Chapter 27 – Maybe it’s because I’m handsome

Chen Qingyuan walked forward and saw that Murong Wenxi’s heart was still beating, and her breath was slightly chaotic, probably injured by the red mist storm.

The reason why Chen Qingyuan was unharmed must be because of the protective jade bracelet.

“If I had known that this thing could defy the laws of the death domain, I wouldn’t have needed to make a deal with the Murong family.”

Chen Qingyuan looked at the unconscious Murong Wenxi in front of him. Her light-colored long skirt was slightly wrinkled, and her light yellow hair covered half of her face. Some red soil covered her body, giving her a messy but beautiful look.

“I can’t just leave her here!”

If he abandoned Murong Wenxi, she would undoubtedly die.

But if he stayed with Murong Wenxi, it would definitely have a great impact on Chen Qingyuan’s actions. Thinking of this, Chen Qingyuan felt a bit troubled. What should he do?

“Sigh! What a hassle.”

He looked down at the light-colored cloth strip on the ground, which Murong Wenxi had used to pull him. Although they were in a trading relationship, Chen Qingyuan couldn’t just watch Murong Wenxi die.

So, Chen Qingyuan took out a jade bottle containing precious spiritual liquid.

Where did this thing come from?

Of course, it came from the hands of the ghost doctor.

Chen Qingyuan had a thick skin. Not only did he get some spiritual herbs from the ghost doctor, but he also got some healing medicine.

“I’m letting you off cheap.” Chen Qingyuan poured the spiritual liquid into Murong Wenxi’s mouth, feeling a pang in his heart. It was a real loss.

As the spiritual liquid entered her body, Murong Wenxi’s body quickly reacted, trembling slightly and making crackling sounds of static electricity.

After a moment, Murong Wenxi opened her eyes, her vision a bit blurry.

Slowly, she saw Chen Qingyuan standing not far away, and then looked around, not finding anyone from the same sect.

Suddenly, she looked at her slightly disheveled clothes, quickly straightened them out to cover her fair shoulders, and looked at Chen Qingyuan with a cautious look.

“Are you really going to take advantage of me in this situation?” Chen Qingyuan instantly understood the meaning in Murong Wenxi’s eyes and said, not kindly, “Besides, with your appearance, I wouldn’t be interested anyway.”

“You…” Murong Wenxi wanted to scold Chen Qingyuan, but she coughed instead, her face turning pale. “Cough, cough, cough.”

“Let’s think about how to leave this ghostly place!”

Chen Qingyuan thought about pretending to discuss leaving the death domain with Murong Wenxi, then finding an opportunity to hide and go in the direction indicated by the jade bracelet. This way, he could get rid of Murong Wenxi and his actions wouldn’t be exposed.

“Did you see anyone else from the Murong family?”

Murong Wenxi adjusted her breath and recovered some strength, no longer arguing with Chen Qingyuan, her expression serious. When she was meditating just now, she found a few strands of pure spiritual qi in her body, probably from Chen Qingyuan’s help, and she glanced at him involuntarily.


Chen Qingyuan shook his head.

Hearing this, Murong Wenxi’s eyes showed a hint of worry, very concerned about the safety of her fellow clan members.

“Why weren’t you affected by the laws of the death domain?”

At this point, Murong Wenxi carefully examined Chen Qingyuan and finally found a clue, asking in a suspicious tone.

“Maybe I’m just too handsome!” Chen Qingyuan said shamelessly.

“…” Murong Wenxi rolled her eyes at Chen Qingyuan. He was really asking for a beating.

Everyone has their secrets, and Murong Wenxi didn’t ask further, but her gaze at Chen Qingyuan became more complicated.

“The area we retreated from has been covered by a large amount of red mist. We definitely can’t get out now. If we can endure here for a few months, there might be a chance when the red mist disperses.”

Murong Wenxi looked in the direction they came from, a dense blood-red mist filling her eyes with despair.

“You wait here!” Chen Qingyuan said, “I’ll see if there’s another way out.”

“Wait.” Murong Wenxi endured the intense pain in her body, slowly got up, and stopped Chen Qingyuan, who was about to leave.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Qingyuan frowned slightly.

“I’ll go with you.”

Murong Wenxi’s intuition told her that she only had a chance to survive if she followed Chen Qingyuan.

“I don’t agree.”

Chen Qingyuan didn’t want to carry a burden.

“We agreed to enter the death domain together. Are you going to abandon me now?”

Seeing Chen Qingyuan shaking his head in refusal, Murong Wenxi bit her lip and made a pitiful look, her eyes shimmering with tears, evoking pity.

“Hey! We don’t have anything between us. Don’t act like I’ve led you on and abandoned you.”

Chen Qingyuan couldn’t stand Murong Wenxi’s expression. Clearly, she was a fierce tigress, but now she looked so gentle, giving him goosebumps.

“A hundred years ago, you deceived me, not only taking all the fortune but also putting me in danger. Are you going to do the same thing now?”

Murong Wenxi had interacted with Chen Qingyuan before and knew that he didn’t respond well to force, so she pretended to be pitiful.

“To stabilize the injury in your body, I’ve already lost a lot of blood. Now you want me to take you with me, which is not worth it.” Chen Qingyuan said, feeling troubled. “You should know my character. I never make a bad deal.”

“As long as I can survive and get out, the Murong family is willing to offer a great reward.”

Murong Wenxi said seriously.”Empty words, no substantial benefits,” Chen Qingyuan said indifferently.

For others, a favor from the Murong family would be a tremendous stroke of fortune. Unfortunately, Chen Qingyuan cared not for nebulous promises; only tangible gold and silver were of use to him.

Moreover, although the Murong family was not weak, they were just so-so. A promise from a Sword Immortal, now that would be a true and significant fortune.

“What do you want?”

Left with no choice, Murong Wenxi had to lower her stance to survive.

Chen Qingyuan looked Murong Wenxi up and down, his gaze scrutinizing her.

Feeling uncomfortable under Chen Qingyuan’s intense gaze, Murong Wenxi clenched her teeth and said, “If you can truly protect me, we could try to get along, and perhaps we might become Dao Companions.”

She thought Chen Qingyuan had ulterior motives, not knowing that he had no such thoughts at all. He quickly said, “Stop right there! I’ve said it before, I have no interest in you, don’t flatter yourself.”

Hearing this, Murong Wenxi’s cheeks flushed with a mix of shame and anger, and the rest was dissatisfaction. After all, she was a princess of the Murong family, with both looks and figure; was she not good enough for Chen Qingyuan?

“Then why are you looking at me?”

Murong Wenxi’s tone carried a mix of questioning and anger.

“That jade pendant on your waist looks pretty good.”

Chen Qingyuan gave a meaningful look.

“Take it!” Murong Wenxi understood what Chen Qingyuan meant and took off the white jade from her waist, tossing it to him.

Chen Qingyuan quickly caught it, examined it, and smiled with satisfaction, “Top-grade White Spirit Jade, a rare treasure indeed!”

“And your jade bracelet on your hand.”

After putting away the white jade, Chen Qingyuan spoke again.

“There are personal items inside, it’s inconvenient.”

The jade bracelet was Murong Wenxi’s spatial treasure, containing many resources and personal items.

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