Chapter 25 – Murong Wenxi

The blood-red land stretched for countless miles, with no end in sight.

This is the edge of the Dead Domain, where Chen Qingyuan could casually glance and see thousands of people from various forces in the North Cang Star Domain.

Not far away, there was a woman in a light-colored long dress, with a ribbon tied around her waist and a jade pendant hanging from it. Her hair was light yellow, and her eyes were like sapphires, shining brightly and exquisitely crafted.

Her name was Murong Wenxi, and she had crossed paths with Chen Qingyuan a hundred years ago. To be precise, she had been tricked by Chen Qingyuan.

Once, while exploring a secret realm, Murong Wenxi was deceived by Chen Qingyuan, and all her resources were taken by him. Afterwards, although Murong Wenxi was angry, she did not retaliate against Chen Qingyuan, and even had a kind of admiration for him.

The people of the Murong family admired the strong, and Murong Wenxi had been influenced by this since childhood, naturally inheriting the will of the family. Since Chen Qingyuan was able to deceive her of all her resources, it was his ability, and she could only blame herself for being careless.

“Why is he here?”

The edge of the Dead Domain was very open, and Murong Wenxi glanced casually and saw Chen Qingyuan not far away, with a look of surprise in her eyes.

The elders of the Murong family looked over as well, not recognizing Chen Qingyuan, and asked, “Girl, who is this person?”

“He’s from the Flow Star Domain, a member of the Mystic Azure Dao Sect,” Murong Wenxi, with a face like white jade and charming red lips, said slowly. “A hundred years ago, I went to a secret realm in the Flow Star Domain, and it was this person who made me return empty-handed.”

“So it’s him, the Heaven’s Pride who was famous in various domains a hundred years ago. It is said that he entered the Sky Abyss Forbidden Ground a hundred years ago and miraculously came out alive not long ago.”

Mentioning this, everyone suddenly realized and immediately remembered the secret realm incident a hundred years ago, which had left Murong Wenxi feeling frustrated for a long time.

Chen Qingyuan did not hide his whereabouts, deliberately exposing himself to everyone.

Since he wanted to go deep into the Dead Domain, Chen Qingyuan wanted to follow someone familiar to save himself a lot of trouble. However, he was unsure if the familiar person would be willing to help.

“Miss Murong, long time no see!”

Chen Qingyuan controlled the flying boat to land on the ground, and greeted Murong Wenxi with a polite bow and a smile.

Murong Wenxi walked a few steps towards Chen Qingyuan, her eyes looking slightly complicated as she assessed him. “I didn’t expect to meet Young Master Chen here, what a coincidence!”

“That means we have fate,” Chen Qingyuan said with a smile.

“Even if it’s fate, it’s a doomed fate,” Murong Wenxi retorted.

“Miss Murong, your words are a bit sharp!” Chen Qingyuan didn’t get angry, his smile still bright.

“Hmph!” Murong Wenxi couldn’t forget being tricked by Chen Qingyuan back then, and was still resentful. “I heard that you accidentally survived and became a useless person. Instead of staying in the Mystic Azure Sect, you came here. What’s the purpose?”

“A few days ago, I found a Ghost Doctor and accidentally healed my injuries, disappointing Miss,” Chen Qingyuan said.

“A Ghost Doctor?” Upon hearing this, Murong Wenxi’s eyes lit up, slightly excited. “Do you know where the Ghost Doctor is? And he healed your injuries?”

“Naturally,” Chen Qingyuan nodded. “I’m so likable, even a strange-tempered Ghost Doctor couldn’t bear to see me become a useless person.”

To be honest, Murong Wenxi really wanted to beat Chen Qingyuan up. But she had other thoughts in mind and had to go along with Chen Qingyuan’s words, praising him. “Young Master Chen is extraordinary, and no one would dislike him.”

At the sound of this, the smile on Chen Qingyuan’s lips froze.

There must be something fishy going on!

This woman suddenly said I’m extraordinary, there must be a plot. Although it’s true that I am very extraordinary, many people know this, but coming from Murong Wenxi’s mouth, it’s definitely not simple.

“Miss Murong, do you… have something to ask of me?” Chen Qingyuan didn’t want to beat around the bush and spoke directly.

“Yes.” Since the topic was brought up, Murong Wenxi didn’t conceal it either, took a deep breath, and nodded heavily. “Let’s make a deal. You tell me the specific location of the Ghost Doctor, and it will be considered a favor owed by the Murong family, or I will give you a generous gift.”

In the past few days, the Murong family had been sending elders to investigate the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor, but to no avail. It was said that the Ghost Doctor was likely located in the Seven Dust Stars of the Yunhai Star Domain, but there was still no trace. The Murong family and various forces had searched for the Ghost Doctor at great cost, but to no avail.

On the other hand, Han Shan, who had casually drawn a prize, had actually found the Ghost Doctor and sent Chen Qingyuan in. If it weren’t for the appearance of Sword Immortal Changgeng, Chen Qingyuan would probably still be locked up by the Ghost Doctor, or even dissected for research.

“Why does the Murong family want to find the Ghost Doctor?” Chen Qingyuan became interested and asked.

“No comment.” It was a family secret, and Murong Wenxi couldn’t reveal it.

Even if Murong Wenxi didn’t say it explicitly, by looking at the expressions of the strong members of the Murong family, Chen Qingyuan could guess.

It seemed that the life of an old ancestor of the Murong family had been threatened, and they were seeking the Ghost Doctor’s help.

If an old ancestor of the family died, it would be a huge loss.

“How about this, I’m quite interested in the Dead Domain. If the Murong family takes care of me a little, I will definitely inform you of the specific whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor when I come out of the Dead Domain.”

A protector had come to him, and if Chen Qingyuan didn’t take advantage of it, it would be a real loss.

“Why are you here in the Dead Domain? Is it because of the words of the Mystic Azure Dao Sect’s Ancestor?” Murong Wenxi asked curiously.

“Hehe…” Chen Qingyuan laughed and then became very serious. “No comment.”

Damn man!

Murong Wenxi was so angry she was itching to judge Chen Qingyuan, but she couldn’t. Her clenched fists were turning a little purple.

“Do you agree or not?” Chen Qingyuan coughed softly.

“If you dare to deceive me this time, don’t even think about leaving the North Cang Star Domain alive,” Murong Wenxi threatened, afraid of being fooled by Chen Qingyuan again.

“Why would I lie to you? If it weren’t for the Ghost Doctor’s help, I would still be a mortal. Do you think a mortal could come here?”Chen Qingyuan could lie without even a furrow in his brow.

Following that, Murong Wenxi turned to consult with her clanspeople through Sound Transmission.

A moment later, the Murong family agreed to the request.

“Alright, as long as there is one of us Murongs still alive, we will ensure nothing happens to you in the Dead Realm,” Murong Wenxi made her promise.

“Refreshing.” Chen Qingyuan greatly appreciated Murong Wenxi’s straightforward nature, efficient and trustworthy: “I also keep my word and will definitely not disappoint you.”

“The Barrier of the Dead Realm is about to weaken, let’s get ready to enter!”

Everyone stood at the edge of the Dead Realm, waiting because a thick red mist drifted ahead, extremely dangerous. Every few months, the red mist would dissipate for a few Time periods, presenting the best opportunity to enter the Dead Realm.

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