Chapter 23 – This person must die, and people’s hearts will be at peace

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The storm came swiftly and dissipated just as quickly, but its impact lingered for a long time.


After the disciples dispersed, almost everyone immediately began to memorize the Sect's rules.


On the way back to Heavenly Thunder Peak, Li Nanting asked softly, "Why do you feel that person must be killed?"


"Aren't there many disciples who think that person's apology seemed quite sincere?"


"Plus, considering the old woman's situation, if we do as that disciple suggested, it might not be a bad thing."


Li Guanqi shook his head. Even before he had gained Insight, he knew that many people in this world could not withstand the test of human nature.


He had seen the ugliness of human nature early on in his childhood.


Li Guanqi shared his thoughts on the matter.


His voice was calm: "For that disciple who made a mistake, he doesn't believe he did anything wrong."


"He thinks he's a disciple of an immortal Sect, noble in status."


"He believes that the woman from the foot of the mountain should feel honored by his attention, and besides, he left behind a hundred taels of silver."


"That much silver is enough for the common folk to live without worries for the rest of their lives."


"That's why I say he doesn't think he's in the wrong."


Li Nanting's interest was piqued by the youth's words.


He said softly, "Go on."


The youth hesitated for a moment before continuing: "To that girl from the foot of the mountain, it was against her will, and she even sees that disciple of the Great Xia Sword Sect as no different from a brutal bandit."


"Her wedding was imminent, yet she lost her innocence because of this. In her heart, that disciple is the embodiment of evil."


"And for the girl's relative, the old woman, facing someone who has ruined her granddaughter, she naturally wouldn't accept the disciple's offer to work like an ox or horse for her."


"Moreover, with that disciple's nature, if he's let go today, he might seek revenge and silence them by killing!"


A glint of sharpness flashed in Li Nanting's eyes as he said solemnly, "Exactly! If we let him go today, that old woman's fate would likely be grim."


"Even if we plant a Spirit Spell in the disciple's heart to prevent him from committing evil, forcing him to serve the old woman like an ox or horse…"


"It's doubtful that the old woman would be happy to see her enemy every day."


Li Guanqi continued, "That's why I say this person must be killed!"


"The reason is simple: to set an example!"


"The rules and spirit of the Great Xia Sword Sect must not be broken; it serves as a warning to everyone."


"Especially since the Peak Master of Heavenly Gold Peak was severely punished because of this, it has a deterring effect on the disciples."


After hearing the youth's words, Li Nanting smiled with satisfaction.


It seemed that his closed-door disciple was not only blessed with exceptional talent.


His nature was as fine as a hair, analyzing the situation not just from his own subjective judgment.


But also considering the perspectives and opinions of everyone involved in the entire matter.


From yesterday's conversation, Li Nanting also learned a bit about the youth's childhood.


Thus, the Old Man felt very compassionate towards his closed-door disciple.


He was too sensible.


But this sensibility made him even more concerned for the disciple.


Because the more sensible a child is, the more hardship they have endured.


Li Nanting placed his hand on the youth's wrist, surprised, "Your Qi Refining first layer realm has already stabilized this much?"


Li Guanqi scratched his head, somewhat embarrassed, "Master, I was just about to ask you about this."


"Why is the Qi cyclone in my Pubic region only the size of a thumb?"


Li Nanting didn't know what to say for a moment.


Ordinary people breaking through to the first layer of Qi Refining would have only just begun to draw Qi into their bodies.


But him, he had just drawn Qi into his body yesterday, and today the core of the Qi cyclone in his Pubic region was already stable.


It seemed it wouldn't be long before he could completely fill his Pubic region's Qi sea and break through to the second layer of Qi Refining.


Li Nanting took a deep breath and said softly, "This is the foundation of your Pubic region!"


"Don't underestimate its current size of a thumb, as it is the foundation of your cultivation path."


"When you fill your current Pubic region with Yuan force, its size will expand accordingly."


"Your Pubic region… Pub… what is this?!"


Li Nanting was genuinely shocked this time. He hadn't noticed when he was checking the youth's Qi cyclone.


How could his Pubic region be as large as a water jar?


Li Guanqi thought he had made a mistake in his cultivation and quickly said, "Master, what's wrong? Did I cultivate incorrectly?"


