Chapter 16 – Seek help from outside the field

He Gu immediately fell into contemplation as he looked at the lamb bun in his hand.

Rule number one stated that the dormitory administrator without a uniform could be trusted.

However, the cafeteria rules stated that there were no food items related to lamb.

But now, the dormitory uncle had given He Gu a lamb bun.

This meant that one of these two rules was probably incorrect.

So, does the cafeteria have lamb buns or not?

Can the dormitory uncle without a uniform be trusted or not?

He Gu felt like he had grasped some clues, but they were still unclear.

So far, He Gu had seen the dormitory uncle a total of four times.

He Gu began to carefully recall the scenes when he saw the dormitory uncle these few times.

The first time was last night when he went to the store to buy things. He saw the dormitory uncle at the entrance of the dormitory building.

At that time, the dormitory uncle was wearing a red vest, with a kind smile on his face, and reminded He Gu that the store had already closed.

Of course, the result was that one store was still open, and He Gu bought food.

The second time he saw the dormitory uncle was this morning when He Gu was almost dragged into the neighboring dormitory by sleepwalking Wang Tao.

The third time was just now when He Gu encountered something strange (or an illusion) at the entrance of dormitory 212 after returning from the cafeteria.

And the fourth time was just now when the dormitory uncle gave him a lamb bun.

After sorting it out like this, He Gu immediately noticed something interesting.

Out of the four times he saw the dormitory uncle, he wore a red vest twice, and a uniform the other two times.

And during the two times he wore the uniform, He Gu encountered danger.

But upon further thought, He Gu realized that he had encountered danger first in both instances, and then the dormitory uncle appeared.

Although the dormitory uncle looked a bit scary at the time, in terms of the result, the dormitory uncle in uniform did not bring danger to He Gu. Instead, he rescued him from danger twice.

Thinking of this, He Gu seemed to understand something.

Although there was no conclusive evidence to draw a conclusion, He Gu felt like he had a rough idea.

However, there was still one question that He Gu couldn’t figure out.

Why did he suddenly encounter something strange at the entrance of dormitory 212?

According to the rules of the paranormal world, he wouldn’t encounter strange attacks unless he violated the rules.

Could it be that he violated some hidden rule?

Or did he simply have an illusion?

Frowning, He Gu pondered, but couldn’t come to a definite conclusion.

If only there was a way to verify whether what he saw in dormitory 212 was an illusion or not.

“Hmm? Verify…”

He Gu suddenly brightened up, as if he had thought of something.

Then, He Gu immediately took out pen and paper from the cabinet, quickly wrote a line on the paper, and held it up in front of his chest.

At the same time.

Blue Star.

In the live broadcast room of China’s paranormal world, the screen showed He Gu holding a piece of paper with a line written on it: Did you see anyone in dormitory 212 just now? Please give a hint.

Seeing this scene, the barrage in the live broadcast room instantly became lively.

“What the heck! What is he doing? He doesn’t know if there’s anyone in dormitory 212?”

“Is he writing this for the official of China? Is he asking the official to use the hint?”

“He actually took the initiative to ask for a hint? Did he discover any clues?”

“There are only three contestants left alive now, and He Gu has always been leading in all aspects. He must have his reasons for doing this, right?”

China’s Paranormal Event Command Center.

Watching the live broadcast, the elites couldn’t help but be stunned.

Using this method to ask for help from the officials in the paranormal world, and asking such a casual question, this was the first time something like this had happened.

After being stunned for a few seconds, the duty director immediately shouted, “Quick, retrieve the recording of the live broadcast just now!”

“Find the part about dormitory 212 and examine it frame by frame. Don’t miss any valuable clues!”

The command center immediately became busy.

Soon, a segment of the recording was projected onto the big screen.

The footage was played at 0.5x speed.

In the footage, He Gu walked quickly upstairs, holding the bun he had just bought from the cafeteria.

When he reached the second floor, He Gu suddenly stopped and looked suspiciously at dormitory 212, which was facing the stairs.

After a few seconds, He Gu slowly walked towards the door of dormitory 212, standing outside as if listening for any sound.

However, the technician turned up the volume of the recording to the maximum, but there was no sound except for a noisy background.

After a few more seconds, He Gu pushed open the slightly ajar door of dormitory 212.

Inside dormitory 212, the curtains were tightly closed, and the room was dimly lit.

The room was empty, with no sign of anyone.

However, in the footage, He Gu stood at the door as if in a daze, his gaze somewhat vacant.

He stood like this for nearly two minutes, and then suddenly took a step forward, wanting to enter the dormitory.

Then, the hand of the dormitory administrator pressed on He Gu’s shoulder from behind…

The people in the command center watched the recording in slow motion, repeatedly observing it, and then looked at each other.

“Is there anything abnormal about this footage?”

“If we talk about something strange, there is a slight feeling of strangeness, but there doesn’t seem to be anything abnormal, right?”

“No, why did He Gu suddenly stop at the entrance of dormitory 212? And why did he open that door? What attracted him?”

“But there’s nothing in that room, right?”

“It can’t be said that there’s nothing. In the end, it seemed like a black shadow flashed in the corner, looking like a black cat.”

“I don’t understand. He is using this method to convey information to us. Is he trying to remind us of something? Or is he trying to verify something with us?”

“Maybe it’s related to his talent. He hasn’t revealed what his talent is so far. Maybe he can see or hear things that we can’t know?”

“We only have three chances to send hint messages. Should we reply to his message?”

…Inside the Paranormal Event Command Center, the elites had sparked an intense discussion.

Even the short two-minute video of He Gu in dorm room 212 had been repeatedly watched by the elites several times.


The world of the paranormal.

He Gu waited for half a day without getting a response, so he simply climbed onto his bed to think and wait.

About half an hour later, He Gu finally received a notification from China:

[After repeated confirmation, there is no one in dorm room 212, a suspected shadow of a black cat was seen. Also, only three people are currently alive in this instance, and a few minutes ago, the other two contestants from different countries exhibited abnormal behavior, suspected to be hallucinations. No error rules have been deciphered yet, please proceed with caution.]


Since each notification message could not exceed 100 characters, the content of this message was very concise, telling He Gu everything that could be told.

Upon seeing this message, He Gu immediately perked up.

As expected, what he saw in dorm room 212 was a hallucination.

Not only that, the notification also mentioned that the other two surviving contestants also seemed to have experienced hallucinations a few minutes ago.

In other words, He Gu’s hallucination was not a coincidence, but a part of this instance!

But what exactly caused the hallucination?

He Gu suddenly remembered that he had been feeling uncomfortable since he returned from the cafeteria, and it suddenly got better after he ate the bun.

Could it be related to the rules of the cafeteria?

Vaguely, He Gu felt as if he was gradually touching some things hidden in the dark, but it was not clear enough.

Just as He Gu was deep in thought, his phone suddenly vibrated.

He Gu took out his phone and saw that it was Teacher Fang, his counselor, returning his call.


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