Chapter 42 – The terrifying strength, everyone trembles

“Hehe, if the Ghost Doctor Sister wants to teach me a lesson, I won’t resist, I’ll accept any punishment.”

Chen Qingyuan seemed like a rascal.

“…” Gongsun Nan silently recited the calming mantra several times, not letting herself be influenced by Chen Qingyuan. This kid’s shamelessness has surpassed everything in the world, and no divine weapon can break through it.

“If you think this is a threat, then it’s a threat!”

Just as Gongsun Nan was getting more and more angry, Liu Ruoyi jumped out.

“Then you can try.”

A punching bag delivered to her doorstep, Gongsun Nan wouldn’t let go.

“No tears until you see the coffin.”

Up to now, Liu Ruoyi still believed that all of this was Chen Qingyuan’s plan, to intimidate the powerful figures present. Her face had been stepped on by Chen Qingyuan several times, but she refused to believe it and was determined to expose Chen Qingyuan’s tricks and torture him severely.

As she spoke, Liu Ruoyi slapped Gongsun Nan, and a chilling air froze the surrounding void directly.

Seeing Liu Ruoyi make a move, Chen Qingyuan’s joy was hard to conceal on his face, thinking to himself, “This old witch has finally fallen for it, she’s asking for trouble, but it’s not my problem.”

The next moment, the icy palm was in front of Gongsun Nan, and a cold wind blew, overturning many tables, chairs, and pillars in the hall.

The people of the Mystic Azure Sect were ready to fight, summoning their own Dao soldiers one after another.

Just as Lin Changsheng and the others were about to make a move, Gongsun Nan waved her sleeve, shattering Liu Ruoyi’s icy palm, and then, like a ghost, appeared in front of Liu Ruoyi, gripping her neck at a speed that the naked eye couldn’t catch.

With a slight force from Gongsun Nan’s right hand, Liu Ruoyi’s body was lifted into the air.

Sixteen silver needles appeared on Liu Ruoyi’s body, sealing her meridians and preventing her from moving or mobilizing the spiritual qi in her body. In other words, at this moment, Liu Ruoyi, even if an ordinary person with a knife could kill her.

Gongsun Nan’s speed was so fast that no one present could see it clearly.

When Liu Ruoyi was lifted by Gongsun Nan by the neck, everyone was shocked, their hearts stopping like thunder.

Everyone present was horrified, their bodies stiffening for a moment, finding it hard to believe what they were seeing. Liu Ruoyi, a powerful figure in the Tribulation Crossing stage, had been instantly suppressed, and her life and death were at the mercy of others, which was hard for anyone to accept.

However, this was an undeniable fact.

“Sixteen Silver Soul Needles, the Ghost Doctor’s ultimate skill!”

Shen Shijie, with his broad knowledge, just took one look at the silver needles inserted in Liu Ruoyi’s body and knew their origin, exclaiming in surprise.

The Ghost Doctor’s Silver Soul Needles could save lives, but they could also take lives.

She really is the legendary Ghost Doctor!

Everyone suddenly realized, dumbfounded.

At this moment, no one dared to disrespect Gongsun Nan, and they were filled with awe and fear, trembling all over.

“Mystic Azure Sect’s Chief Lin Changsheng, pays respects to the Respected Elder Ghost Doctor.”

Lin Changsheng was the first to come to his senses, walking down from the platform and bowing to Gongsun Nan.

“Respects to the Respected Elder.”

Dong Wenjun and the others were stunned for a moment, forcibly suppressing their inner shock, and quickly saluted.

No one knew exactly what level of cultivation the Ghost Doctor had reached, but there was a rumor that some powerful cultivators had to give the Ghost Doctor some face, unwilling to offend her.

Plus, the fact that the Ghost Doctor had subdued Liu Ruoyi with lightning speed was enough to prove how terrifying the Ghost Doctor was.

“Respected Elder, please forgive us for our lack of courtesy in not welcoming you in time.”

Shen Shijie lost his initial air of authority and bowed his head.

The powerful figures of each sect also quickly saluted, not daring to have any doubts.

