Chapter 80 – The Final Game


With a light sound, the radio channel knob automatically reset.

The entire warehouse fell silent in an instant, and He Gu stared blankly at the radio, feeling a chill run down his spine.

This recording almost documented the entire process of 424 retaliating against the supervisor.

From the previous content, everything seemed to be going smoothly.

But what happened in that last moment!?

Why was 424 so terrified?

What was his fate?

To be honest, before listening to this recording, He Gu was quite confident about tonight’s operation.

But now… He Gu’s confidence had diminished by more than half.

An invisible pressure fell on He Gu’s heart, and negative emotions such as unease and anxiety surged uncontrollably.

He Gu stood up and walked to the door of the warehouse, taking a deep breath.

Inhaling the slightly cool air, He Gu forced himself to suppress his unease, frowning as he continued to ponder.

At the critical moment, 424 had an accident…

Just as he mentioned in the message left with the password, there were inaccuracies in these clues!

Even at the beginning of the recording, 424 mentioned feeling like there was an invisible force pushing everything, and even that the events of the day were the result of being pushed by that force…

Now, thinking carefully, He Gu seemed to have the same feeling.

From the beginning, it seemed as if something was guiding him, step by step, to his current situation…

What was that invisible hand!?

Vaguely, He Gu felt that he was close to the truth, but still fell short by a hair’s breadth.

Frowning, He Gu thought carefully, but ultimately couldn’t cross that final line.

Thinking about how the supervisor might come after him in a few hours, tonight was likely his last chance, and He Gu became even more anxious.


He Gu took another deep breath, forcing himself to remain as calm as possible, and looked around the warehouse.

The entire storage area was quiet, with only a few warehouses lit up, and not a single sound could be heard from anyone else, as if the entire storage area only had He Gu as a living person.

An invisible pressure enveloped his heart, making He Gu feel suffocated.

At that moment, He Gu suddenly had a bright idea.

“Could it be…”

A bold idea rose in He Gu’s mind, and he felt invigorated.

“So that’s it!”

In that instant, the invisible pressure on him dissipated by half.

“Although I can’t be a hundred percent sure… it’s probably close to the truth.”

“At this point, there’s no time for any other preparations, I can only take a gamble!”

After making up his mind, He Gu felt much more relaxed, with a long-lost sense of clarity in his heart.

Then, He Gu stretched lazily, and as he turned to walk back into the warehouse, he picked up a wooden box from the pile of goods inside, overturned it on the ground.

After that, He Gu immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted, “Supervisor! Supervisor, come quick!”

A few seconds later, the supervisor’s response came from the walkie-talkie: “Rustle… What’s the matter?”

He Gu shouted urgently, “There’s a problem with the goods! Supervisor… come quickly!”

The supervisor did not respond again.

But two minutes later, hurried footsteps could be heard outside the warehouse.

The next moment, He Gu saw the supervisor walking in hurriedly.

“What’s the situation?!”

The supervisor asked with a displeased expression.

He Gu, with a “panicked” look on his face, pointed at the wooden box on the ground. “This box… it was moving just now!”

“It seems like something inside was desperately banging on the walls of the box, and it even fell out of the pile of goods!”

After hearing He Gu’s words, the supervisor fell silent, staring straight at He Gu.

Under the supervisor’s gaze, He Gu felt a little uneasy, and tentatively called out, “Supervisor?”

A hint of ruthlessness flashed in the supervisor’s eyes, and he said coldly, “Are you sure the box moved by itself and then fell?”

Hearing this, He Gu’s heart tightened inexplicably, and he said firmly, “Yes, there’s something banging on the inside of the box!”

At these words, a strange smile appeared on the supervisor’s face, and a hint of mockery even flashed in his eyes.

“Alright, I understand.”

With that, the supervisor expressionlessly grabbed one corner of the box and casually placed it back on the pile of goods.

Then, he patted He Gu’s shoulder. “You reported the anomaly in a timely manner, I will take care of everything tonight.”

At that moment, He Gu clearly saw a hint of smugness in the supervisor’s eyes.

After saying that, the supervisor patted He Gu’s shoulder heavily twice, then turned and left.

Watching the supervisor’s retreating figure, He Gu felt a chill in his heart.

He Gu had just staged this whole act to test the supervisor one last time, to see if he would respond to his call and how long it would take to reach Warehouse 44.

However, from the supervisor’s expression… He Gu seemed to see a sense of certainty.

It was as if everything He Gu had just done was all within the supervisor’s calculations?

This made He Gu feel uneasy once again, and he even began to doubt whether he had been mistaken.

Next, the entire storage area fell into silence once again.

He Gu sat in his seat, biding his time, while pondering if there were any inaccuracies in his plan.

Unknowingly, the time had already reached 21:53.

At that moment, footsteps could be heard outside the warehouse.

He Gu looked up and saw the supervisor walking in with a rubber bucket.

The bucket was filled with a white powder, resembling lime.

And He Gu keenly noticed that the supervisor was wearing a pair of white gloves.He Gu immediately asked with unease, “Manager, what is this…?”

The manager gave a slight smile, “Tonight, we have a batch of live materials to be stored, so we need to sprinkle some disinfectant powder in advance.”

With that, the manager began to scatter the white powder from a rubber bucket onto the ground.

White dust immediately filled the air inside the storeroom, and He Gu faintly smelled a pungent sour scent, yet it seemed to carry a strange medicinal odor as well.

He Gu, on alert, quickly covered his nose and mouth with his sleeve, then quietly stood outside the storeroom door.

The manager, seeing this, didn’t care at all and continued to sprinkle the powder on his own.

Before long, a small bucket of powder was spread out, and almost every corner of the storeroom floor was covered with a thin layer of white ash.

For some reason, after the manager finished sprinkling, the dust in the air also quickly settled down.

The manager turned back to He Gu with an ugly smile, “Come in, it’s not choking anymore.”

He Gu, having no choice, walked back into the storeroom.

And at that moment, that feeling of headache, dizziness, and nausea struck again.

He Gu glanced at the time; it was already 22:01.

The manager looked at He Gu with a smirk that wasn’t quite a smile, “Time’s up, you should take your medicine now.”

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