Chapter 12 – Canceling the alliance, all parties are shaken

Yan Minghai felt a lot of unfriendly pressure, obviously very interested in Sky Abyss, quickly made defensive preparations, and took a few steps towards Chen Qingyuan.

If anyone dared to lay a hand on Chen Qingyuan, Yan Minghai would protect him at the first time.

“If Master Du is so curious, why not go in and take a look for yourself.” Chen Qingyuan smiled and was not intimidated by Du Ruosheng’s momentum, casually replied.

“If there is a chance, I will definitely go.”

In front of everyone, Du Ruosheng could not threaten or coerce Chen Qingyuan. Most importantly, not far away in the warship, there was an elder from the Mystic Azure Sect.

A powerful figure in the Tribulation Crossing stage, Du Ruosheng did not want to offend, there was no need for that.

“Senior Brother Yan, let’s go!”

Chen Qingyuan ignored the people from the Eastern Joy Palace, and didn’t even look at Bai Xixue from beginning to end.

As Chen Qingyuan said, his karmic relationship with Bai Xixue had ended.

Perhaps, Bai Xixue had really cared about Chen Qingyuan before! But there was a premise, Chen Qingyuan had to be a world-renowned Heaven’s Pride.

Since Chen Qingyuan returned, everyone knew that he had become a useless person, and Bai Xixue had no emotional fluctuations towards him, at most, just a little guilt.

On the path of cultivation, it was so difficult to truly meet someone who treated you sincerely!

Although Chen Qingyuan could understand Bai Xixue’s behavior, he would not forgive her, and from now on, they would be like strangers, owing nothing to each other.

“This kid must be hiding a secret.”

Du Ruosheng looked at Chen Qingyuan’s departing figure and muttered to herself.

If Chen Qingyuan had come out alive a hundred years ago, the cultivators of the world would not have any interest, they would only think of Sky Abyss as a place of great terror, not to be approached.

However, after a hundred years, Chen Qingyuan appeared, how could the cultivators of the world not be curious?

“Sect Master, is there really no room for negotiation between the Eastern Joy Palace and the Heavenly Jade Sect?” Yao Susu asked courageously.

“What? Elder Yao wants to be a mediator?” Du Ruosheng turned to look at Yao Susu, with a cold and indifferent tone.

“No such intention, please calm down, Sect Master.”

Yao Susu quickly bowed and admitted her mistake.

“Hmph!” Du Ruosheng snorted and left with the people from the Eastern Joy Palace.

If the two sects formed an alliance, under the request of a certain elder from the Heavenly Jade Sect, Yao Susu’s status as Bai Xixue’s master would naturally rise. Therefore, Yao Susu wanted to try to fight for it.

The matter of the Demon’s Lair was very serious, and Du Ruosheng would not foolishly take responsibility for the Heavenly Jade Sect.

An alliance?

What a load of nonsense!

Although many people wanted to know about Sky Abyss from Chen Qingyuan, no force dared to force him.

Not far away, Dong Wenjun, with white hair, stood on the warship of the Mystic Azure Sect, hands behind his back, his eyes always fixed on the direction of Chen Qingyuan. If anyone dared to harm Chen Qingyuan, they had to consider whether they could win against Dong Wenjun.

“Why would someone protect a useless person like him?”

Many people couldn’t understand, and were puzzled.

If it were in other sects, becoming a useless person meant death, and they would not pay any attention to it.

The cultivators of the world would not understand how important Chen Qingyuan was in the eyes of the high-level members of the Mystic Azure Sect, this was family affection, not just a simple business relationship.

With Dong Wenjun’s deterrence, Chen Qingyuan safely returned to the warship. The group of people left the Heavenly Jade Sect without encountering any trouble along the way.

Not long after, news of the cancellation of the alliance spread far and wide, including the matter of the Demon’s Lair.

“Damn it, all the benefits have been taken by the Heavenly Jade Sect, and now they have caused a big trouble and let us take the blame. What kind of nonsense is this.”

“No wonder the Heavenly Jade Sect wants to quickly form an alliance with the Eastern Joy Palace, they want to have a scapegoat before they die!”

“I said, how could the Heavenly Jade Sect rise in a few hundred years, it turns out they obtained a great fortune from the Demon’s Lair. Now that the Demon’s Lair has developed to an uncontrollable extent, the Heavenly Jade Sect wants us to bear the consequences, it’s really none of our business!”

Upon learning of this, the high-level members of the sects cursed and wished to raze the Heavenly Jade Sect to the ground.

