Chapter 2 – Regretful marriage

After various mystical investigations, Chen Qingyuan’s body showed no abnormalities.

“Could it be that we are overthinking things?”

Everyone still found it hard to believe that their junior martial brother, who had been dead for a hundred years, suddenly came back to life. Could it be that he was possessed by some powerful figure?

Looking at the still doubtful expressions of the others, Chen Qingyuan turned to Dong Wenjun, the elder protecting the sect, who was sitting at the leftmost seat, and couldn’t help but say, “Senior Brother Dong, I remember 150 years ago, you took me to steal the Hundred Spirit Fruit that Senior Sister He had carefully cultivated for many years.”

At the sound of this, Senior Brother Dong’s face instantly turned red, and he avoided eye contact.

Then, Chen Qingyuan shifted his gaze along the seats and continued, “Senior Brother Xu, did you spend all the tens of thousands of spirit stones that you hid from your sister-in-law?”

Senior Brother Xu’s brows furrowed, his eyes widened, and he looked flustered, as if afraid of being overheard.

“Senior Brother Wang, you told me last time that the fairies in the Eastern Joy Palace were so beautiful, much more so than my sister-in-law. Does she know about this?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Senior Brother Wang’s ears turned bright red from being pinched by his sister-in-law sitting beside him, causing him to grimace in pain.

“Senior Brother Ximen, you owe me 3,700 high-quality spirit stones. Isn’t it time to pay up?”

“Senior Brother Ling, did you open the treasure box you left at home? What good things are inside?”

Just as Chen Qingyuan was about to continue, the senior martial brothers quickly stepped forward to cover his mouth, signaling with their eyes, “Junior martial brother, stop talking.”

“I can confirm that this is indeed our junior martial brother, no doubt about it.”

“Yes, absolutely.”

“Definitely our junior martial brother.”

Everyone expressed their support, firmly believing that Chen Qingyuan had not been possessed.

“You brat, didn’t we agree to keep these secrets forever? What are you doing?”

The senior martial brothers secretly transmitted their voices to Chen Qingyuan, causing his ears to buzz with the commotion.

Believing it now, everyone was convinced, and no one doubted. Only a powerful figure with the ability to take over the memories of others could have done it. However, even if memories could be taken over, one’s personality and temperament could not be replicated.

Chen Qingyuan’s crafty personality and the faint smile at the corner of his mouth left everyone with no doubt that he was indeed their junior martial brother.

I had to reveal these secrets to prove that I am who I say I am.

Sigh! It’s not my fault.

Chen Qingyuan felt helpless, but in order to prove his innocence, he had to sacrifice his senior martial brothers.

“Junior martial brother, continue speaking! Why did you stop?”

On the right side, the senior sisters’ faces darkened, and their eyes sharpened.

With the situation developing to this point, the elders temporarily lost their joy at Chen Qingyuan’s return.

“Um, I’m a bit tired. I’ll go back and rest first.”

Chen Qingyuan coughed a few times and then quickly left.

Afterward, the hall erupted into a commotion, and even physical altercations broke out.


Without his cultivation, Chen Qingyuan asked the duty disciples for a favor and was escorted to a secluded cave that had been empty for a hundred years.

After eating a little, Chen Qingyuan lay on the bed, lost in thought.

Suddenly, a voice sounded, “You brat, you just came back and caused such a big commotion. It’s really giving me a headache!”

“Big Senior Brother.” Chen Qingyuan quickly got up and saw Lin Changsheng, who had already walked into the room.

Lin Changsheng was dressed in a purple Dao robe, with white temples, and an air of elegance and dignity.

The commotion in the hall was deafening, and Lin Changsheng couldn’t be bothered with everyone’s personal affairs, so he found an excuse to leave and came straight here.

“Your spiritual root is broken, and I can’t help you, junior martial brother.”

Confirming that Chen Qingyuan had not been possessed, Lin Changsheng put away the stern expression he had in the hall and looked worried.

“It’s okay. Being a mortal is not bad either.”

Chen Qingyuan smiled, showing that he didn’t mind.

Back then, Lin Changsheng should have forcibly stopped him, and this disaster wouldn’t have happened. Sigh!

A hundred years ago, Lin Changsheng thought that the Sky Abyss Restricted Zone was extremely dangerous and repeatedly advised Chen Qingyuan not to enter. But Chen Qingyuan was determined, and there was nothing Lin Changsheng could do but agree.

