Chapter 2 – Can you hand me a towel!

He Gu stood at the door of the dormitory, his expression on his face was very exciting.


Inside the dormitory, on Zhang Chao's bed.


A girl with fair skin and delicate features was lying lazily.


This girl looked like she was in her twenties, with light makeup on her face, but there was a matureness that didn't belong to her age between her eyebrows and eyes. There was a faint blush on her cheeks, giving off a hint of charm.


A Korean-style student shirt and a super short skirt perfectly highlighted her exquisite figure. Her long legs were wearing black stockings, dangling restlessly by the bed.


Looking along her legs, one could even see the faint outline of her leggings.


Whether it was her figure or her appearance, this girl was top-notch!


He Gu, who had been single for twenty years, had never seen someone like her!


With just one glance, He Gu couldn't help but awkwardly look away, feeling at a loss standing at the door.


What is going on?


How can a pure and innocent virgin like me be alone in a room with such a stunning beauty!?


And she's even my roommate's online girlfriend!


Who can handle this!


He Gu stood at the door for a few seconds, then remembered to enter, and awkwardly greeted the beauty, "Hello."


The beauty glanced up and down at He Gu, "Where's Zhang Chao?"


He Gu: "Uh? He had something urgent and went back to his hometown… Didn't this scoundrel tell you!?"


The beauty was visibly stunned by his words, immediately took out her phone and called Zhang Chao, only to hear the sound of the phone being turned off.


The beauty hung up the phone, frowned, and cursed, "Liar."


"I ran away from home to find him, and he just left me like this?"


He Gu: "Uh… He said he had something important to do and had to go back, he'll be back next week."


The beauty angrily furrowed her brows, "Scumbag! Big liar!"


Looking at the beauty's appearance, He Gu always felt something was off, her reaction was too calm!


Just as He Gu was feeling embarrassed and wondering what to do next, the beauty suddenly spoke again, "Are you his roommate?"


He Gu nodded awkwardly, "My name is He Gu."


The beauty nodded lightly, "You look pretty good, much better than that scoundrel Zhang Chao."


"I'm Little Yin."


He Gu: "Haha… Nice name."


Little Yin pouted, "Do you have a bathroom here? I took a train overnight and I want to take a shower."


He Gu pointed in the direction of the bathroom inside, "Yes, we do, but the conditions are quite average."


Little Yin didn't pay much attention to his words, got up and dragged her pink suitcase in front of He Gu, and started rummaging through it.


He Gu subconsciously glanced at it, the things in the suitcase were messy, there were electric toothbrushes, face masks, hand creams, and even various types of underwear.


Seeing all this, He Gu quickly turned his head away in embarrassment, not knowing where to look.


Little Yin completely ignored He Gu's presence and continued rummaging as if he wasn't there, throwing the things she found onto Zhang Chao's bed.


After a while, Little Yin found all her bathing products, holding a pink towel, and walked into the bathroom.


Soon, the sound of running water could be heard in the bathroom, and the frosted glass on the door became foggy.


He Gu stood in the dormitory, still not able to get out of that awkward state.


Even though he knew this was a strange world, having the online girlfriend of his roommate suddenly appear in the dormitory and being alone with her, He Gu felt uncomfortable everywhere.


"Phew… Calm down, calm down…"


He Gu took a few deep breaths, reminding himself to stay calm.


"Let me think… the rules… yes, I need to pay attention to the rules!"


Because everything that just happened was too shocking, He Gu now took out the note with the rules and carefully read it again.


The first rule said to abide by the school rules, but isn't leaving Little Yin in the boys' dormitory already a violation of the school rules!?


But she wasn't brought in by He Gu, and nothing strange has happened so far, so it shouldn't be considered a violation.


As for the remaining school rules, as long as He Gu is careful, he shouldn't violate them.


Currently, the most important rules to pay attention to are the second and third ones: not refusing Little Yin's requests and maintaining a proper relationship with her.


"I wonder which one of these rules is fake…"


Based on his experience of watching live broadcasts, He Gu knew that almost every instance had one or two fake rules mixed in.


Most of the participants who fell for it died because of the fake rules.


But right now, he knew too little information to be able to distinguish which rule was fake.


And there was the hidden information he saw through the Eye of Truth: Take care of the parrot, if the parrot dies, leave the school within twenty-four hours!


He Gu turned his head and glanced at the birdcage hanging on the side. At this moment, the parrot was quietly looking at He Gu.


"The parrot… it seems to be an extremely important part of this instance…"


"No, the information is too limited now, it's hard to make a judgment."


He Gu put away the note, closed his eyes, shook his head, and silently memorized the rules in his mind.


Currently, the dormitory administrator and the neighbor in the next room, Zhang Tao, haven't appeared yet, and it's not yet dark outside.


The most important rules to pay attention to are actually the first few: not refusing Little Yin's requests, not handing her a red towel, and not giving the parrot anything other than bird food and water.


Especially the parrot, the hidden information specifically mentioned it, there must be something special about it!


Thinking of this, He Gu walked up to the birdcage and took another look. The food and water bowls were both full.


Just to be safe, He Gu checked the remaining bird food in the cabinet again, there was enough to feed it for a few more months.




On the Blue Star, at the "Paranormal Event Command Center" in China.


Twenty-four elite members were watching He Gu's every move through a live broadcast.


"Thank goodness, this young man, although a bit young, has quickly calmed down and started studying the rules."


"It seems like he's particularly concerned about that parrot, he even specifically checked if there was enough bird food. He's quite meticulous."


"The information shows that He Gu is a recent college graduate and it seems he hasn't had a girlfriend yet. I'm really worried that he won't be able to handle this kind of situation…"




At this moment, a member suddenly stood up: "The contestant from England just found a red towel in Little Yin's suitcase!"


As soon as these words came out, everyone's hearts tightened.


"A red towel! The fifth rule, don't give Little Yin a red towel!"


"Damn… Little Yin is taking a bath. If she comes out and asks He Gu to hand her that towel… If he hands it to her, he'll violate the fifth rule, but if he refuses, he'll violate the second rule, which is not to refuse Little Yin's requests!"


"How did the contestant from England handle the red towel?"


"The contestant from England threw the red towel away while Little Yin was taking a bath."


"Quick! Use one of our chances to remind He Gu to throw away the red towel too!"




In each scenario, every country has three chances to send hint messages to the contestants in the paranormal world.


At the command center in China, everyone quickly got busy.


However, at this moment, a member said weakly: "It's too late…"




In the live broadcast.


The bathroom door was slightly ajar.


Little Yin poked her head out: "Can you hand me a towel!"

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