Li Nanting took several deep breaths to calm his shock.


Looking at Li Guanqi, he asked, "Haven't you felt any discomfort in your Pubic region?"


Seeing the youth nod, he was relieved. Perhaps the youth's Pubic region was already this large when he first entered Qi Refining.


It seemed that not only was Li Guanqi's cultivation speed incredibly fast, but the size of his Pubic region was also extraordinary.


The Old Man looked at Li Guanqi and made a firm decision in his heart; the resources needed for the disciple's cultivation would be astronomical in the future.


Even so, he would never let Li Guanqi worry about these trivial matters!


A gentle smile appeared on the Old Man's face as he said softly, "It's fine, very good!"


"Now that you have successfully drawn Qi and the core of your Pubic region is formed, the next step is to go to the library on Heavenly Pillar Peak to select a cultivation technique suitable for you."


"With a cultivation technique, you can actively absorb the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth and the purer spiritual Qi within Spirit Stones."


"Only then can you convert the absorbed spiritual Qi into Yuan force that you can use."


As the old and the young walked up the mountain, the Old Man explained many issues to be aware of in cultivation.


As well as the many changes that occur when advancing to the second and third layers of Qi Refining.


Each breakthrough has the effect of cleansing the marrow and refining the body, expelling many impurities from within the cultivator.


Back at his courtyard, Li Guanqi quickly got ready to head to Heavenly Pillar Peak.


Heavenly Pillar Peak was the tallest mountain within a ten-mile radius of the Great Xia Sword Sect.


Its unique shape, resembling a towering dragon, stood hundreds of meters tall and was known as the Heavenly Pillar.


Li Guanqi learned some information about Heavenly Pillar Peak from his Identity Jade Token.


The Sect's Armory, Pill Tower, Library, Mission Hall, and many other important places were all on Heavenly Pillar Peak.


However, these places were spread out from the foot of the mountain to the summit.


This hundreds of meters tall mountain was enough to train one's physique just by traveling back and forth daily.


But once one breaks through to Foundation Establishment, one can briefly fly with a sword, and then these issues will no longer be a problem.


Walking towards Heavenly Pillar Peak, Li Guanqi pondered the issues about cultivation that his master had mentioned.


Unknowingly, he arrived at the foot of Heavenly Pillar Peak.


A Sect disciple stopped Li Guanqi and said with a light smile, "Please show your Identity Jade Token."


Li Guanqi smiled slightly and handed over his Identity Jade Token, "Disciple Li Guanqi from Heavenly Thunder Peak, thank you, brother."


As soon as he finished speaking, the expression of the disciple opposite him changed.


After confirming his Identity Jade Token, the disciple said with a very good attitude, "Haha, so it's Junior Brother Li."


"You've been quite the talk of the Sect lately."


"Where are you headed?"


Li Guanqi, not quite accustomed to this sudden warmth, quickly returned the gesture, "Brother, I'm heading to the Library. How do I get there?"


"Haha, going to select a cultivation technique? Techniques suitable for a Thunder Spirit Root are at the southernmost end of the first floor. You can look there."


Li Guanqi thanked him and was about to head up the mountain.


The disciple then called out from behind, pointing to several platforms, "Since you're going to the Library at the peak, take the teleportation array."


Li Guanqi was slightly stunned, thinking there were indeed many novel things in the Sect.


Having never ridden a teleportation array, Li Guanqi was curious and didn't refuse, stepping onto the teleportation array to the Library.


At that moment, the older brother smiled and extended his hand, "Five Sect contribution points, please use your Jade Token to pay."


Li Guanqi's face turned a bit sour, stepping off the teleportation array and saying softly, "Thank you for your kindness, brother. I'll take the array when I'm more financially comfortable."


"Poor and short of ambition, I really can't afford those five points."


"Next time, definitely."


Afterward, the youth left, leaving the brother with a mixed expression of laughter and helplessness.


With a slight exertion of his feet and carrying a Sword Coffin weighing five hundred catties, Li Guanqi sped towards the peak like the wind.


Atop the mountain, an Old Man lay in a rocking chair, sipping wine and chuckling, "An interesting little fellow, haha."

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