Chapter 1 – Roommate’s online girlfriend

【Welcome to the world of Rule’s Strange Tales.】

【Please stay alert and calm, and strictly follow the correct rules, strive to survive.】

【If you die or get contaminated in the world of Rule’s Strange Tales, the corresponding strange tale will descend upon your country.】

A mechanical voice echoed in He Gu’s mind, and he struggled to open his eyes.

“Am I… chosen by the world of Rule’s Strange Tales?”

Three years ago, Rule’s Strange Tales descended upon Blue Star.

Every once in a while, the world of Rule’s Strange Tales would select a group of people to enter. These chosen individuals would represent their own countries and face the challenges of the world of Rule’s Strange Tales.

If they failed the challenge, something eerie would happen to the country they represented.

And every action of the chosen individuals in the world of Rule’s Strange Tales would be broadcasted live to the global audience.

In the past three years, He Gu had watched too many live broadcasts of others in the world of Rule’s Strange Tales, and had fantasized countless times about what would happen if he was chosen.

Therefore, He Gu remained calm at this moment and quickly calmed his emotions.

At this moment, the mechanical voice sounded in He Gu’s mind again:

【This is your first time entering the world of Rule’s Strange Tales. You can randomly draw a talent.】

Every person chosen to enter the world of Rule’s Strange Tales for the first time can randomly draw a talent.

【Do you want to draw a talent now?】

The voice sounded in his mind again, as if urging He Gu.

He Gu silently thought in his mind, “Draw.”

【DING! You have obtained the SSS talent: [The Eye of Truth];】

【Talent effect: When reading the rules, you can see a hidden message!】

Upon hearing this voice, He Gu was stunned for a moment, then revealed a delighted smile.

It turned out to be an SSS-level talent!

When reading the rules, he could see a hidden message!

In the world of Rule’s Strange Tales, information was the most important thing.

Many times, an inconspicuous piece of information could determine life or death!

Hidden messages were often the key clues to clearing the game!

The value of this talent was self-evident!

It should be noted that in the past three years, most of the chosen individuals had only drawn talents below the C level, and the effects were quite mediocre.

For example, the most frequently drawn talent was a D-level talent: [Crisis Response], which increased physical fitness and reaction speed by 5% when facing danger.

The highest-level talent that He Gu had seen so far was an S-level talent drawn by a foreigner last year: [Holy Light Protection], which granted immunity to one strange attack per instance.

As for an SSS-level talent, He Gu was likely the first in the world!

After drawing the talent, He Gu felt much more energetic.

“Speaking of which, where am I?”

He Gu sat up and realized that he was lying on the upper bunk of a bunk bed.

This was a room of about ten square meters, with four bunk beds. Except for the bedding on the upper bunk where He Gu was lying and the bedding on the lower bunk opposite, the other beds were empty.

It looked like a student dormitory?

But judging from the looks of it, only two people, including himself, lived in this dormitory?

Just then, a massive wave of memories rushed into He Gu’s mind.

It took He Gu a few minutes to digest this wave of memories.

In his memories, he was a college student about to be assigned to an internship at a factory.

Most of his classmates had already obtained their internship placements and left the school. Only He Gu and a classmate named Zhang Chao were still waiting for their assignments.

Zhang Chao was currently He Gu’s only roommate.

At this moment, Zhang Chao was not in the dormitory. According to the memories, he had gone out early in the morning, seemingly to meet his online dating partner?

He Gu stood up and stretched after getting off the upper bunk.

“WOW—Run! Run!”

As soon as he landed, a hoarse voice of a male duck sounded from the side, startling He Gu.

He Gu turned around and saw a birdcage hanging under his bed, with a pure white parrot inside.

At this moment, the parrot was flapping its wings and continuously shouting in a hoarse voice, “Run! Run!”

“WOW—Run! Run!”

The urgent and hoarse voice of the male duck made He Gu feel a bit annoyed and anxious.

According to his memories, this parrot was collectively raised by their dormitory and had always been quiet. He didn’t know what had gotten into it today.

