Chapter 13 – The Second Agreement, Traces of the Ghost Doctor

In the southeast corner of the cemetery, there is a stele.

The stele reads—The Grave of Shangguan Rong.

A legendary figure of the Mystic Azure Sect, and also Chen Qingyuan’s cheap master. Since Chen Qingyuan can remember, he has never seen Shangguan Rong, only knowing that he was picked up by Shangguan Rong.

“Master, your disciple has come to offer incense to you.”

Even though Chen Qingyuan has never met his master, he respects him very much, bowing and offering incense.

“Master Uncle.”

Lin Changsheng and Dong Wenjun also bowed, showing their respect. If it weren’t for Shangguan Rong’s guidance and grace, they wouldn’t have become the head of a sect and the elder protecting the sect, and would probably have died in a corner long ago.

The three of them cleaned the dust from the grave, performed some simple rituals, and then left the cemetery.

Dong Wenjun was punished to face the wall and reflect, while Lin Changsheng stayed in a closed cultivation cave with Chen Qingyuan, saying, “Junior Martial Brother, I have been inquiring about the news of reshaping the spiritual root during this time and have gained some insights.”

“Big Senior Brother, you don’t have to worry so much. Everything has its own destiny.”

Chen Qingyuan noticed that Lin Changsheng’s complexion was a bit haggard. These days, he had been worrying a lot about his own affairs. The cultivation world is extremely dangerous, and human hearts are the most complex. It’s not that Chen Qingyuan is unwilling to talk about his own spiritual root reshaping, but he can’t.

Once the news leaks out, not only will Chen Qingyuan face a lot of trouble, but it will also drag the entire Mystic Azure Sect into the water.

Having survived in the Sky Abyss for a hundred years and reshaped an imperfectionless spiritual root, this news reaching the ears of some powerful figures will surely cause unimaginable shock.

“This is what Big Senior Brother should do.” Lin Changsheng shook his head gently. “I have inquired about the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor. It is said to be located in a certain place in the Star Domain of the Northern Wilderness. This person is the most famous doctor in the Northern Wilderness, having cured many difficult diseases, and there are even rumors that he has the ability to bring the dead back to life.”

“I’ve heard of the Ghost Doctor before. He is elusive, and his true appearance is unknown.”

Chen Qingyuan had known about the Ghost Doctor since he was very young. He was the most powerful doctor in the Northern Wilderness, and it was said that even the Great Cultivators had to give him some face and dare not be disrespectful.

“It is said that the trace of the Ghost Doctor has appeared in the Star Domain of the Northern Wilderness. I will accompany you to try our luck.”

Lin Changsheng probably spent a lot of effort and resources to find out this information. However, for the sake of curing Chen Qingyuan, all the effort was worth it.

“Big Senior Brother, will you be very disappointed if I can’t be cured?”

Chen Qingyuan looked up at Lin Changsheng, his expression somewhat serious.

“Nonsense, you are a lucky star, and good people have their own fortunes. It’s impossible for you not to be cured.” Lin Changsheng was afraid that Chen Qingyuan would lose hope, so he quickly comforted him.

“Everything has exceptions. What if?”

Chen Qingyuan wanted to hear what Lin Changsheng really thought, taking it very seriously.

Seeing Chen Qingyuan’s serious expression, Lin Changsheng remained silent for a long time.

After a while, Lin Changsheng said firmly, “If you really can’t be cured, Big Senior Brother will let you live the rest of your life worry-free, find a suitable marriage for you, and leave descendants. After you pass away, Big Senior Brother will bury you next to Master Uncle’s grave and visit your grave from time to time to tell you interesting things within the sect.”

In fact, Lin Changsheng had thought about the worst outcome many times in his mind, which was nothing more than watching Chen Qingyuan grow old and die with a mortal body.

In any case, as long as Chen Qingyuan was still alive, Lin Changsheng would not let him suffer. This was not only what Lin Changsheng thought, but also the sentiment of the high-level members of the Mystic Azure Sect.

“Alright, I understand.” Chen Qingyuan suddenly laughed, breaking the solemn atmosphere in the room. “I haven’t reached the point of dying yet, so don’t be so serious.”

“Didn’t you bring up this topic first? Why are you turning the tables now?” Lin Changsheng’s eyes were sharp.

“My bad, let’s not talk about it.”