However, after these years of development, the Heavenly Jade Sect had many strong cultivators and was not easy to deal with, so the cultivators of the various sects could only vent their anger in private.

Mystic Azure Sect, inner hall.

A group of people were discussing the issue of the Demon’s Lair, although Chen Qingyuan had lost his cultivation, he could still offer some advice, sitting aside and drinking tea.

After a lot of noise, some people in the Mystic Azure Sect proposed to deal with the Demon’s Lair together with the strong cultivators of the various sects, and settle the score with the Heavenly Jade Sect. However, the other half of the people felt that this matter was caused by the Heavenly Jade Sect and should not be addressed for the time being.

“Junior Martial Brother, what do you think?”

Lin Changsheng raised his hand to quiet the crowd and turned to look at the relaxed and comfortable Chen Qingyuan.

“It’s none of our business, there’s no need for us to argue.” Chen Qingyuan expressed his inner thoughts, “The one who should be in a hurry is the Heavenly Jade Sect, not our Mystic Azure Sect. If the Demon’s Lair really erupts, we should destroy the Heavenly Jade Sect first, and then unite with fellow cultivators to deal with it.”

“I agree with Junior Martial Brother’s view. If we really need to take action, we should wait until the Heavenly Jade Sect is destroyed.”

Many senior brothers and sisters expressed their agreement and were extremely dissatisfied with the behavior of the Heavenly Jade Sect.

“If that’s the case, we may miss the best opportunity to resolve the Demon’s Lair. Once it gets out of control, I don’t know how many innocent people will die.”

A certain elder frowned, full of worry.

“In my opinion, we should wait and see.”

Chen Qingyuan understood the concerns of the people, and his expression became more serious, pondering.

“Let’s not talk about this for now.” Lin Changsheng interrupted the discussion of the crowd to avoid further disputes, “Let’s see what the Heavenly Jade Sect does first, and then we’ll discuss it.”

The meeting ended, and Lin Changsheng asked Dong Wenjun and Chen Qingyuan to stay, while the others left on their own.

“Dong Junior Martial Brother, do you know your mistake for leaving the sect without permission?” Lin Changsheng looked younger than Dong Wenjun, but in fact, he was much older and slightly stronger.

“I know my mistake.”

Dong Wenjun bowed his head and admitted his mistake without arguing.”I know you’re worried about the safety of our Junior Martial Brother, but as an Elder tasked with Protecting the Sect, your responsibility is significant, and you cannot leave lightly. If I have to leave the Sect temporarily for some matters, and you’re not here either, should any petty thieves invade our Sect, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Lin Changsheng and Dong Wenjun were disciples of the same lineage, both referring to Chen Qingyuan’s Master as ‘Elder Uncle,’ having received his kindness.

“Junior Brother is willing to accept the punishment.”

Dong Wenjun had anticipated the consequences before leaving.

“You are to face the wall in penance for three months, and you are forbidden from drinking alcohol for half a year,” Lin Changsheng said sternly.

“Ah?” Dong Wenjun was startled and then gave a wry smile, “Big Senior Brother, I can face the wall, but can the alcohol ban be lifted?”

“No,” Lin Changsheng said sharply.

“Alright then!”

In his life, Dong Wenjun had no interest in women, only in drinking. Forbidding him from alcohol for half a year was indeed a great torment, but he had no choice but to accept the punishment.

“Junior Martial Brother, since you’ve returned, you haven’t yet offered incense to our Master. Go and do it today!”

Having dealt with the matter, Lin Changsheng’s stern expression softened somewhat.


Chen Qingyuan’s nominal Master, in fact, he had never met. For soon after taking Chen Qingyuan as his disciple, the Master had passed away, his body and Dao vanishing.

The Master’s passing always felt suspicious, but since Lin Changsheng personally buried him, and many Elders witnessed it, they could only accept this fact.

At that time, Chen Qingyuan was still in swaddling clothes, completely unaware of the outside world.

Thanks to the favors his Master had once done, Chen Qingyuan had benefited. More than half of the high-level members of the Mystic Azure Sect had received the Master’s kindness and fortune, especially Lin Changsheng and Dong Wenjun, who had been pulled from the brink of death by the Master on numerous occasions.

With this relationship, Chen Qingyuan had never been wronged and was even privy to many secrets of his Senior Brothers.

The last time they checked for Body Possession, Chen Qingyuan had to sacrifice his Senior Brothers’ secrets to prove his innocence; it wasn’t that he couldn’t keep a secret.

Chen Qingyuan and the others arrived at the cemetery behind the mountain, where the autumn wind whistled mournfully, conveying a sense of desolation.

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