Chapter 24 – North Cang Star Domain, Death Domain

According to the prompt from the jade bracelet, Chen Qingyuan appeared in the western city of the North Cang Star Domain.

The red-dressed girl said she left a gift here for Chen Qingyuan to come and collect in person, which counted as the second agreement.

“There’s no specific location!” Chen Qingyuan was a little puzzled.

The red-dressed girl didn’t specify where the gift was placed, only that it was located in the western city.

The area of the western city was large, and Chen Qingyuan couldn’t find his way around.

After much thought, Chen Qingyuan decided to temporarily stay in the western city and figure it out later. Perhaps, after some time, there would be new clues inside the jade bracelet.

He entered the city and found a good inn to stay in.

Late at night, Chen Qingyuan’s divine sense entered the jade bracelet, still the same as before.

“Let nature take its course!”

Chen Qingyuan withdrew his divine sense and began to meditate and cultivate.

Now that he had an imperfectionless Dao Bone, Chen Qingyuan had to make good use of his time for cultivation and not slack off.

And so, Chen Qingyuan lived in the western city for two months.

During this time, Chen Qingyuan had been in seclusion, making his foundation very stable.

Inside the closed cultivation cave, various strange colored stones grew in the corners, and a faint white mist covered the ground, moving counterclockwise around Chen Qingyuan’s position.

Chen Qingyuan took out thousands of medium-quality spirit stones and began to refine them.

A faint white light appeared on the surface of his body, and the golden Dao Bone inside him trembled slightly, making the vague Dao Marks on the bones clearer.


After a moment, Chen Qingyuan broke through the bottleneck of his cultivation and reached the initial stage of the Mystic Spirit Realm.

Chen Qingyuan slowly opened his eyes, which seemed like an abyss, deep and empty, with a hint of desolation. In that instant, he seemed to have experienced endless years and seen through everything in the world.

This feeling only lasted for a moment, and Chen Qingyuan immediately returned to normal, exhaling a breath of relief.

“What is the origin of this Dao Bone?”

As Chen Qingyuan merged with the golden Dao Bone, he felt more and more that the Dao Bone was extraordinary.

After thinking deeply for a long time, Chen Qingyuan couldn’t figure it out and decided to put the matter aside for now and investigate it later.


At this moment, Chen Qingyuan noticed that the jade bracelet he carried with him was trembling, so he immediately took it out.

Then, Chen Qingyuan’s divine sense entered it.

“North of the western city, the Restricted Zone.”

These words appeared in front of Chen Qingyuan.

Soon, Chen Qingyuan’s consciousness was expelled from the jade bracelet.

“The Restricted Zone?” Chen Qingyuan muttered to himself. Having stayed in the western city for two months, he had gained some basic information and knew that this place was very strange. “It is said that the Restricted Zone is a ruin left over from a battlefield, with a history of at least a million years, and the actual age cannot be traced.”

The Restricted Zone in the North Cang Star Domain, like the Sky Abyss in the Flow Star Domain, was a forbidden area where entering meant risking one’s life.

The Sky Abyss was slightly more famous than the Restricted Zone, and more people paid attention to it.

“Just out of the wolf’s den, and now I have to enter the tiger’s den?”

To be honest, Chen Qingyuan really didn’t want to go to the Restricted Zone. But since it was a prior agreement, if he didn’t fulfill the promise, who knows what kind of trouble might arise.

“Sigh! It’s too difficult.”

With a sigh, he could only resign himself to it.

For countless years, countless powerful individuals had entered the Restricted Zone, but few had come out alive.

Chen Qingyuan knew that with his current cultivation level, entering the Restricted Zone meant he basically had no chance of coming out alive. “If she wants to kill me, she doesn’t need to go to such trouble.”

Looking at the jade bracelet in his hand, Chen Qingyuan inexplicably felt a sense of security.

Since the red-dressed girl had already indicated the location, he had to go.

