Chapter 31 – Graveyard, silver gun

What did you find?

The land not far ahead is no longer dark red, but pitch black.

Chen Qingyuan moved forward slowly and found that the sky was covered with a layer of dark gauze, and an invisible pressure fell on him.

“A tombstone?”

After walking for a while, Chen Qingyuan saw a cemetery and was stunned.

Looking around, there were countless tombstones of different sizes, some tall and some short. The tombstones were all deep black, with a faint taste of killing and a sense of desolation that was hard to be buried by the years.

Some tombstones were upright, some were slanted, and some had fallen to the ground, buried by black soil and yellow sand.

For some reason, when Chen Qingyuan saw these tombstones, he was not only shocked, but also more sad.

Yes, it’s sad.

“Why do I feel uncomfortable?”

Chen Qingyuan covered his chest, frowned slightly, not knowing the reason.


Suddenly, a tear fell from Chen Qingyuan’s eyes for no reason.

Feeling the taste of the tears running down his cheeks, Chen Qingyuan’s vision became somewhat blurred, and he saw many figures and an extremely tragic battlefield in this cemetery.

With a blink of Chen Qingyuan’s eyes, the blurry scene just now disappeared.


The jade bracelet trembled slightly, freeing Chen Qingyuan from his complex thoughts.

Following the guidance of the jade bracelet, Chen Qingyuan walked towards the depths of the cemetery.

After walking for a long time, the number of tombstones became fewer and fewer.

Until the end of the cemetery, there were no ordinary tombstones within a radius of ten thousand meters. At the end, there was a dark red coffin, with traces of the years remaining in every part, as if it had gone through an unimaginable great battle.

Next to the dark red coffin, there was a stone pillar about three meters high.

“Coffin? Pillar?”

Chen Qingyuan stood on one side, as if petrified, staring.

Perhaps because of endless years, or perhaps because of Chen Qingyuan’s arrival, the stone pillar began to crack, and the cracks spread to every part of the pillar.

Seeing this, Chen Qingyuan took a few steps back, tense and somewhat worried.

“Bang… Clatter…”

The stone pillar turned into countless small pieces, and something inside the pillar came into Chen Qingyuan’s sight.

“This is…” Chen Qingyuan opened his mouth slightly, wanting to speak but stopped, extremely surprised.

A silver-white long spear, about nine feet long, with a sharp dragon-shaped head and a smooth and flawless body. The end of the spear was a round ball, like a snow lotus about to bloom.

The moment Chen Qingyuan saw this silver spear, he was stunned.

In his memory, there was no Dao Treasure that could compare to the silver spear, and the invisible aura it emitted stirred up a gust of wind, making the originally quiet and eerie cemetery lively, with the sound of wind whistling, like the neighing of a battlefield.

The jade bracelet in Chen Qingyuan’s hand suddenly floated up and drifted to the side of the silver spear.

The meaning of the jade bracelet was clear: the gift mentioned by the Red-Dressed Girl was this silver spear.

“Is this really the gift for me?”

Chen Qingyuan, who had always been greedy, hesitated at this moment and hesitated.


The jade bracelet emitted a gentle Dao Mark wave, as if answering Chen Qingyuan’s question.

Steadying his mind, Chen Qingyuan slowly approached the silver spear, only half a meter away from it.

After a long struggle in his mind, Chen Qingyuan tentatively reached out his right hand and grabbed the silver spear.


The moment Chen Qingyuan grabbed the silver spear, a terrible force burst out from the spear, surging in all directions. Such a terrifying pressure had exceeded the range known to Chen Qingyuan. Even a powerful figure at the Golden Elixir Realm would probably kneel under this pressure.

Strangely, the pressure from the silver spear did not harm Chen Qingyuan at all.

After several breaths, the cemetery became unusually quiet.

Chen Qingyuan exerted force slowly and found that he could lift the silver spear effortlessly, without much pressure.

Chen Qingyuan was puzzled and very excited about this.

In theory, such a divine weapon should have developed spiritual wisdom and could not be wielded by an ordinary cultivator. However, Chen Qingyuan not only easily grasped the silver spear, but also wielded it effortlessly.

“Feels good.” Chen Qingyuan had been staring at the silver spear in his hand and, after holding back for a long time, uttered two words.

Since the silver spear did not reject him, Chen Qingyuan relaxed his vigilance slightly and decided to communicate with the spiritual wisdom of the silver spear.

So, a strand of his spiritual wisdom penetrated into the silver spear.

At this moment, Chen Qingyuan discovered that the spiritual wisdom of the silver spear had been shattered into dozens of pieces and was impossible to communicate with.

“The spiritual wisdom is destroyed, yet the body of the spear remains intact. Unbelievable.” Chen Qingyuan exclaimed.

Then, Chen Qingyuan lamented, “What a pity!”

The shattered spiritual wisdom meant that the power that the silver spear could exert was less than one percent of its original power. Even so, it still greatly shocked Chen Qingyuan.

“I don’t have the ability to repair you. Whether there will be a chance in the future depends on fate.”

After studying the silver spear for a long time, Chen Qingyuan tried to activate the prohibition of the jade bracelet and put the silver spear into the jade bracelet.

With this silver spear, he had fulfilled the second agreement with the Red-Dressed Girl.

Chen Qingyuan wanted to resolve the cause and effect with the Red-Dressed Girl as soon as possible and contacted the Dao through the jade bracelet: “What is the third agreement?”

Getting rid of the Red-Dressed Girl as soon as possible was Chen Qingyuan’s greatest wish.

“Let’s talk about it after you have restored the Golden Elixir Realm!”

A mysterious space within the jade bracelet pieced together a sentence.

Seeing this, Chen Qingyuan could only temporarily put aside thoughts of the agreement.

“Never mind, let’s go home first!”Having left the Mystic Azure Sect for some time, Chen Qingyuan planned to return for a visit. After all, the issue of the Demon’s Lair in the Flow Star Domain was still unresolved, and the experts of various sects were surely overwhelmed with the crisis.

Chen Qingyuan retraced his steps and left along the original route. Before departing, he turned to glance at the desolate graveyard, bowing deeply with a heavy heart.

Afterward, Chen Qingyuan embarked on the journey home.

Half a year of relentless travel later, Chen Qingyuan finally emerged from the Dead Zone. On his way back, he took a slight detour and stumbled upon many treasures, which made him exceedingly happy.

Finding treasures by chance was indeed one of life’s great joys.

Upon leaving the Dead Zone, Chen Qingyuan was still in disguise, careful not to reveal his true appearance.

Once he reached a safe place, Chen Qingyuan shed his disguise, revealing his true face, and took out his spiritual treasure flying boat, heading in the direction of the Flow Star Domain.

What was the deal with the graveyard deep in the Dead Zone? And that coffin? Whose weapon was the silver spear?

Sitting in the flying boat, Chen Qingyuan couldn’t help but ponder these questions, his brows furrowed with a look of deep confusion and doubt.

“Who’s there?”

Days later, Chen Qingyuan noticed someone appearing in front of his flying boat, blocking his path.

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