Even now, Lin Changsheng couldn’t figure out why Chen Qingyuan was so insistent on going to the Sky Abyss. With Chen Qingyuan’s talent, even without receiving an amazing fortune, he could have soared to great heights and even reached the peak.

“It’s not Big Senior Brother’s fault. Please don’t blame yourself.”

Chen Qingyuan poured a cup of tea for Lin Changsheng and smiled slightly.

Back then, it seemed that Chen Qingyuan had been drawn by some kind of force and uncontrollably wanted to enter the Sky Abyss. Chen Qingyuan himself couldn’t understand this situation.

“In the days to come, how do you plan to live?”

Lin Changsheng had no intention of drinking tea and had been thinking about Chen Qingyuan’s situation all along.

“I have my own arrangements, Big Senior Brother, don’t worry.”

Chen Qingyuan had already planned for his future life. Losing his cultivation and breaking his spiritual root might seem like a disaster to outsiders, but it was nothing to Chen Qingyuan.

“Alright.” Lin Changsheng knew Chen Qingyuan’s personality, and once he made up his mind, no one could change it. “Senior Brother will find a way to help you rebuild your foundation.”

Chen Qingyuan smiled and didn’t respond.

“There’s something I don’t know how to bring up.”

Lin Changsheng had come not only to see Chen Qingyuan but also because of this matter.

“Senior Brother, just say it.” Chen Qingyuan and Lin Changsheng sat in the courtyard, enjoying the pleasant breeze.”The Eastern Joy Palace and the Heavenly Jade Sect are preparing to form a marriage alliance,” Lin Changsheng pondered for a moment before slowly saying, “The betrothal partner is…Bai Xixue.”

At these words, Chen Qingyuan’s eyelids twitched slightly.

Bai Xixue of the Eastern Joy Palace had once been engaged to Chen Qingyuan.

At that time, Chen Qingyuan was a renowned prodigy of the Northern Wilderness, and countless women were infatuated with him.

During his previous experiences outside, Chen Qingyuan had met Bai Xixue, and they had developed feelings for each other. As a result, after both sects learned of this, they established a marriage contract, intending to marry at a suitable time in the future.

However, after the incident in the Sky Abyss Restricted Zone, everyone believed that Chen Qingyuan had died, and the engagement was no longer mentioned.

Now that Chen Qingyuan had returned, the situation was no longer simple.

“Is this the decision of the two sects, or is it Xixue’s own will?” Chen Qingyuan’s expression became more serious.

“It is said that the Young Sect Master of the Heavenly Jade Sect gave Bai Xixue a spirit pill, helping her break through to the Golden Elixir Realm. In my opinion, since Bai Xixue has accepted their goodwill, she must have no intention of refusing,” Lin Changsheng revealed the information he knew.

The path of cultivation is divided into the Postnatal Realm, Prenatal Realm, Yellow Spirit Realm, Mystic Spirit Realm, Earth Spirit Realm, and Heavenly Spirit Realm.

These are the six realms of the physical body, the foundation of the path of cultivation.

Above these are the Golden Elixir Realm, Elemental Infant Realm, Divine Transformation Realm, Body Fusion Realm, Tribulation Crossing Realm, and Mahayana Realm.

A hundred years ago, Chen Qingyuan was a cultivator at the Elemental Infant Realm, renowned as a rising star among the younger generation of the Northern Wilderness.

“When will the formal marriage take place?” Chen Qingyuan’s gaze was complex as he asked softly.

“In a year,” Lin Changsheng calculated and replied.

“I understand,” Chen Qingyuan nodded lightly, saying no more.

“Junior Martial Brother, since you are still alive, your engagement with Bai Xixue is naturally not terminated. Perhaps, the Eastern Joy Palace will send someone over, and she may also come,” Lin Changsheng was worried, afraid that Chen Qingyuan would be harmed.

“It’s fine if she comes. Let’s see how she chooses,” Chen Qingyuan did not show strong emotional fluctuations, maintaining a calm and composed demeanor.

“Perhaps…” Lin Changsheng hesitated to speak.

“Senior Brother, I’m tired and want to rest for a while,” Chen Qingyuan interrupted Lin Changsheng and rubbed his forehead.

“Alright, then I won’t disturb you,” Lin Changsheng looked deeply at Chen Qingyuan, stood up, and slowly walked out of the room.


In a few days, the news of Chen Qingyuan’s resurrection spread far and wide, causing a sensation.

