Chapter 79 – Recording

Upon hearing He Gu’s words, the supervisor visibly paused for a moment, then looked straight into He Gu’s eyes and said, “As your supervisor, I will handle everything that needs to be handled in a timely manner.”

With that, a cold and stern look flashed in the supervisor’s eyes as he turned and quickly walked away.

Watching the supervisor’s departing figure and thinking back on his words, He Gu felt a chill run down his spine.

After the supervisor left, the warehouse returned to its quiet state.

He Gu neatly put away the items that the supervisor had placed on the table, and then took out the fake medicine he had made with chalk from under the cushion, putting it in his pocket and taking a deep breath.

“Good thing I was prepared…”

As He Gu had expected, the supervisor had come to search him as soon as he arrived, emphasizing that he was not allowed to leave the warehouse before the end of the night.

If He Gu hadn’t been prepared, he would have been caught.

After packing up, He Gu stood at the door of the warehouse and took a look.

The interior of the warehouse was unusually quiet tonight, as if the lit warehouses were not as lively as usual.

Whether it was He Gu’s psychological effect or not, he always felt as if the entire interior warehouse area was shrouded in an invisible sense of oppression tonight.

After waiting for a while to make sure the supervisor had gone far, He Gu returned to his seat and began to fiddle with the old portable radio.

The radio was very old, and the operation buttons were very primitive.

There was only one switch button and a rotary button for tuning on the entire radio.

The rotary button had four gears in total, corresponding to four channels.

Looking at the simple and somewhat shabby operation panel, He Gu fell into contemplation.

The message left by 424’s password said that this radio had a recording function.

But… where was its recording function?

After installing the battery, He Gu pressed the power switch first, and then tried to turn the tuning knob.

Just like before, the first three channels were all boring emotional talk shows.

He Gu hesitated for a moment, then continued to turn the knob, tuning to the fourth channel.

An unknown song immediately came from the radio, but it still didn’t have the recording function He Gu was looking for.

He Gu looked at the knob and thought for a moment, trying to continue turning it to the right.


With a light sound and some resistance, He Gu actually managed to turn the knob to the non-existent “fifth channel” position!

“Zi… shasha…”

A string of busy electrical sounds came from the radio.

“424! 424! Please respond if you hear this!”

An abrupt male voice came from the radio, the same as what He Gu had heard before.

And the next moment, another unfamiliar man’s voice came from the radio:

“Damn… they’ve realized my purpose!”

“Tonight is my last chance… I’m going all out!”

This was a voice that He Gu had never heard before, sounding somewhat tired and determined.

For some reason, the moment He Gu heard this voice, he immediately thought of 424, who had left a note for him.


After a series of electrical sounds, 424’s voice came from the radio again: “I am 424, if I haven’t deleted this recording in time, it probably means I have been eaten…”

Hearing this, He Gu understood.

It was indeed a clue left by 424!

“Tonight is my last chance, I want to leave as much as possible.”

“Zi… shasha… I always feel like there has been an invisible hand pushing me, including the counterattack I will carry out tonight… it may also be the result of that hand’s push…”


Next came a series of ear-piercing static.

He Gu frowned and was about to turn it off, but 424’s voice came from the radio again.

“Shasha… I know you want to come out, and you seem very interested in this thing… shasha…”

This incomplete sentence left He Gu feeling confused.

What does it mean?

Is this… a recording of 424 talking to someone else?

However, there was no response from anyone else in the recording, as if 424 was talking to himself.


After several seconds of electrical sounds, 424’s voice came again: “I can let you out, and I can give this to you, but you have to promise me one condition… shasha…”

Another incomplete sentence, followed by several seconds of electrical sounds.

“No no no, don’t bargain with me, you and I both know that you have no choice but to agree to my condition, otherwise I will immediately put you on the conveyor belt… shasha…”

“I don’t believe your promise, to prove your sincerity, I want you to give me your right eye… shasha…”

“Very well, I will help you break open the box in a moment, then call the supervisor over, and you help me keep him busy, the longer the better, after it’s done, I will give you what belongs to you… shasha…”

After each sentence played on the radio, there was a pause of several seconds.

And from start to finish, there was only 424’s voice, sounding as if he was talking to himself.

But He Gu understood.

Obviously, this was a recording of 424 negotiating with something inside the box, and it sounded like they had reached an agreement.

After these few sentences played, the radio once again began to play the monotonous electrical sounds.

This time, He Gu didn’t rush to turn off the radio, but patiently waited.

After listening to several minutes of electrical sounds, the radio finally played another recording.

“What’s going on!?”

This was another man’s voice, sounding like the voice of the man who had called 424 many times before, probably 424’s supervisor?

Immediately after, 424’s voice came: “Supervisor, there has been movement in this box all along… the box has been smashed open!”

The unfamiliar supervisor’s voice: “Are you kidding me! How can the box be smashed open from the inside!?”

“Bang! Bang!” (The sound of kicking the box)

“Be honest with me!””F*ck… what do you want to do!”

Following that, the recording was filled with a series of collision sounds, muffled groans, the noise of boxes hitting the ground, and so on, sounding utterly chaotic.

A few seconds later, the voice of the unfamiliar supervisor rose in terror: “424, what do you want to do! You… Ah—”

“No! Don’t—”

“Ah ah ah ah!”

The screams of the unfamiliar supervisor erupted, laced with intense anger, panic, and unwillingness.

The screaming gradually weakened, then there was the sound of someone gasping for air with something stuck in their throat, “heh-heh heh-heh”…

Listening to this recording, He Gu felt as if he was witnessing the scene with his own eyes, and his whole body involuntarily tensed up.


Finally, the sound of a body hitting the floor echoed.

Silence filled the recording, as if everything had settled down.

It seemed 424 had succeeded?

Just as He Gu was pondering this, suddenly, a terrified cry from 424 came through the radio:

“You! How could you… No! This is impossible!”

All sounds stopped abruptly there.

The recording had come to an end…

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