Chapter 12 – When did I die?

He Gu was completely dumbfounded when he heard Teacher Fang’s words.

What prank?

What deceased?

These words sound… so eerie!

Before He Gu could think further, Teacher Fang had already hung up the phone again.

He Gu didn’t give up and called again.

A few seconds later, he heard Teacher Fang’s angry voice through the receiver, “What do you want?”

He Gu smiled bitterly and said, “Teacher Fang, although I don’t understand what you mean, I really am He Gu.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone for a few seconds, and Teacher Fang said in a deep voice, “I don’t know what your purpose is for doing this, but I warn you, if you continue to joke about a deceased classmate, I will call the police immediately!”

He Gu’s heart skipped a beat when he heard this. “A deceased classmate!? Who died!?”

Teacher Fang snorted coldly, “He Gu had an unfortunate car accident last week and died on the spot. Do you think it’s funny to impersonate him and call me?”

Upon hearing these words, He Gu’s head buzzed.

What the hell!?

He died last week!?

How is that possible?!

After being dumbfounded for two seconds, He Gu hurriedly said, “Teacher Fang, I… I’m not dead!”

“I haven’t left the school since last week, and I haven’t had any car accidents… Are you mistaken?”

Teacher Fang’s voice carried obvious exhaustion, “If you have picked up He Gu’s phone or SIM card, please hand it over to the administration office.”

“If you continue with your prank, I will really call the police.”

After saying this, Teacher Fang impatiently hung up the phone again.

He Gu held the phone, completely dumbfounded.

Teacher Fang’s words were terrifying when he thought about them!

The more He Gu thought about it, the more something felt wrong. He felt a chill running down his spine.

After thinking for a few minutes, He Gu opened WeChat and directly made a video call to Teacher Fang.

A dozen seconds later, Teacher Fang answered the video call.

When he saw He Gu’s face on the screen, Teacher Fang’s face was filled with astonishment, and a hint of fear flashed in his eyes.

“Y-you… who are you!”

Teacher Fang couldn’t even speak properly, “Is this… is this some new scam?”

“What do you want!”

He Gu smiled bitterly, “Teacher Fang, it’s really me. I really didn’t die, and I didn’t have a car accident!”

Teacher Fang’s voice sounded choked, “No… it’s impossible… you can’t be He Gu… you… you’re a ghost!”

He Gu was also helpless, “Teacher Fang, did you hear from someone else that I died, or did you see my body with your own eyes?”

Upon hearing this, Teacher Fang paused for a moment and instinctively said, “Last week, all eight of you in the dormitory were sent to Kant Medicine Factory in the neighboring city for an internship. There was a car accident on the way, and all of you died… This is the information the school verified and gave me…”

Hearing this, He Gu was also shocked. All eight people in their dormitory died!?

How is that possible!?

He and Zhang Chao clearly hadn’t received any internship notifications!

Thinking of this, He Gu tentatively said, “Teacher Fang, could the information be wrong?”

“Zhang Chao’s parents came to the school a few days ago because of compensation issues. How could he have been with you at school all this time!?”

“Who… who are you!?”

When Teacher Fang said this, He Gu also panicked.

Zhang Chao… wasn’t at school a few days ago!?

Then who brought Little Yin back yesterday!?

As He Gu pondered quickly, he said, “Teacher Fang, there must be some mistake here.”

“At least I can confirm that I am still alive!”

“I have been waiting for the internship notification in the dormitory and have never left. Can you please verify it again?”

Upon hearing He Gu’s statement, Teacher Fang was also at a loss.

“How is that possible? All eight of you in the dormitory received the notification at the same time!”

“Are you… really He Gu?”

He Gu helplessly said, “Teacher Fang, I really am He Gu, and I really haven’t received the internship notification, nor have I died.”

Teacher Fang hesitated for a moment as he looked at the screen, and then said, “Then let me verify the situation again…”

After speaking, Teacher Fang added, “If this is a prank, be prepared for the police to come knocking on your door!”

After saying this, Teacher Fang hastily hung up the video call.

He Gu looked at his phone and felt that something was off.

Suddenly, He Gu seemed to have thought of something and quickly flipped through a WeChat group called “302 Eight Great Warriors.”

This was their dormitory group.

Opening the group chat, He Gu was shocked to see that just the day before, the other classmates in their dormitory had sent messages in the group!

What is going on?

Looking at the chat records in the group and thinking about what Teacher Fang had just said, He Gu felt a sense of unease in his heart.

After hesitating for a moment, He Gu sent a message to the group, “Guys, are you all here?”

After waiting for a few minutes, there was no response in the group.

After a brief thought, He Gu sent a picture of a beautiful woman to the group.

Still no reaction from the group.

After waiting for a few more minutes, He Gu decided to send a red envelope to the group.

No one claimed it.

The group fell into silence.

He Gu was completely panicked and started calling his roommates one by one.

However, as expected, all of his roommates’ phones were turned off, including Zhang Chao.Just as He Gu was getting more and more anxious, Little Yin’s voice suddenly sounded from the side: “What are you doing?”

“Not sleeping early in the morning, it’s so noisy.”

Little Yin’s abrupt voice startled He Gu.

Only then did he realize that Little Yin had woken up at some point, sitting on the bed hugging her quilt, looking at him with a face full of resentment.

Seeing that Little Yin was still not dressed, He Gu subconsciously averted his gaze, and greeted her awkwardly: “You’re awake?”

Little Yin pouted: “I’m starving, is there anything to eat?”

He Gu pointed to the leftover bread and instant noodles from yesterday, and said: “The cafeteria will open soon, if you don’t want to eat these, I’ll go to the cafeteria to buy breakfast for you.”

Little Yin immediately nodded: “Okay, I want meat!”

He Gu helplessly said: “Where can you find meat for breakfast in the cafeteria?”

“The only things related to meat are hot dogs and meat buns, do you want them?”

Little Yin nodded: “That’s fine.”

While talking, He Gu glanced at his phone again. Unconsciously, it was already 7:21, and the cafeteria had opened at seven.

The sky outside the window was already bright, but the sun had not fully risen yet.

He Gu took another look at the silent group chat, shook his head, and put his phone away.

He didn’t know what was going on, he would wait for news from Teacher Fang.

“I’m going to the cafeteria to buy breakfast, you… put on your clothes first, I’ll be back soon.”

After leaving these words, He Gu turned around and opened the dormitory door.

He stood at the door and looked around. Seeing that there was no one in the corridor, He Gu then walked out.

He quickly went downstairs. The dormitory supervisor, an old man, was already sitting at the entrance of the dormitory building, still wearing that red vest.

At this time, the old man was wearing reading glasses and reading a newspaper. He Gu quickly walked past him.

The school cafeteria was diagonally opposite the dormitory building. He Gu arrived at the entrance of the cafeteria in a few minutes.

Just as he was about to go in, He Gu suddenly saw an A4 paper stuck on the glass door of the cafeteria:

【Rule Four】

1. Wasting food is strictly prohibited in the cafeteria, please do not leave food on the plate;

2. There is no food related to lamb in the cafeteria, please remember this;

3. Please do not refuse the dishes recommended by the chef;

4. Please do not let the staff in red serve your meal;


Hidden information: Food is always a good thing at any time, especially delicious food, it can heal everything


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