At the same time, the news of Chen Qingyuan’s disability also spread, causing countless people to sigh and discuss.

Naturally, this news also reached the ears of the high-level members of the Eastern Joy Palace.

To ensure that the marriage alliance was not disrupted, the Eastern Joy Palace immediately sent someone to handle the matter.

A few days later, a venerable female elder from the Eastern Joy Palace arrived.

The elder’s name was Yao Susu, and she had a middle-aged appearance with lingering charm.

The hospitality of the Mystic Azure Sect left Yao Susu with no complaints. However, she still had to say what needed to be said and couldn’t make the trip for nothing: “Sect Master, may I see Elder Chen Qingyuan?”

“Of course,” Lin Changsheng sighed inwardly, but showed no emotional fluctuations on the surface, and sent someone to inform Chen Qingyuan.

Upon learning of this, Chen Qingyuan had the disciple who delivered the message drive the spiritual treasure and brought himself to the Council Hall.

Inside the hall, a mist lingered, as if they were in the midst of the clouds.

As Chen Qingyuan entered, all eyes turned to him.

Yao Susu appraised Chen Qingyuan, secretly probing and thinking to herself, “Indeed, he is disabled. What a pity! Back then, Chen Qingyuan was so remarkable.”

At this moment, he had become a useless person, with his spiritual roots completely severed.

“Senior Brother,” Chen Qingyuan bowed to the Sect Master Lin Changsheng and then sat in an empty seat.

Today, Chen Qingyuan was dressed in a pale white robe, and his ink-like long hair was held in place by a wooden hairpin.

“Elder Yao, what brings you here to see me?” Chen Qingyuan asked knowingly.

“In front of all the Dao friends, I will speak frankly. If I have offended in any way, please forgive me,” Yao Susu said, as she was sent because she was Bai Xixue’s master.

“Go ahead!” Chen Qingyuan nodded.

The crowd fell silent, leaving the handling of this matter to Chen Qingyuan.

No matter what Chen Qingyuan had become, he was still everyone’s Junior Martial Brother and should not be humiliated by others. If the Eastern Joy Palace dared to disrespect Chen Qingyuan, the Mystic Azure Sect would not hesitate to confront them.

“Senior Elder Chen and his beloved disciple Xixue had a verbal engagement in the past, which was originally a joyous event for both sects. However, due to Senior Elder Chen entering the Sky Abyss a hundred years ago and his Soul Lamp extinguishing, everyone believed that he had met with misfortune. As a result, Xixue was in a daze for several years before gradually recovering,” Yao Susu first placed the blame on Chen Qingyuan and then expressed Bai Xixue’s concern and longing for Chen Qingyuan.

Following that, Yao Susu continued, “We all believed that Senior Elder Chen had met with misfortune, and I assume your sect also thought the same. Therefore, the verbal engagement from back then was considered terminated without any face-to-face discussion. Two years ago, Xixue met the Young Sect Master of the Heavenly Jade Sect, and they formed a bond, setting a wedding date.””From a reasonable standpoint, Eastern Joy Palace is not at fault, and Xixue did not intentionally break the agreement. We have come here to clarify this matter to avoid any unnecessary trouble.”

Yao Susu flipped her right hand and took out a Heaven and Earth Bag, retrieving something from it: “Elder Chen’s safe return brings joy to Eastern Joy Palace. We have prepared some modest gifts as a token of our happiness, and we hope you will accept them.”

A medium quality Spirit Vein hovered above the Council Hall. It had been shrunk using the powers of Heaven and Earth; the actual Spirit Vein was a hundred miles long and could be mined for many Spirit Stones, providing for the cultivation of numerous disciples and elders.

This is hardly a modest gift!

Although Yao Susu did not make her point too explicitly, everyone understood her clearly, and there was no fault to be found.

First, she explained the situation, and then she presented a generous gift, giving enough face to the Mystic Azure Sect.

If the Mystic Azure Sect were to be unrelenting, it would instead reflect poorly on them. After all, there was no proof established for the marriage contract back then, and the fact that Eastern Joy Palace made a special trip to apologize was already quite commendable.

Eastern Joy Palace’s apology served two purposes: one was that the Mystic Azure Sect was not to be trifled with; the other was to prevent the Mystic Azure Sect from causing trouble later on.

“Junior Martial Brother, what do you think?”

Lin Changsheng did not make an immediate decision but turned to look at Chen Qingyuan.

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