Chapter 41 – Ghost Doctor Appears

For the sake of his own happiness and the safety of his brothers, Han Shan spared no effort on this trip, greatly reducing the time. He used more than a dozen large teleportation symbols for escape, and used many other treasures for the journey.

After more than ten breaths, the ghost doctor in a black long dress appeared, wearing a dark veil, with only her eyes and forehead exposed, looking very mysterious.

Han Shan followed the ghost doctor, panting like a dog, which greatly contrasted with the noble temperament of the ghost doctor.

“Sister Ghost Doctor, you finally came!” Chen Qingyuan quickly walked to the ghost doctor standing at the door of the hall and began to complain, “I have told these people many times that my injuries were treated by Sister Ghost Doctor. But they don’t believe it! They even want to search my soul, it’s really too much!”

The ghost doctor and Chen Qingyuan glanced at each other, and hearing him call her “sister” repeatedly, she was slightly stunned, full of question marks in her mind.

“Do I know you well, Chen Qingyuan?”

The ghost doctor remembered that when Sword Immortal Changgeng was present, Chen Qingyuan’s attitude was not like this. But now? Chen Qingyuan called her “sister” one after another, as if he wanted everyone to know how close he was to the ghost doctor, clearly taking advantage of her reputation.

This kid is really shameless!

The ghost doctor thought she had a good temperament, but when facing Chen Qingyuan, she was easily provoked.

“Is she the ghost doctor? A woman?”

Everyone kept staring at the ghost doctor, full of doubt and shock.

“Isn’t the rumored ghost doctor supposed to be an old man?”

No one has seen the true appearance of the ghost doctor. It is said that she never reveals her true appearance when treating people, using mystic arts to conceal her figure and appearance, which is very mysterious.

“Maybe this kid Chen Qingyuan found a fake, don’t be fooled.”

In the hearts of the common people, the ghost doctor is believed to be a capricious and ugly old man. After all, the reputation of the ghost doctor is not very good in the outside world.

Chen Qingyuan has many tricks and likes to deceive people. No one will easily believe that the person in front of them is the ghost doctor.

Not only did Shen Shijie and others have doubts, but even a group of people from the Mystic Azure Sect also expressed disbelief, thinking that this was a fake person created by Junior Brother to intimidate the various sects.

Elder Dong Wenjun of the Protecting Sect secretly said to himself, “Junior Brother is too careless. Even if he wants to intimidate the various sacred grounds, he shouldn’t let a delicate woman play the role of the ghost doctor!”

At the very least, it should be an old man who looks very old, so that people will be wary.

A woman with a great figure is very hard to believe.

“Chen Qingyuan, do we know each other so well?”

The ghost doctor, named Gongsun Nan, directly ignored everyone present and kept staring at Chen Qingyuan, speaking coldly.

“We’re very familiar.” Chen Qingyuan was shameless, not caring about his image, and grinned.

“Hmph!” Gongsun Nan snorted, unable to bear Chen Qingyuan’s shameless appearance. “If you want me to testify for you, then shut up and stop talking, your voice is annoying.”

If it weren’t for the face of Sword Immortal Changgeng and what the Sword Immortal said at the time, Gongsun Nan would never have come all the way here.

Who is Gongsun Nan? She is quite famous in the various star domains of the Northern Wilderness. It is rumored that even the elusive Great Vehicle cultivators have to give her some face.

For the sake of Chen Qingyuan’s trivial matters, Gongsun Nan had to come and testify in person. Unbelievable.

Because of the high status of the ghost doctor, no one would believe that Chen Qingyuan could invite the ghost doctor.

With Gongsun Nan present, Chen Qingyuan’s heart finally relaxed. He confidently addressed the strong figures of the various sects, “I went to great lengths to invite Sister Ghost Doctor to testify, and I feel a bit embarrassed to take your spiritual loss fee. So let’s make it clear all at once, you can ask any questions. But I may not answer.”

The crowd’s faces turned red with anger, unable to bear Chen Qingyuan’s crafty and contemptuous expression, wanting to slap him.

“A little girl who is still wet behind the ears, I don’t believe she is the ghost doctor.”

An old man sneered, directly expressing his thoughts.

“Daring to impersonate the ghost doctor to fool us, how audacious.”

The crowd did not believe it and looked at Chen Qingyuan with hatred.

Not long ago, Chen Qingyuan had rubbed their intelligence raw, and now he wanted to deceive them again, which was intolerable.

“Although I can’t see the depth of your cultivation, you must have used some kind of secret technique or treasure. How much benefit did Chen Qingyuan give you, to dare to deceive us? Have you thought about the consequences?”

Liu Ruoyi of the Eastern Joy Palace slammed the armrest of her chair heavily, stood up, and a chilling coldness emanated from her eyes, her expression icy.

Chen Qingyuan showed a mocking expression. This time, he really didn’t deceive anyone. He really brought the real ghost doctor. If you don’t want to believe it, whatever friction and disputes arise later will have nothing to do with him, as he has made it very clear.

“What consequences?” Gongsun Nan took a few steps towards Liu Ruoyi, gently placing her hands in front of her, and an invisible force shattered Liu Ruoyi’s coercion. “I’d like to hear it.”


Liu Ruoyi found that her coercion was inexplicably dispelled, her heart tightened, and her eyes narrowed.

“Now, if you tell us about your collusion with Chen Qingyuan, we might forgive your ignorance. If you persist in your delusion, it may be difficult to live until tomorrow.”

However, Liu Ruoyi still did not believe that Gongsun Nan was the ghost doctor, only thinking that all of this was Chen Qingyuan’s scheme.

The strong figures of the various sects were watching closely. They didn’t want to be played by Chen Qingyuan over and over again.

This farce was about to end.

They were just very wary of starting a war with the Mystic Azure Sect, but that didn’t mean they didn’t have the guts.Before, everyone thought that the issue could be resolved with Spirit Stones, so they swallowed their anger and let Chen Qingyuan make a fuss. Little did they know that Chen Qingyuan would be so shameless, igniting the fury in everyone’s hearts.

“It’s been many years since anyone dared to threaten me.”

Gongsun Nan laughed, perhaps finding the people before her somewhat ignorant, or perhaps a hint of anger was budding within her.

“Ghost Doctor Sister, they are truly foolish, refusing to believe anything,” Chen Qingyuan said in a low voice, standing slightly behind Gongsun Nan. “Teach them a lesson, let them understand that there are heavens beyond this heaven, and people beyond these people.”

“You want to use me as your gun, huh?”

Gongsun Nan turned her head to glance at Chen Qingyuan, her eyes cold.

“Of course not!”

Chen Qingyuan quickly shook his head, loudly denying it.

“If it weren’t for the sake of that person, I would have dealt with you too,” Gongsun Nan whispered, issuing a warning.

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