tossed the wrench aside, took a deep breath, and then picked up the walkie-talkie: “Manager! There’s a problem with the cargo! Come quick!”

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