Chapter 30 – Delve into the realm of death, and walk alone

Just now, Chen Qingyuan still had a look of desolation and sadness, but without any warning, he returned to his original appearance and kept asking for benefits. It really left people speechless.

In that instant, Murong Wenxi actually felt a hint of sympathy for Chen Qingyuan, silently scolding herself for almost being deceived by Chen Qingyuan’s appearance.

In the following months, Chen Qingyuan and Murong Wenxi rarely chatted and focused on their own cultivation.

Time passed quickly, and it was time for the red mist to disperse.

Watching the red mist dissipate towards the depths of the Death Domain, Murong Wenxi’s face lit up with joy. “Finally, the time has come.”

“Let’s go!”

After a moment, Chen Qingyuan confirmed that the red mist had dissipated and the barrier had loosened. He turned to Murong Wenxi and said, “Let’s go.”

After about two hours, Chen Qingyuan and Murong Wenxi arrived at the edge of the Death Domain.

As they stepped out of the Death Domain, Murong Wenxi felt that her body had become much lighter, and the inexplicable pressure suddenly disappeared. Then, she quickly contacted her clan members.

Chen Qingyuan, who was standing aside, remained silent, seeing a hint of sorrow on Murong Wenxi’s face.

After finishing the conversation with the clan elders, Murong Wenxi looked in the direction of the Death Domain and said, “During the last Death Domain storm, more than half of our companions died.”

“Bad luck, it’s a pity,” Chen Qingyuan lamented.

“Perhaps there really is some treasure in the Death Domain! But my Murong family has no chance, so I can only give up.”

Having encountered the Death Domain storm this time, the Murong family lost several elders, which didn’t cause serious injuries, but it did affect morale, so they had to give up.

“You’re injured, you’d better go back quickly and don’t let the crafty and cunning people take advantage of you. After all, the cultivation world is chaotic, not everyone is as kind as me.”

The first half of Chen Qingyuan’s statement was polite, but the second half made Murong Wenxi laugh and cry.

To say that Chen Qingyuan was kind, he was indeed okay. He didn’t take advantage of Murong Wenxi and was willing to help. However, the word “kind” didn’t really apply to Chen Qingyuan, but “greedy” and “narcissistic” were more appropriate.

If Murong Wenxi had to evaluate Chen Qingyuan, he was a crafty and narcissistic person with a bottom line, and he also had a curious past hidden within him.

“Hey! Although my Murong family didn’t protect you, but you ended up protecting me. However, I really want to know the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor. Name your price!” Murong Wenxi didn’t forget the main purpose, speaking solemnly.

“In consideration of our acquaintance, I’ll tell you for free!” After thinking for a moment, Chen Qingyuan said, “Yunhai Star Domain, Seven Dust Star.”

Then, Chen Qingyuan drew the specific location of the Ghost Doctor in the air.

“Thank you.” Murong Wenxi quickly noted it down, feeling grateful.

“Whether you can persuade the Ghost Doctor is your Murong family’s business. And I can’t guarantee if the Ghost Doctor is still there, it depends on fate!”

Chen Qingyuan said.

“Having such detailed information is already very good.”

This time, the Murong family entered the Death Domain in hopes of obtaining some fortune and then treating an elder in the clan. Since the path through the Death Domain was difficult, they could only seek the Ghost Doctor.

“Let’s part ways here!”

Chen Qingyuan left a word and turned to leave without looking back.

Watching Chen Qingyuan’s departure, Murong Wenxi didn’t take her eyes off him for a long time, murmuring to herself, “Chen Qingyuan, can you still stand in the center of the world’s stage and show your former glory?”

A hundred years ago, Chen Qingyuan was so strong that Murong Wenxi felt inferior, single-handedly suppressing more than ten peers in the surrounding star domains.

At that time, someone listed the strongest young evildoers in the Northern Wilderness, called the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness. The people on the list were not ranked, and Chen Qingyuan was among them.

The title of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness was not simple, and each evildoer on the list was terrifying.

Unfortunately, shortly after Chen Qingyuan was selected as one of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness, he encountered the disaster of the Sky Abyss. It was rumored that many evildoers wanted to challenge Chen Qingyuan to rise in status.

After a hundred years, how many of the younger generation still remembered Chen Qingyuan?

After parting ways with Murong Wenxi, Chen Qingyuan pretended to go to other places, but actually circled back to the Death Domain.

This time, Chen Qingyuan disguised himself and used the power of the jade bracelet to conceal his whereabouts. He made sure that there was no one around and then plunged into the Death Domain.

By this time, the red mist had spread to various parts of the boundary once again.

However, Chen Qingyuan didn’t plan to wait for the red mist to disperse before entering. With the protection of the jade bracelet, he could avoid encountering others by entering at this time, saving a lot of trouble.

If he had known earlier that the jade bracelet could protect him from the laws of the Death Domain, Chen Qingyuan wouldn’t have had to deal with the Murong family.

As he re-entered the Death Domain, Chen Qingyuan felt the guidance of the jade bracelet and headed deeper into the domain.

Along the way, Chen Qingyuan saw many corpses and some remnants of Dao treasures or Heaven and Earth Bags.

“I’m going to strike it rich!” Chen Qingyuan collected all these items with a brilliant smile, never closing his mouth.In the perilous Dead Realm, where countless powerful figures tread with utmost fear, Chen Qingyuan moved as if he were returning home, unobstructed and without feeling any pressure.

After a leisurely journey of several months, not only had Chen Qingyuan picked up many treasures, but he had also advanced his cultivation level to the pinnacle of the Mystic Spirit Realm.

Possessing an Imperfectionless foundation, Chen Qingyuan’s cultivation speed was swift, and his foundation was solid.

The most important factor was that Chen Qingyuan originally possessed the cultivation level of the Elemental Infant Realm, so nothing hindered him.

When the Red-Dressed Girl crippled Chen Qingyuan’s cultivation, she did not harm his body. Now, re-cultivating was extremely easy for Chen Qingyuan.

“This should already be beyond the edge of the Dead Realm, right?”

Chen Qingyuan looked at the dark red land, glanced back, and muttered to himself.

Reaching this point, it became difficult for Chen Qingyuan to see any corpses or Dao Treasures, for no one could make it here, not even those who sought death.

The silence here was abnormal, the land desolate everywhere, devoid of any sign of life.

Chen Qingyuan felt as if he could hear his own heartbeat, even the pulsing of every vein in his body.

As he ventured deeper, the pressure in Chen Qingyuan’s heart surged, and he proceeded with extreme caution.

“Are you still in there?”

Taking out the Jade Bracelet, Chen Qingyuan looked in the direction it pointed and gazed into the distance, his brows tightly furrowed.

Having come this far, it made no sense for Chen Qingyuan to return empty-handed. Moreover, this was his second agreement with the Red-Dressed Girl; he had to fulfill it no matter what.

“If she asked me to come here, she surely wouldn’t harm me. If she wanted to kill me, a mere breath would suffice; there’s no need for such trouble.”

Chen Qingyuan trusted that the Red-Dressed Girl wouldn’t set a trap for him; there was simply no need.

Another two months passed, and Chen Qingyuan’s eyes brightened as he finally made a new discovery.

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