The situation had changed so suddenly that no one had expected Chen Qingyuan to really be able to invite the Ghost Doctor, and their relationship seemed very close. Otherwise, if someone else called the Ghost Doctor “sister,” they might be beaten to death.

The elusive Ghost Doctor really knew Chen Qingyuan, how did this kid have such ability?

Everyone was at a loss, occasionally glancing at Chen Qingyuan with the corner of their eyes, unable to understand.

“No need for so much courtesy.”

Gongsun Nan’s tone was cold.

Everyone stood up, watching Gongsun Nan cautiously, not daring to scrutinize her as boldly as they had at first.

Why does this little scoundrel Chen Qingyuan have such a big face that he can invite the Ghost Doctor in person?

Today’s trip is probably going to be a big trouble.

The powerful figures of each sect cursed in their hearts, wishing they could chop Chen Qingyuan into pieces and feed him to the dogs.

Since you like to deceive people, then deceive them to the end! Why did you suddenly become serious and really invite the Ghost Doctor’s true identity? How are we supposed to deal with this?

Everyone was at a loss, not knowing what to do.

Shen Shijie really wanted to speak up for Liu Ruoyi, but he didn’t want to provoke the Ghost Doctor, so he had to keep quiet, his forehead covered in cold sweat. Moreover, if the Ghost Doctor took offense, his own situation would be in trouble, and he wouldn’t be able to care about others.

Liu Ruoyi was being strangled and couldn’t use Dao techniques, unable to say a word.

Her face was red, her blood and qi blocked, her expression slightly fierce, her eyes full of fear. If she had known that the person in front of her was not pretending, she wouldn’t have dared to speak so disrespectfully!

Liu Ruoyi felt like crying, she had been so thoroughly deceived by Chen Qingyuan this time.

“Threaten me? Who gave you the courage?”

Gongsun Nan stared into Liu Ruoyi’s eyes, making the fear in her heart even heavier.

Liu Ruoyi tried to speak, but couldn’t make a sound.

With a “thud,” Gongsun Nan threw Liu Ruoyi to the ground.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Liu Ruoyi started coughing, her hands covering her neck, clearing the blocked meridians.

Immediately after, Liu Ruoyi put aside her dignity and knelt down to beg for mercy: “I didn’t know it was the Respected Elder Ghost Doctor, please forgive my rudeness, Respected Elder.”

With the Silver Soul Needle still inserted in her body, Liu Ruoyi didn’t dare to make any big movements, afraid of pushing the needle in further, which could be life-threatening.

Liu Ruoyi’s life and death were at the mercy of Gongsun Nan. As long as she wanted to, she could take Liu Ruoyi’s life in an instant.

Shen Shijie and the others didn’t want to help, but they couldn’t.

The Ghost Doctor’s strength surpassed everyone present, and even if they all made a move, they wouldn’t be able to change anything, and would only make the situation worse.

The only way at the moment was to bow their heads and admit their mistakes.Gongsun Nan glanced at Liu Ruoyi, choosing to ignore her.

Then, Gongsun Nan turned to look at Chen Qingyuan by her side and said coldly, “Boy, what do you think should be done with her?”

“I don’t know, Ghost Doctor Sister should decide.”

Chen Qingyuan didn’t want to take the blame, although he really wanted to kill Liu Ruoyi, he couldn’t say it out loud in front of so many people; it was too easy to make enemies that way.

“Oh, is that so?”

Gongsun Nan’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Mhm.” Chen Qingyuan nodded lightly.

Gongsun Nan was all too aware of Chen Qingyuan’s little schemes, unwilling to be used as a pawn: “Then let’s forgive her for her disrespect!”

“Ah? That doesn’t seem right!” Chen Qingyuan urged, “She was so disrespectful to you just now, if you forgive her like this, it won’t look good if word gets out.”

Liu Ruoyi glared at Chen Qingyuan, as if she wanted to tear him apart.

“This kid’s heart is too dark, trying to use someone else to do his dirty work.”

The crowd thought to themselves.

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