Chapter 75 – Stealing beams and swapping pillars! It’s been deciphered!

From the walkie-talkie, you could tell that the supervisor was a little annoyed.


He Gu replied, looking at the walkie-talkie in surprise.

What’s going on?

The supervisor had just told him to switch shifts over half an hour ago, and now he was being switched back so quickly!? Just because he had mentioned something to Teacher Fang downstairs?!

Is this coordinator really that effective!?

But… since the supervisor agreed to let him continue the night shift, does that mean he’s already prepared for other countermeasures?


Thinking of this, He Gu took a deep breath and began to calmly consider the possible countermeasures the supervisor might come up with.

Tonight probably won’t be peaceful!

It’s even possible that it’s the moment when He Gu and the supervisor’s lives are at stake!

“If the supervisor wants to cause trouble, the most likely thing is to find a new colleague to come over… and most likely will continue to try to force me to take the medicine…”

As He Gu pondered, he took out a white chalk from his pocket.

This was from Teacher Fang’s chalk box downstairs, and He Gu pretended to bend down to tie his shoelaces and took one out before leaving.

The reason He Gu took this white chalk was for a purpose.

He Gu squatted down and broke the white chalk into small pieces the size of a fingernail, then picked up a small piece and started drawing on the ground.

Of course, He Gu wasn’t planning to draw a talisman to ward off evil spirits on the ground, but simply wanted to polish the chalk pieces.

Soon, this small piece of chalk was polished by He Gu into a small, flat, white cylindrical shape, almost identical to the white pills in a small medicine bottle!

Yes, He Gu took the chalk to forge a few pills.

He Gu knew that the supervisor would most likely try various ways to force him to take the medicine, and small tricks like pretending to take the medicine and then finding an opportunity to spit it out would probably not work again.

So when he saw Teacher Fang’s chalk just now, He Gu thought of using the chalk to “make medicine” as part of his plan to deceive the supervisor.

Chalk is mainly made of quicklime, which of course should not be ingested, but occasionally eating a little bit won’t cause any harm.

When He Gu was a child and afraid of taking medicine when he was sick, he used this trick to deceive his family. (Okay, it was actually the author who did this when they were a child / embarrassed)

The chalk is soft in texture and not difficult to polish.

In just a few minutes, He Gu polished the chalk into more than a dozen small “pills.”

He then took out the small medicine bottle from his pocket, poured out a few pills and compared them with the “pills” he made, and from the appearance alone, there was almost no difference!

Completely convincing!

There were also a dozen or so pills left in the medicine bottle, but after hesitating for a moment, He Gu did not replace all of them, but carefully wrapped one of the “fake pills” in a tissue and put it in his pocket.

If all the pills in the medicine bottle were replaced with chalk products, it would be easy to crush those “chalk pills” if they were left in his pocket for too long.

And if the supervisor checked his medicine bottle and found that all the pills had been replaced, the risk would be too great.

After doing all this, He Gu wrapped the remaining “fake pills” in a tissue and placed them under his pillow, then turned his gaze to the old, unused hot water bottle in the corner.

This was in the dormitory when He Gu moved in, probably provided by the factory, but it had obviously not been used for some time and was covered in dust.

He Gu picked up the old hot water bottle, took a look at it, and then held it in his hands, gently releasing his grip.

The hot water bottle fell to the ground, and the glass inner shattered.

He Gu immediately squatted down to pick through the pile of broken glass, finally picking out a long, sharp piece.

In the incident last night, He Gu had hidden syringes and other items in the bathroom in advance, but to defend himself, he had left the scalpel blade on his body.

Although the scalpel blade did save He Gu’s life, it was later taken away by the supervisor.

So He Gu had to prepare a replacement, and of course, it would be even better if he could get a proper blade, even if it was just a paper cutter blade.

But the glass shard also had its advantages – it wouldn’t be detected by the supervisor’s security scanner.

At this point, He Gu had prepared himself for the worst.

He carefully wrapped the glass shard he had carefully selected in paper and put it in his pocket, then quickly cleaned up the broken hot water bottle on the floor before lying down on the bed to think about whether he had missed any details.

Although he had just finished a night shift, at this moment He Gu’s brain was particularly clear, and he didn’t feel the slightest bit of sleepiness.

After thinking for a while, He Gu took out the employee manual and the notebook left by 424, carefully reviewing the rules and other information on them.

At the same time.

Blue Star.

Paranormal Event Command Center in China.

In the hall, some people were busy working, some were watching the screen closely to monitor He Gu’s situation, and others were whispering to each other.”He Gu is quite the thinker, actually coming up with the trick of using chalk to fake pills.”

“So far, this young man’s performance is becoming more and more surprising.”

“Looking at the current situation, tonight’s night shift is unlikely to be peaceful, and we might even face a fierce counterattack from the supervisor. I hope he can handle it…”

Just then, a middle-aged man with thick bottle-bottom glasses in the corner suddenly stood up, excitedly shouting, “I’ve cracked it!”

“It’s a code!”

The shout from the man with the bottle-bottom glasses drew the attention of everyone in the hall.

Several people quickly gathered around: “Dahai, you’ve cracked the meaning of those numbers!? There’s actually content!?”

The man known as Dahai, with his bottle-bottom glasses, nodded excitedly: “Yes, we were wrong in our initial approach. This is actually a secret code similar to Morse code!”

As he spoke, Dahai excitedly took out two stacks of bound A8 paper, and upon closer inspection, it was clear that they were photocopies of the two notebooks left by 424.

Dahai opened one of the photocopies, flipped to a page filled with what looked like gibberish, and pointed to the text: “Look here!”

“No one can find me, my fur blends perfectly with the night, hahaha, that tabby cat’s horn is broken… 1114; The bird I ate yesterday tasted good, pity I only caught a moth today, it hardly has any meat… 3528;”

Dahai said excitedly: “In this sentence, you can completely ignore the chaotic text, the focus is on these two numbers.”

“1114… 3528… can be interpreted as: the 14th word of the 1st line on page 1 and the 28th word of the 5th line on page 3!”

“And the reference text corresponds to the first notebook found in the storeroom…”

“Anyway, I’ve just translated the first sentence: Here, most people’s fate is to be eaten, different people become different forms of prey…”

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