After hearing Lin Changsheng’s words just now, Chen Qingyuan felt warm in his heart. The Mystic Azure Sect was not as focused on interests as other sects, and their deep bond was the reason why Chen Qingyuan relied so much on the Mystic Azure Sect.

“The whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor are very difficult to find. Tomorrow morning, we will set off for the Star Domain of the Northern Wilderness.” Lin Changsheng said.

“Are you in such a hurry?”

Chen Qingyuan was surprised.

“If we miss this opportunity, it may be very difficult to find the Ghost Doctor within a hundred years.”

In other words, Chen Qingyuan only had this one chance to reshape his spiritual root. After all, if he lived in this world with a mortal body, he only had a hundred years of life.

“Big Senior Brother, if you accompany me, what about the family?”

Chen Qingyuan was worried that the Mystic Azure Sect would be in trouble and didn’t want the sect to be implicated because of him.

“Junior Martial Brother Dong will stay at home to watch over things. There won’t be any problems, so don’t worry about these things.”

Lin Changsheng arranged these matters before being able to leave the Mystic Azure Sect. For him, repairing Chen Qingyuan’s spiritual root was very important and couldn’t be taken lightly.

“Alright!” Chen Qingyuan had no reason to refuse, so he could only nod in agreement.

Lin Changsheng escorted Chen Qingyuan to the cultivation cave and then left.

Late at night, Chen Qingyuan sat on the edge of the bed and took out the jade bracelet, examining it carefully.As Chen Qingyuan’s consciousness entered, he once again felt his soul enveloped by the terrifying principles, a suffocating sensation thick in the air, his heart sinking slightly.

“The first agreement is barely completed.”

A cold voice reached Chen Qingyuan’s ears.

This jade bracelet contained a strange and unpredictable power, seemingly able to connect to the Sky Abyss, allowing conversation with the Red-Dressed Girl.

“Now you must do the second thing.”

The Red-Dressed Girl spoke again.

“What is it?”

Chen Qingyuan asked.

“Head to the North Cang Star Domain, there is a gift waiting for you.”

Her icy words echoed in every corner of the jade bracelet’s space.

“What gift?”

Chen Qingyuan was very curious.

“You will know once you arrive.”

With those words, Chen Qingyuan’s consciousness was ejected from the jade bracelet.

“North Cang Star Domain…”

Chen Qingyuan fell into deep thought, both anticipating and feeling apprehensive about the gift the Red-Dressed Girl mentioned.

Every time he recalled his hundred years of life in the Sky Abyss, Chen Qingyuan shuddered with fear.

The next day, Lin Changsheng arrived early at Chen Qingyuan’s door, ready to take him to the Yunhai Star Domain.

Just as the two were about to depart, an inner sect Elder rushed over in a flurry: “Sect Master, this is a joint invitation from the eighteen sects of the Supporting Flow Star Domain, requesting your presence to discuss the matter of the Demon’s Lair.”

The Supporting Flow Star Domain had a total of nineteen first-rate and top forces, including the Mystic Azure Sect.

The weight of a joint invitation from the eighteen sects was self-evident.

As the Demon’s Lair grew larger, all the sacred grounds had to come up with a solution.

“I’m not available, let the Great Elder go!”

Lin Changsheng frowned, his first thought was to refuse the invitation, not wanting to engage in verbal sparring with the leaders of the other sects.

“Sect Master, this matter is extremely serious. If you don’t go, it might be inappropriate.”

The Elder said with a wry smile.

“Why should I, the Sect Master, discuss solutions to the trouble caused by the Heavenly Jade Sect?”

Lin Changsheng snorted coldly, thinking it was already good enough that he wasn’t kicking them while they were down.

“If the Demon’s Lair issue escalates, our Mystic Azure Sect will definitely suffer. Sect Master, you must go and see, perhaps you can secure a good deal of resources from the Heavenly Jade Sect.”

This Elder was responsible for the sect’s internal and external affairs and had some authority to oversee the Sect Master.

“Senior Brother, you go ahead!” Chen Qingyuan understood the gravity of the situation and also understood Lin Changsheng’s desire to accompany him in search of the Ghost Doctor. But in the face of the sect’s greater good, Lin Changsheng, as the Sect Master, could not be absent: “Find someone else to accompany me.”

Lin Changsheng turned to look at Chen Qingyuan, his expression solemn, he sighed deeply: “Sigh!”

After thinking it over, Lin Changsheng had to prioritize the bigger picture and used Sound Transmission to summon someone.

Who could it be?

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