Two days later, Chen Qingyuan prepared to leave the western city and head north.

The Restricted Zone occupied one-third of the North Cang Star Domain and was extremely vast. Due to the special laws of the Restricted Zone, it could nurture many spiritual treasures and Daoist medicines.

As a result, many cultivators, knowing the danger of the Restricted Zone, still dared to enter it.

Many people operated in the peripheral areas of the Restricted Zone, seeking opportunities.

“There are quite a few people in the world who are not afraid of death.”

Chen Qingyuan arrived at the boundary of the Restricted Zone and saw many figures, gathered in groups.

“Dao Friend, which sect or school are you a disciple of?”

On the way, more than ten sword-flying Taoists stopped and looked at Chen Qingyuan, who was riding a flying boat, and asked with clasped hands.

“I am a lone cultivator.” Chen Qingyuan didn’t want to interact with people he didn’t know.

Upon hearing this response, the group of Taoists with flying swords no longer hesitated and turned to leave.

Every year, many lone cultivators came to the Restricted Zone, hoping to test their luck and rise to the top after obtaining fortune. Such things happened frequently, inspiring countless cultivators.

“Although there are people who come to the Restricted Zone every year, why are there so many people here recently?” Chen Qingyuan had done his homework before going to the Restricted Zone and was secretly puzzled. “It doesn’t make sense!”

To find out what was going on, Chen Qingyuan directly threw out hundreds of medium-quality spirit stones and asked a cultivator for information. “Dao Friend, why have so many people come to the Restricted Zone recently?”

“It is rumored that the Daoist Ancestor has calculated that there is a change in the heavenly mechanism, and the source comes from the Restricted Zone. Various forces are moving, believing that something earth-shattering may be born in the Restricted Zone.”

The gray-clothed cultivator who had benefited from this information spoke truthfully.

“Because of an uncertain rumor, various cultivators are willing to take risks, which is too reckless!”

Chen Qingyuan complained. Most importantly, the involvement of various forces would disrupt his own plans, making it difficult to act.

“The Daoist Ancestor is a great figure of the present age, and his calculations have never been wrong. If we can obtain fortune from the Restricted Zone, we have to take the risk, no matter how dangerous it is.”

After understanding the situation, Chen Qingyuan prepared to enter the Restricted Zone, despite the danger.The grey-clothed cultivator sized up Chen Qingyuan, who was sitting inside the flying boat, and actually doubted the calculations of the Daoist Ancestor. He must not be a local, and asked, “Dao Friend, you’re not from the Northern Cang Star Domain, are you?”

Because the flying boat was cloaked by the barrier’s principle, ordinary cultivators couldn’t see through Chen Qingyuan’s true strength.

“Correct,” Chen Qingyuan nodded.

“No wonder Dao Friend would say such things. The Daoist Ancestor’s supernatural powers are vast; it’s impossible for him to miscalculate.”

With that, the grey-clothed cultivator finished speaking, cupped his fists in a gesture of goodwill, and then left.

The fiery red space ahead was the range of the Dead Zone, where many people were already using Dao Techniques, trying to find traces of fortune.

“This is like pushing me into a pit of fire.”

Chen Qingyuan complained, but his body honestly controlled the flying boat, slowly approaching the Dead Zone.

In order not to be oppressed by others, Chen Qingyuan had the Jade Bracelet conceal his cultivation level aura. In this way, the various strong cultivators couldn’t see through Chen Qingyuan’s depth and would certainly not dare to provoke him.

Many people in the Flow Star Domain recognized Chen Qingyuan, but not many here. After all, a hundred years ago, Chen Qingyuan was just a cultivator at the Elemental Infant Realm, not yet at the point where he was known by the whole world.

“To actually encounter her here, it seems she truly is the Heaven’s Pride of the Northern Cang Star Domain.”

However, Chen Qingyuan did recognize many of the younger generation from the Northern Wilderness, and indeed, he saw an acquaintance in the crowd.

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