Chapter 13 – Do you want to have some lamb dumplings?

Another set of rules.

This time it’s related to the cafeteria.

As usual, He Gu took out his phone to take a picture of the rules first.

After taking the photo, He Gu looked at the rules and fell into deep thought.

From these few rules, He Gu couldn’t figure out anything.

After all, there was too little information known at the moment. Since entering the instance until now, He Gu hadn’t found any problematic rules.

And China’s side also hadn’t used the opportunity for information prompts. Obviously, they hadn’t obtained any useful information yet.

He Gu didn’t know that it was only the second day, and there were only three participants left in the instance, including himself.

Currently, the experiences of the other two participants didn’t provide any reference for He Gu. Instead, they were benefiting from following He Gu.

Facing the rules in front of him, what He Gu cared about the most was the hidden information that only he could see:

Food is always good at any time, especially delicious food, which can cure everything.

The previous three hidden information had clear indications, but this time, the hidden information seemed more like a casual prose.

What does this piece of information mean?

Is it a hint that food is important?

Or is there some other metaphor?

For the first time, He Gu felt completely clueless in the face of hidden information.

After pondering for a while, He Gu reluctantly gave up thinking.

Things that couldn’t be figured out, no matter how long He Gu stood here, he wouldn’t be able to figure it out.

It’s better to write it down and combine it with other clues later to deduce the truth.

Having made up his mind, He Gu no longer dwelled on it and walked into the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was brightly lit at this time, and the air was filled with the aroma of food.

However, besides the cafeteria staff behind the counter, the entire cafeteria was empty, and He Gu was the only one there to eat.

After all, there were less than ten students left in the entire school now, so it was rare for the cafeteria to still be open.

There were a total of six windows in the cafeteria. He Gu looked at each one. The breakfast options were quite abundant, ranging from soy milk and fried dough sticks to milk and eggs, from steamed buns and mantou to noodles. Almost all common breakfast items were available.

After looking around, He Gu noticed that the staff behind five of the windows were wearing red uniforms.

Only the staff behind window number 4 was a fat man wearing a white chef’s uniform.

Cafeteria rule number 4: Please do not let the staff in red clothes serve you.

He Gu shook his head and smiled. It seemed like he had no choice but to go to window number 4.

Window number 4 sold breakfast items like steamed buns and mantou. He Gu took a glance and said, “Give me two baskets of xiaolongbao and two meat buns, both with beef filling.”

The fat man skillfully packed the buns in an oiled paper bag. Just as He Gu was about to pay, the fat man suddenly said, “We also have newly launched lamb-filled big buns here. Would you like to try two?”

Hearing this, He Gu was startled.

Cafeteria rule number 3: Please do not refuse the chef’s recommended dishes.

But rule number 2 stated: There are no food items related to lamb in the cafeteria. Please remember this.

So why did this fat man recommend lamb buns to He Gu!?

He Gu’s heart instantly became nervous. He asked with a brave face, “Are you a chef?”

If this fat man wasn’t a chef, then He Gu wouldn’t violate the rules by refusing him.

However, the fat man nodded with a smile. “Who else would be wearing this outfit in the cafeteria if not a chef?”

He Gu’s heart sank, but he continued to ask, “So… was that considered a recommendation just now?”

The fat man nodded again. “Of course, this is a new recipe I’ve developed. The lamb has been specially processed and it’s absolutely delicious!”

He Gu was completely at a loss after hearing this.

Accepting his recommendation contradicted rule number 2.

Not accepting his recommendation would directly violate rule number 3!

In such a situation, there was usually only one possibility, which was that one of these two rules was false.

However, at this moment, there was no other corroborating evidence, and He Gu had no way to judge!

“How about it, classmate? Would you like to try one?”

The fat chef said again.

He Gu’s heartbeat quickened, knowing that he had to make a choice.

But just as He Gu was about to brace himself and take a gamble, a shrill scream suddenly came from the kitchen on the other side of the cafeteria.


The voice was hoarse and eerie, sounding like a sheep’s bleat, but also somewhat like a person’s hysterical scream, making one’s scalp tingle.

This sudden sound startled both He Gu and the fat chef.

He Gu turned his head and saw the closed door of the kitchen shaking violently, as if something inside was crashing against the door, trying to escape.

The fat chef, upon seeing this scene, immediately darkened his face.

“These clumsy fools can even mess up slaughtering a sheep!”

“The taste and texture of the meat change when the sheep is frightened! Idiots!”

He Gu asked suspiciously, “Doesn’t the school cafeteria have the meat already prepared outside? They just deliver it here, right?”

The fat chef gave him a disdainful look and said irritably, “Only freshly slaughtered lamb can make delicious dishes. What do you know?”

As he spoke, the fat chef took out a pair of white gloves from his pocket and put them on, muttering as he walked towards the kitchen.

Immediately after, He Gu saw the fat chef forcefully open the door of the kitchen, scolding the people inside while walking in.

In the instant the door was opened, He Gu saw that the inside of the door was splattered with blood, and various tools were scattered all over the floor, making a mess.

However, before He Gu could take a closer look, the door was heavily closed again.

Watching this scene, a strange thought arose in He Gu’s mind.

Was that sound just now… really a sheep?

As soon as this thought came up, He Gu immediately felt a chill running down his spine.

Fortunately, the fat chef had left, so he wouldn’t continue to recommend his “lamb buns” to He Gu.He Gu didn’t outright reject him just now, so he wouldn’t violate any rules.

Thinking of this, He Gu let out a slight sigh of relief.

That was close, another disaster averted!

He Gu didn’t dare to delay any longer. He conscientiously swiped his meal card to pay, then left the cafeteria with the steamed dumplings and beef buns he had bought.

Crossing the empty sports field, He Gu quickly returned to the dormitory building diagonally opposite the cafeteria.

At the entrance of the dormitory building, the old dormitory manager was still wearing his reading glasses and reading the newspaper.

He Gu didn’t pay him any attention and quickly went upstairs with his buns.

However, when he reached the second floor, He Gu suddenly heard a burst of raucous laughter.

The sound was coming from the dorm room directly opposite the staircase. Judging by the noise, it seemed like there were at least a dozen people inside.

He Gu couldn’t help but find it strange. The entire male dormitory building couldn’t even fill one dorm room with the remaining students, so why was this room so lively?

Moreover, he could hear the voices of girls from inside!

However, when He Gu listened carefully, his face suddenly changed.

Among the raucous laughter, He Gu seemed to hear Little Yin’s voice.

Not only that, but it seemed like Zhang Chao’s voice was also in there!

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