Since He Gu hadn’t even seen the rules yet, he naturally didn’t dare to act rashly. After all, any careless action in the world of Rule’s Strange Tales could cost him his life.


The parrot shouted dozens of times before finally quieting down.

He Gu ignored the parrot and stood in place, looking around.

He hadn’t seen the rules of this instance yet, and the rules in the world of Rule’s Strange Tales could appear in any form from anywhere.

Helplessly, He Gu searched the dormitory but couldn’t find anything.

Just then, the dormitory door was suddenly pushed open.

It was He Gu’s roommate, Zhang Chao, who had returned.

Behind Zhang Chao, there was a thin figure wearing a duckbill cap and a mask, wearing an obviously ill-fitting coat, wrapped up tightly, and dragging a pink suitcase.

Just as He Gu was curious about why Zhang Chao’s friend was using such a girly suitcase, Zhang Chao suddenly hugged He Gu’s shoulder mysteriously. “Brother Gu, come out with me.”

While speaking, Zhang Chao had already led He Gu to the other end of the corridor and lowered his voice, “Something happened at my home, and I have to go back immediately. I’ve already asked for leave from the school.”

He Gu was puzzled, “Then go quickly, why are you looking for me?What’s the matter?”

Zhang Chao pulled He Gu to the outside of the dormitory while closing the door. 

He Gu remained cautious in his heart, after all, this was the world of Rule’s Strange Tales, and he hadn’t even seen the rules yet.

Zhang Chao brought He Gu to the other end of the corridor and whispered, “Something happened at my home, and I have to go back immediately. I’ve already asked for leave from the school.”

He Gu was puzzled, “Then go quickly, why are you looking for me?”Zhang Chao glanced towards the direction of his dormitory, then added, “As you can see, I just brought a friend back. He has nowhere to go for now, so he’ll have to stay with me for a few days.”

“I might not be back until next week, so could you take care of him for me while I’m gone?”

Upon hearing this, He Gu felt an urge to curse.

It was already hard enough to survive in this world of strange tales, and now he was bringing a stranger, an NPC, back!?

Wasn’t this just adding to the challenge!?

However, before He Gu could say anything, Zhang Chao hurriedly stuffed an envelope into his hand. “There’s two thousand yuan in here. It should cover both of your expenses for a while!”

“Please, bro!”

“My train is about to leave, I have to go!”

With that, Zhang Chao rushed downstairs, leaving He Gu alone, his mind in a whirl.

Damn! Rushing off to death?”

He Gu grumbled discontentedly, then reluctantly turned to head back to his dormitory.

When he reached the door of his dormitory, He Gu opened the thick envelope in his hand and took a look. As expected, it was filled with a stack of red bills.

Wait… there seemed to be a note as well?

He Gu took out the note and unfolded it:


1. Please abide by the school rules;

2. Please take good care of Little Yin, do not refuse any of her requests;

3. Please maintain a proper relationship with Little Yin;

4. Do not speak to Little Yin between midnight and six in the morning, remember!

5. The dormitory manager can be trusted, unless he puts on his uniform;

6. No matter what, do not give Little Yin a red towel;

7. Please do not feed the parrot anything other than bird food and clean water;

8. After dark, please put the parrot outside the door, never let it stay in the dormitory overnight;

9. If Wang Tao from the next dormitory comes to visit, please serve him with milk;

10. If you see Wang Tao sleepwalking, do not disturb him, immediately return to your own dormitory!

At the bottom, there was a line of red text that only He Gu could see:

Hidden information: Please protect the parrot. If the parrot dies, please leave the school within 24 hours!

Upon reading the contents, He Gu was stunned on the spot.

Were these the rules for this strange tale instance!?

But who was Little Yin!?

The next moment, a mechanical voice echoed in He Gu’s mind:

【Instance: [Roommate’s Online Girlfriend] has been loaded!】

He Gu:???

Online girlfriend!?

Could it be…

The next moment, He Gu opened the door to his dormitory, only to see a pair of long legs clad in black stockings swinging on Zhang Chao’s bed…

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