Chapter 3 – Cut off cause and effect, do not regret

Although reconciliation between the two families is the best outcome, Lin Changsheng is afraid of hurting Chen Qingyuan’s dignity and must handle it carefully.

“Elder Yao, since you know it’s just a modest gift, then take it back!”

Chen Qingyuan pondered for a moment, his face expressionless.

Hearing this, everyone’s eyelids twitched slightly, and their hearts tightened.

Yao Susu frowned and asked, “Elder Chen, what do you mean by this?”

“The verbal marriage contract from back then really shouldn’t be taken too seriously. However, if you want to end this karmic relationship, let Bai Xixue come in person! As long as she comes, I guarantee I won’t pester her.”

Chen Qingyuan said seriously.

By saying this, he wanted to see if Bai Xixue was acting of her own free will or if she was being forced by the sect.

Before going to Sky Abyss back then, Chen Qingyuan had spoken to Bai Xixue. At that time, Bai Xixue had said that no matter what the situation, she would wait, not regretting it even after a thousand or ten thousand years.

Furthermore, Bai Xixue was just an ordinary disciple back then, and it was because of Chen Qingyuan that she received special attention from Eastern Joy Palace. It could be said that many of the things Bai Xixue possessed were gifts from Chen Qingyuan. If she was truly acting of her own free will, Chen Qingyuan wouldn’t blame her.

After all, in the eyes of the common people, he was already dead, and there was no one to blame. Some things are better explained face to face.

“It should be discussed face to face.” Yao Susu thought that Chen Qingyuan was trying to make a point, but it seemed that wasn’t the case. She nodded and agreed, “I’ll have Xixue come to see Elder Chen in a few days.”

“Also, if Elder Yao really wants to give a gift to celebrate my return, one medium-quality spirit vein is far from enough.” Chen Qingyuan, although temporarily without cultivation, had a sharp look in his eyes, as if a knife was piercing Yao Susu, making her feel uncomfortable. “When Bai Xixue and I explored the secret realm back then, the gifts I gave her were all treasures. There were as many as three high-quality spirit veins, not to mention the medium-quality ones.”

Upon hearing this, Yao Susu awkwardly chuckled and quickly took back the medium-quality spirit vein.

Lin Changsheng and the others looked at Chen Qingyuan with complex expressions. When Chen Qingyuan went out several times before, he always said he didn’t gain anything and returned empty-handed. It turns out he gave everything to others!

It was only a few times, so no one asked further. After all, most of the resources Chen Qingyuan had obtained in the past were used to build the sect or secretly given to senior brothers as private stash.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave. Thank you for your hospitality, esteemed sect.”

After saying this, Yao Susu turned and left.

After Yao Susu left, the sect’s elder, Dong Wenjun, couldn’t help but ask, “Junior Martial Brother, you profligate guy, you didn’t bring back the good things you got back then.”

“Senior Brother Dong, material possessions are not that important.” Chen Qingyuan smiled.

Over the years, Chen Qingyuan had indeed brought back a lot of resources to the sect, using them to build the sect and train disciples.

“You, kid, sigh!”

Everyone shook their heads helplessly.

Even though Chen Qingyuan had become a mortal, everyone still treated him as family, without reproach or disregard.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Qingyuan regarded Mystic Azure Sect as his home.


A few days later, Eastern Joy Palace sent people again.

Several elders and more than ten disciples, including Bai Xixue, were among them.

Mystic Azure Sect arranged the guests from Eastern Joy Palace and allowed Bai Xixue to have a private meeting with Chen Qingyuan.

Bai Xixue was dressed in a light pink floor-length dress, her three thousand strands of hair held in place by a jade hairpin, and a pink belt tied around her waist, with a jade pendant hanging from it.

Her features were as if carved from jade, her skin as white as snow, and her eyes and eyebrows like a painting.

Standing in the room, Bai Xixue’s hands were placed on her abdomen, looking somewhat nervous.

“Why aren’t you speaking?”

Chen Qingyuan sat to the side, looking at Bai Xixue, who dared not meet his gaze, his voice cold.

“I’m sorry.”

Bai Xixue actually had a lot to say to Chen Qingyuan, but now it was unnecessary, so she could only apologize.

“Is my return making you feel a bit at a loss?”

Chen Qingyuan’s gaze was very calm, feeling that Bai Xixue had become very unfamiliar.

“No, I’m just glad that Big Brother Chen has returned safely.” Bai Xixue tightly pursed her red lips and said with lowered eyes.

“When the soul lamp goes out, life ends. You couldn’t possibly wait for a dead person forever. I understand. Seeing you today, I just wanted to confirm whether you were being forced by the sect. It seems like you weren’t.”

Chen Qingyuan really didn’t blame Bai Xixue, he could only say that it was fate.

“If you had returned earlier, maybe things would be different.”

Bai Xixue said softly.

“If I wasn’t a useless person, how would you and Eastern Joy Palace have chosen?” Chen Qingyuan shook his head gently. “It’s not about me coming back late, it’s about strength.”

Bai Xixue wanted to explain, but in the end, she didn’t say a word, remaining silent.

“Let it go, it’s all in the past.”

Chen Qingyuan said.

Bai Xixue’s expression changed slightly, and she didn’t answer.

Looking at her, it seemed that she didn’t have much affection for the young sect master of Heavenly Jade Sect, but more of a relationship based on interests.

If this time Chen Qingyuan still had enough strength and wasn’t a useless person, Bai Xixue would definitely have a different attitude.

