Chapter 76 – Decryption completed

In the hall of the Paranormal Event Command Center in China.

The more Dahai talked, the more excited he became, and the people around him were also excited.

However, at this time, someone in the corner said in a deep voice, “It’s meaningless. We have used up the three hint opportunities in this instance…”

As soon as this was said, the hall immediately quieted down.

Everyone looked at each other, at a loss for words.


After a while, someone burst out with a curse to vent their suppressed emotions.

Dahai, wearing glasses with the bottom of a beer bottle, looked regretful, “It’s all my fault… it’s all my fault… if only I had deciphered it earlier… if I hadn’t made a mistake in the beginning…”

The person next to him patted Dahai on the shoulder, “You’ve done a great job, it’s just… sigh…”

The atmosphere in the command center hall, which had just been jubilant, suddenly dropped to freezing point, and a suppressed atmosphere enveloped the air.

“The difficulty of the instance is really getting higher, and the death rate is frightening!”

“Indeed, earlier on, there were about ten challengers who could survive after completing an instance, but now… in the previous instance, only He Gu passed!”

“Let’s not talk about the previous instance. Even though this instance seems less deadly, there are only 27 challengers left now, and judging by their progress, at least half of them probably won’t make it through tonight!”

“It’s worth mentioning that all the other challengers are behind He Gu in progress. Last night, only He Gu had a conflict with 414 and killed him. Probably because he triggered a different plot by being out for too long?”

“He Gu has at least dealt with 414 now, and the others might be killed by 414 tonight! Looking at it this way, He Gu has indeed done very well.”

“But now our hint opportunities are used up… can He Gu decipher the information left by 424 on his own?”

The atmosphere in the command center hall was low, and everyone was full of worry.

And just at this moment, someone suddenly said, “It seems like He Gu is also pondering over 424’s notebook… do you think he can really decipher it on his own?”

As soon as this was said, everyone’s attention returned to the big screen.

In the live broadcast, He Gu was lying on the bed, frowning as he read 424’s notebook.

In fact, at this moment, He Gu’s mind was in a mess.

Probably because he hadn’t slept all night, or because he was anxious about the current situation, He Gu was feeling restless.

At this moment, He Gu was repeatedly checking the rules recorded in the first notebook left by 424, carefully pondering the hidden message at the end of the page: “In the place where you dare not look, the truth may be staring at you.”

Up to now, He Gu had seen a total of three sets of rules in this instance, and had only seen three hidden messages.

He Gu could roughly interpret the first two hidden messages, but this one, He Gu had no clue about.

The place where you dare not look… does it refer to the wooden boxes in the warehouse?

But He Gu had already looked inside and hadn’t found any truth, right?

Sighing, He Gu continued to read 424’s words.

“This 424, always beating around the bush… can’t he be more specific? It’s all so vague, he might as well have written it in Morse code!”

He Gu grumbled in annoyance.

And as soon as he said this, He Gu was stunned.

Morse code!?

“Could it be…”

The next moment, He Gu’s eyes lit up, and he sat up straight, taking out the other notebook left by 424 and began to read it.

Soon, He Gu’s face showed an excited and expectant look, carefully comparing the numbers on the second notebook and reading the first notebook.

“1114… the 14th word on the 11th page? Or the 114th word on the 1st page… or the 14th word on the 1st line?”

According to his various guesses, He Gu found the corresponding words and then took out his phone to create a note of the words he found.

Soon, He Gu used the same method to decipher the second set of numbers, the third set of numbers…

A few minutes later, He Gu had deciphered 10 sets of numbers and obtained three incomplete sentences.

Just one glance and He Gu knew that the correct way to decipher was the third one.

Because the first two sentences were “garbled”, and the third sentence was: “The fate of most people here…”

Looking at the half sentence he had deciphered, He Gu became excited.

“It really is Morse code!”

He Gu’s spirits rose, and he continued to bury himself in translating the remaining codes.

And at this moment, it wasn’t just He Gu who was excited.

In the Paranormal Event Command Center in China.

In the hall, a group of people watched the screen and became excited.

“He deciphered it! He deciphered it on his own!”

“Thank goodness! This young man always surprises us!”

“Phew… that’s great…”

“I’m getting more and more confident in this young man. He will definitely pass this instance!”

Not only the elite of the command center, but at this moment, viewers around the world watching the live broadcast of the China Paranormal Event were also boiling with excitement.

“Damn! Those garbled codes really have meaning!”

“Unbelievable! The information left on those two notebooks is already important enough, and there’s still another layer of information hidden behind it!?”

“Wow, that was close. The hint opportunities are used up, and if He Gu hadn’t deciphered it himself, it would have been a big problem!”

“Uh… some countries are going to copy the answers again, these people are lucky!”

“Tsk… these people have copied a lot of He Gu’s answers along the way, and now they’ve almost used up all their hint opportunities, right?””It’s not necessarily the case. There are a few countries that managed to stay calm in the early stages, and some have challengers that are quite powerful. There should still be one hint opportunity left.”

“Let me think… the number of countries that still have unused hint opportunities… seems to be only six now?”

“Tsk… relying on hints to clear the game is ultimately a lower achievement. Here, I can’t help but say: He Gu is awesome!”

“He Gu is awesome!”


The World of Strange Tales.

He Gu sat on the bed, constantly comparing the contents of two notebooks, deciphering the code left by 424 letter by letter.

As the text recorded on his phone grew more and more, He Gu’s expression gradually became more solemn.

After busying himself for over half an hour, He Gu’s phone had recorded the following sentences:

“In this place, the fate of most people is to be eaten. Different people will become prey of different forms. Guess who you will ultimately become food for?”

“The radio in storage room number 44 has a recording function. It will bring you a surprise.”

“Killing a person in blue and taking his place is the only way for you to avoid being eaten in the short term.”

“The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. The predator often becomes the prey.”

“If you can read these words, then I’ve probably already been eaten, which means, if you follow my hints exactly, your end will likely be the same as mine.”

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