Chapter 28 – Do you, as a person like this, have any friends?

“Who asked for your personal items? Take them all out, and the rest belongs to me.”

Chen Qingyuan spoke bluntly.

“…” For some reason, Murong Wenxi felt that her appearance had been greatly insulted, and her eyes were about to burst into flames.

If it weren’t for the sake of survival, Murong Wenxi would have drawn her sword and beaten Chen Qingyuan to vent her anger.

After hesitating for a moment, Murong Wenxi used an ordinary Heaven and Earth Bag to collect her personal items, and then handed the jade bracelet and all the resources inside to Chen Qingyuan.

Chen Qingyuan was very satisfied, like a cunning merchant.

“Is this enough?”

Murong Wenxi gritted her teeth and said sullenly.

“I’ll do my best to protect you during this time, and you owe me a favor.”

The things you need cannot be missing, and naturally, neither can the favor.

“You took all my belongings and now you want me to remember your favor. What kind of reasoning is this?”

Murong Wenxi questioned loudly.

“You can’t say that. Let me explain.” Chen Qingyuan said earnestly, “If I hadn’t saved you just now, you would probably be dead by now, and these resources would definitely belong to me. But I am kind-hearted. I used extremely precious spirit medicine on you, and these resources put together are not worth as much. In the days to come, you will have to follow me, which has had a significant impact on my personal safety. Don’t you think you owe me a favor?”

The spirit medicine is indeed precious, but Chen Qingyuan got it by begging, without paying any price.

For some reason, listening to Chen Qingyuan’s twisted reasoning, Murong Wenxi actually felt that there was some truth to it.

Taking a deep breath, Murong Wenxi compromised again, “Fine, consider this lady owing you a big favor, and I will repay it in the future.”

“Very sensible.” Chen Qingyuan grinned and couldn’t help but praise, “A smart and beautiful woman like Miss Murong is truly rare!”

“Hmph!” Murong Wenxi snorted and gave Chen Qingyuan a disdainful look, mocking, “I rarely see someone as greedy as you.”

“I can’t help it. I’ve been poor since I was young. How can I compare with Miss Murong?”

Chen Qingyuan sighed lightly.

“You’re poor? The Mystic Azure Sect has pampered you so much. How can you still cry poverty?”

This remark made Murong Wenxi very unhappy, and she questioned, “You don’t understand. Although the sect has been very good to me, the resources are limited, and they only give me a little each month, which is not enough! For self-development, I can only expand my business outside.”

To this day, Chen Qingyuan has only suffered a loss once, and that was with Bai Xixue of the Eastern Joy Palace.

At that time, Chen Qingyuan was moved by Bai Xixue’s persistence and developed feelings for her, willing to become Dao Companions with her. Many of the resources he received at the time were given to Bai Xixue.

Unfortunately, things change.

“Few people in the world are as shameless as you.”

Murong Wenxi scolded.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

However, Chen Qingyuan always played by his own rules. Instead of getting angry, he felt quite comfortable.

At this point, Murong Wenxi had completely given up and didn’t say a word.

The two walked side by side and arrived at a nearby mountain range, finding a safe cave.

Staying here meant they didn’t have to endure the cold wind of the death domain and could be a little more at peace.

Along the way, they saw many corpses, all of them freshly dead, probably wiped out by the red mist storm.

Looking at these bodies, Murong Wenxi’s worries deepened, and she didn’t know the current situation of her people, whether they were still alive.

Hiding in the cave, they lit a fire to dispel the darkness.

Murong Wenxi recalled everything that had happened just now. A few strands of red mist had drifted with the cold wind, mysteriously avoiding Chen Qingyuan’s position and heading in other directions.

If they had been touched by the red mist, their fate would have been miserable.

“It’s really strange.”

Murong Wenxi muttered to herself, curious as she was, she didn’t ask.

“Let’s stay here for a few months until the red mist disperses, then we can leave.”

After thinking it over, Chen Qingyuan planned to safely send Murong Wenxi away and then sneak back to the death domain. Since he wouldn’t be affected by the death domain’s law, he had no worries. By then, he could disguise himself, and no one would recognize him.

“Thanks.” Being near Chen Qingyuan, Murong Wenxi didn’t feel the oppression of the death domain’s law, and she felt very relaxed.

“If you really want to thank me, just save some good things for me and give them to me when we meet again.”

Chen Qingyuan didn’t need verbal thanks, as they had no practical meaning.

Indeed, there was no need to be polite with this guy; he was too shameless.

Murong Wenxi wanted to meditate and heal, but she found that she didn’t have a single spirit stone on her, which made her feel uncomfortable.

After hesitating for a long time, Murong Wenxi looked at Chen Qingyuan, who was sitting next to her with his eyes closed, and whispered, “Hey!”

“What’s up?” Chen Qingyuan didn’t open his eyes, looking lazy.

“I gave you all my spirit stones. Can you lend me some?”

If possible, Murong Wenxi really didn’t want to ask.

“Lend you spirit stones? We can discuss it.”

Chen Qingyuan slowly opened his eyes, ready to do business!

This was the reason why Chen Qingyuan could collect so many debts. He wasn’t a cunning merchant, but rather someone who enjoyed helping others while earning some hard-earned fees.

“How much do you want to borrow?”

Chen Qingyuan asked.

“A thousand medium-quality spirit stones.”

Murong Wenxi calculated the time and realized that she might have to stay for a while, so she asked for more.

“Okay.” Chen Qingyuan nodded. “Let’s make it clear. If you borrow a thousand, you’ll have to repay three thousand later.”

“You’re a swindler!” Murong Wenxi was not happy.

“Then do you want to borrow or not?”

Chen Qingyuan had Murong Wenxi figured out and acted as if he was doing her a favor.

“I do!” Taking a deep breath, Murong Wenxi suppressed the restless emotions in her heart and gritted her teeth as she nodded.

“Words are wind. Let’s put it in writing!”

Saying that, Chen Qingyuan took out paper, a pen, and red ink for handprints.

Seeing Chen Qingyuan take out this familiar set of procedures, Murong Wenxi was stunned, “Do you have any friends like this?””Sure!” Chen Qingyuan immediately thought of a few mischievous friends and said with a grin, “Do you want me to introduce you to them?”

“Forget it, there’s no need.”

Murong Wenxi signed her name and pressed her handprint with a sense of grievance. She certainly did not wish to make the acquaintance of someone like Chen Qingyuan again.

“From now on, I am your creditor, Miss Murong. You’d better stay alive and remember to repay the debt once you have the money.”

Chen Qingyuan carefully stored the written IOU, which served as proof, leaving no room for denial.

Looking at the thousand pieces of medium quality Spirit Stones before her, Murong Wenxi felt like crying but had no tears. Her emotions were incredibly complex, especially since these Spirit Stones still bore the Murong family’s seal and were originally hers.

To use her own Spirit Stones, she had to sign an IOU, and the interest had tripled.

Chen Qingyuan, having made your acquaintance has truly been my misfortune for eight lifetimes.

With this anger, Murong Wenxi began to refine the Spirit Stones, striving to heal her injuries.

“With nothing better to do, why not have something to eat?”

Chen Qingyuan knew how to enjoy life. He set up a grill over the fire, sliced some Spirit Beast meat, and started barbecuing.

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