For cultivators, a hundred years really isn’t that long, just a flick of the fingers. If Bai Xixue truly loved Chen Qingyuan to the bone, she wouldn’t easily change her mind. And now that Chen Qingyuan had returned, they could completely continue their past relationship.

However, Bai Xixue’s intention in coming wasn’t to talk about love with Chen Qingyuan, but to sever their relationship.

Perhaps a hundred years ago, she really did love him!

It’s just that everything has changed now.

“From now on, we have no more relationship.”

Chen Qingyuan said solemnly.

The room fell silent, the atmosphere heavy.

An elder from Eastern Joy Palace lightly knocked on the door to indicate that it was time to leave.

As she was leaving, Bai Xixue looked up at Chen Qingyuan and found that he no longer had the aura he had back then, and there was no spiritual qi fluctuation in his body. She didn’t know when, but Bai Xixue’s gaze had changed from initial guilt to indifference, and her inner tension had gradually dissipated.Bai Xixue gave Chen Qingyuan a deep look without uttering a word, then pushed the door open and left.

Although Chen Qingyuan had lost his cultivation level, he had noticed the small action Bai Xixue took with her hand. It was Bai Xixue who had crushed a jade talisman, signaling the accompanying elder to come and break the deadlock.

“Sigh! All the hardships I’ve endured over the years have been in vain.”

Within the Restricted Zone of Sky Abyss, the Red-Dressed Girl took a liking to Chen Qingyuan and wanted to become Dao Companions with him. However, Chen Qingyuan stated that he was already bound by a marriage contract and rejected her without hesitation.

As a result, Chen Qingyuan was subjected to various tortures, ultimately leading to the destruction of his spiritual root and the complete loss of his cultivation level.

According to the Red-Dressed Girl, it was all for Chen Qingyuan’s own good.

Although Chen Qingyuan was highly talented, he ultimately fell short and couldn’t reach the highest position. To have infinite possibilities in the future, he must rebuild his foundation.

“This matter is settled; it’s time to attend to my own affairs.”

Chen Qingyuan hadn’t forgotten the agreement with Sky Abyss and planned to set off in a few days.

Recently, the news of Chen Qingyuan’s return from Sky Abyss had spread throughout the land.

Many forces wanted to learn about the situation inside Sky Abyss and sent high-ranking members to the Mystic Azure Sect. In response, the Mystic Azure Sect stated that Chen Qingyuan was unwell and would not meet any visitors.

Faced with the threats and temptations of various powerful factions, the Mystic Azure Sect had been protecting Chen Qingyuan, keeping him away from these troublesome matters.

In secret, under the arrangement of his Protecting Sect Senior Brother Dong Wenjun, Chen Qingyuan quietly left the Mystic Azure Sect.

Even though everyone was curious about Chen Qingyuan’s whereabouts, they didn’t inquire too much, only hoping that Chen Qingyuan would be safe and sound.

With his cultivation level gone, temporarily leaving the Mystic Azure Sect was a good choice for Chen Qingyuan.

He went to a nearby city and bought some Spirit Talismans for traveling, which could be activated with Spirit Stones and didn’t require one’s own Spiritual Qi.


After spending an entire month, Chen Qingyuan finally arrived at his destination.

Bright Moon City, located in a corner of the Northern Wilderness, was quite remote.

At the end of a street within the city, there was a simple courtyard that was rarely passed by.

“Who is it?”

Chen Qingyuan knocked on the tightly closed courtyard door, and an elderly voice came from inside.

“Open the door and you’ll find out.”

Chen Qingyuan said.


The door opened, emitting a grating squeak.

An old man with dark skin, leaning on a cane, hunched over and looking frail, sized up Chen Qingyuan a few times, then grinned, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth: “Young Master, have you come to the wrong place?”

“I haven’t. I’m looking for you.”

Saying this, Chen Qingyuan took out a palm-sized wooden plaque.

The moment the old man saw the wooden plaque, his pupils dilated rapidly, and his expression changed instantly, becoming extremely serious.

Then, the old man solemnly said, “Please come in.”

This wooden plaque was something Chen Qingyuan had brought out from Sky Abyss. It was said that the owner of the plaque once owed a great favor, and with it as a token, the owner of the plaque could be asked to do anything, including giving up his life.

“Where did you get this from, Young Master?”

After entering, the old man seemed like a different person, his gaze sharp, and he asked in a deep voice.

“Sky Abyss.” Chen Qingyuan replied candidly.

Hearing this, the old man dropped his guard and bowed to Chen Qingyuan as a sign of respect.

Then, the old man thought of a recent event: “Could it be that Young Master is Chen Qingyuan from the Mystic Azure Sect?”

“Indeed,” Chen Qingyuan nodded in acknowledgment.

“Since Young Master has obtained the plaque, then I shall honor my promise. What would you have me do?”

The old man was prepared to sacrifice his life, his demeanor utterly serious.

“Is there any way you can help me rebuild my foundation?”

Chen Qingyuan stated his purpose.

“There is.” The old man looked at Chen Qingyuan’s physical condition and nodded.

Chen Qingyuan thought it would be a significant matter, but it turned out to be so simple.

“Are you sure?” Chen Qingyuan asked doubtfully.

“It’s not difficult,” the old man said.

“May I ask for your esteemed name, Elder?”

All the high-ranking members of the Mystic Azure Sect combined couldn’t think of a way to help Chen Qingyuan. Yet, the old man before him found the matter trivial, which made Chen Qingyuan show his respect and ask with a fist salute.

“Just an old man,” the old man said with a self-deprecating smile.

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