Chapter 17 – Teacher Fang called back! Wang Tao dropped by

Teacher Fang called back!

He Gu’s spirits lifted and he immediately sat up to answer the phone.

“Teacher Fang?”

Teacher Fang’s voice came from the receiver: “He Gu, I verified with the school. In last week’s car accident, a total of 8 people, including the driver, died on the spot, but you weren’t among them.”

“I was also busy and confused. I remember they told me there were 9 bodies that day. Sorry about that.”

Upon hearing Teacher Fang’s words, He Gu breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s alright, Teacher Fang.”

“What about my internship?”

Teacher Fang continued, “I was just about to tell you. I don’t know where the mistake happened, but you should have received the internship notification letter last week… Of course, now it seems like it’s a good thing that you didn’t receive it.”

Teacher Fang paused for a moment before continuing, “I have already talked to the internship unit. There are still spots available at Kant Medicine Factory, which is a good company in all aspects. If you’re willing to go, I can report it now and have the internship letter delivered to you tomorrow morning.”

“Of course, considering what happened last week, your roommates… If you want to change to another internship unit, I can help coordinate, but it might take a few more days.”

He Gu immediately said, “No need, I think Kant Medicine Factory is good. I’ll go there.”

Jokingly, the condition for clearing this instance is to be taken away by the internship unit, so the sooner the better.

If He Gu waits a few more days, he might be in trouble.

Teacher Fang said, “Alright, I’ll report it now and have the internship letter delivered to you tomorrow morning.”

Before hanging up the phone, He Gu asked, “By the way, Teacher Fang, I want to ask… How did my roommates get into the car accident?”

Teacher Fang fell silent for a moment and sighed, “They said there was a mountain road on the way to Kant Medicine Factory, and the van from the factory plunged into the ravine.”

“The cause of the accident is still unknown, but it’s said to be possibly due to driver fatigue. Sigh… Poor those seven classmates…”

After hearing Teacher Fang’s words, He Gu also sighed.

After hanging up the phone, He Gu lay back on the bed and continued to ponder.

According to Teacher Fang, last week, all eight people in their dormitory were assigned to intern at Kant Medicine Factory and were taken away by the company’s car.

But for some reason, He Gu didn’t actually receive the notification or get taken away. Instead, he managed to save his life.

But if that’s the case… Did Zhang Chao die last week?

Then who was the person who lived in the dormitory with him for a week and suddenly came back with an online girlfriend!?

In the world of strange tales, it’s not unreasonable for such a situation to occur.

But if Zhang Chao himself was strange, what about Little Yin, who was brought to the dormitory by him?

Thinking of this, He Gu felt a chill.

At this moment, Little Yin, who had been in the bathroom for almost an hour, finally came out.

Fortunately, this time she didn’t ask He Gu to get her a towel or come out wrapped in a bath towel. She came out after putting on her nightgown.

Little Yin glanced at He Gu, who was lying on the upper bunk, but didn’t say anything. She sat on the edge of the bed and started drying her hair.

It was rare that Little Yin didn’t do anything strange, and He Gu was happy to have some peace. He continued to lie on the bed and ponder various clues.

Vaguely, He Gu had a feeling that he might have touched some secrets behind this instance.

But it’s still too vague at the moment, and many things haven’t surfaced yet.

And Teacher Fang said he could deliver the internship letter to He Gu tomorrow…

He Gu always had an uneasy feeling in his heart.

In theory, receiving the internship letter and being taken away by the internship unit would clear the instance, even if he hadn’t figured out the hidden secrets of the instance, at most, his clearance score wouldn’t be that high.

He Gu didn’t really care about the clearance score and such. It’s not easy to survive in the world of strange tales, and everything else is not important.

But considering the danger level of this instance, He Gu felt that things were going too smoothly for him.

While He Gu was pondering various questions, there was a knock on the dormitory door again.

He Gu’s heart tightened instinctively, and he got off the bed and asked at the door, “Who is it?”

A voice came from outside the door, “Old He, it’s me!”

It was Wang Tao’s voice from the neighboring dormitory!

He Gu was slightly surprised. After Wang Tao sleepwalked in the morning, He Gu saw the dormitory manager taking someone away…

Could that person not be Wang Tao?

Rule 9: If Wang Tao from the neighboring dormitory comes to visit, please treat him with milk.

To avoid breaking the rule, He Gu hesitated and still opened the door.

Wang Tao was wearing a basketball uniform and holding a basketball in his hand. He looked sunny and energetic, completely different from when he sleepwalked in the morning.

“Why lock the door in broad daylight?”

Wang Tao laughed and scolded, walking into the dormitory without treating himself as an outsider.

After entering the dormitory, Wang Tao saw Little Yin sitting on the bed drying her hair. After a moment of surprise, he showed a lewd smile to He Gu.

“Oh~ No wonder…,” Wang Tao smirked at He Gu, “I heard that Chaozi went back to his hometown for something and thought you were the only one left in the dormitory. I wanted to keep you company, but it seems like I was thinking too much, hehe…”

He Gu shook his head helplessly and didn’t bother explaining. He took out a bottle of milk he had just bought last night from the cabinet and handed it to him.

Wang Tao took the milk from He Gu’s hand and continued, “Where is your sister-in-law from? She’s so beautiful, and you, Gu Ge, are hiding your talents, huh?”

He Gu didn’t want to get entangled too much and asked directly, “Do you have something to tell me?”

Wang Tao laughed, “I originally wanted to invite you to play basketball… but now it seems like you’re busy.”

“No, you probably played basketball in the dormitory by yourself…”

He Gu said irritably, “Could you talk less nonsense?”

Wang Tao laughed heartily, then suddenly said, “Hiss, why does your wife look familiar? I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before?”

He Gu: “You probably saw her in your dreams.”

Wang Tao shook his head: “No, seriously, I think I’ve seen her somewhere…”

“Forget it, I can’t remember, I’ll stop thinking about it.”

After saying that, Wang Tao suddenly said, “By the way, two of our dorm mates got internships at a traditional medicine factory. They said the factory gave out a lot of traditional medicine slices as benefits, and they sent some back to me. I’ll give you some later.”

He Gu shook his head: “No need, I’m not used to drinking those.”

Wang Tao winked and said, “But those are all good stuff, considering your situation… shouldn’t you drink more to replenish your health?”

After saying that, Wang Tao added, “Oh right, all of your dorm mates are also at that traditional medicine factory, they must have sent you some too. You’ve been drinking a lot behind our backs, haven’t you?”

Upon hearing this, He Gu’s heart skipped a beat: “Kant Medicine Factory?”

Wang Tao: “I think that’s what it’s called?”

“It’s strange though, all six of you from your dorm got assigned to that medicine factory, why were you and Zhang Chao the only ones left out?”

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