Chapter 24 – Lame man, guardian of the pavilion

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Throughout his journey, Li Guanqi encountered numerous fellow disciples from various sects.


Many places were bustling with people, with some even setting up stalls along the path to Heavenly Pillar Peak.


The items on the stalls were bizarre and varied, offering everything imaginable.


Midway up the mountain, he saw the crowded Mission Pavilion.


It was said that this was where disciples would accept sect missions in the future.


The rewards for completing missions varied: some offered Spirit Stones, others various items or pills.


However, most missions rewarded sect contribution points.


These points could be exchanged for lower-grade Spirit Stones at a rate of one to ten.


Moreover, points were the hard currency for internal sect transactions, allowing one to purchase an unimaginable array of goods.


Further up, he saw the majestic Hall of Artifacts and the towering, pine-clad Pill Tower.


But he did not linger, for his purpose was clear.


He wanted to reach the Scripture Pavilion as quickly as possible to select a cultivation technique suitable for himself.


An hour later, drenched in sweat, Li Guanqi finally reached the summit.


While each place he passed was crowded, the precious Scripture Pavilion was climbed by only a few.


Upon reaching the peak, aside from a vast platform, he saw an ancient three-story hall.


The ten-zhang-tall mahogany doors appeared immensely heavy.


Above hung a blue plaque with 'Scripture Pavilion' written in gold paint, the strokes sharp as swords, exuding a chilling aura.


Swoosh! Swoosh!


The rhythmic sound of sweeping carried through the air.


A disheveled middle-aged man, leaning on a crutch, was meticulously sweeping the dust from the mountaintop.


He soon approached Li Guanqi, seemingly oblivious to the young man's presence.


Li Guanqi bowed with clasped hands in greeting, but the man's broom unexpectedly swept across his feet.


The man stood up and shouted fiercely, "Blind, are you? Can't you see I'm sweeping here?"


The youth took a half step back, expressionless, and said, "Yes, I am Blind."


The man looked up at the youth's handsome face, his eyes covered by a black cloth band.


Yet his prominent nose and thin lips made the cover seem to enhance his handsomeness.


For a moment, the man's tone faltered, not expecting the other to be truly blind.


He felt he might have been too harsh, but too proud to admit it, he said, "Blind and still covering with a rag! What's the point?"


"Afraid of being seen? I never cover my lame leg."


Li Guanqi was struck by the man's words, finding some truth in them.


He slowly removed the cloth band in front of the man, revealing a pair of pure white eyes, and stared at him with a smile.


The man, unnerved by the gaze, quickly stepped aside, muttering, "Damn it, scared the shit out of me."


Despite that, he had to admit Li Guanqi's eyes were indeed beautiful.


Peach blossom eyes that could bewitch countless women, if not for the current situation.


At that moment, Li Guanqi's mindset subtly shifted.


He felt there was some crude wisdom in the words of the man with the lame right leg.


After a moment of silence, the youth bowed towards the man's retreating figure, saying, "Thank you, Senior, for the guidance."


But the man, as if he hadn't heard, said, "Senior my foot, I'm just a cripple."


"Read too many tales of hidden experts? Think every sweeper is a peerless master?"


"Not only blind, but it seems your brain isn't too bright either."


Li Guanqi just smiled in response, indifferent to whether the man was truly a senior.


He was grateful for the casual remark that had untied a knot in his heart.


Just then, someone behind him sighed in relief upon seeing the man's back.


"That Old Gao… always so irritable and odd!"


Li Guanqi's ears perked up, and he turned to the disciple, asking softly, "Brother, do you know who that man is?"




Startled, the young man immediately bowed apologetically, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to mock you, it was just… unexpected."


Li Guanqi smiled and shrugged, "No harm done, Brother, you're too polite."


The young man smiled slightly, recognizing the sect uniform on Li Guanqi.


"You're a disciple of Heavenly Thunder Peak, Li Guanqi, right?"


Seeing no denial from the youth, he continued, "That man's name is Gao Qiwen, he once… well, never mind."


"Just don't provoke him, or he'll chase you around the sect for three whole laps!"


After the man left, Li Guanqi shook his head, no longer dwelling on the lame man.


He muttered to himself, "I should've cursed him back. I thought he was a hidden expert of the sect."


"Took a scolding for nothing and didn't even retort! What a loss!"


"Hiss… Should I break his broom?"


While pondering this, he looked up and found himself inside the Scripture Pavilion.


Just as he was about to enter, he noticed someone grabbing his Sword Coffin.


Almost instinctively, Li Guanqi's right leg shot out like a spear!




A crisp sound echoed.


Li Guanqi felt as if his sole had been struck by a hammer, and he plummeted down!


Enduring the intense pain, he flipped his body around his waist in mid-air!


His left leg swung down like a massive axe!


In mid-spin, Li Guanqi finally saw who was behind him.


An old man with the hair of a crane and the complexion of a youth was smiling at him with one hand behind his back.


Li Guanqi's powerful left leg did not retract but continued its fierce descent!




The old man simply raised his right hand and effortlessly deflected Li Guanqi's attack, sending him a zhang away.


Li Guanqi twisted in mid-air and landed gracefully on one hand with a backflip.


The old man, dressed in a linen white robe, slightly plump, with small eyes and a bulbous nose, and a yellow gourd hanging from his waist, looked on at Li Guanqi with a smile, saying nothing.


Suddenly, Li Guanqi pointed at the old man's wrinkled linen robe and softly said, "Such clothes are comfortable."


The old man's eyes lit up, and he hugged Li Guanqi, exclaiming, "Lad, you too?"


Li Guanqi touched his nose and said, "When I was a beggar, I found wrinkled clothes to be soft, but I only ever had one."


Looking at his new sect robe, he added, "Turning this into what I had before will take who knows how long."


The old man blinked and suggested, "Then why not just wear your own clothes?"


He then chuckled softly, "Lad, you've got a solid foundation in body refining!"


"Even I'm curious how you trained to such a level."


"My name is Ling Daoyan, just call me Old Ling."


Li Guanqi bowed respectfully, "Disciple Li Guanqi, greetings to Old Ling."


Ling Daoyan seemed quite pleased with the youth before him, especially since the kick had been delivered with full force.


The old man softly said, "You're the one who recently awakened the Saint-Grade Spirit Root, aren't you?"


"You've been quite the talk of the sect lately."


Li Guanqi shrugged, "I don't care for such empty fame. The taller the tree, the stronger the wind. The higher they lift me now, the harder I might fall later."


Nodding, Ling Daoyan felt the youth was still very clear-headed.


Pointing to the staircase, he said, "Don't bother with the first floor."


"Lu Kangnian has given me a heads up; you've got a special one-time permission to access the third floor!"


Li Guanqi's face lit up with joy, and after bowing, he headed towards the third floor.


Old Ling, meanwhile, sat in a rocking chair at the entrance of the Scripture Pavilion, eyes closed, smiling, "The Great Xia Sword Sect has found a fine seedling indeed."

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