Chapter 59 – Four Realms of Meditation

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Desolate Buddhist Scriptures.avi”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “First, let’s put the secret manual in the group and see if you guys can use it @ all Xu Zong!”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “What? Why not wait until you learn it and form a skill before sharing it?”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Learn it yourself.”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Haha.jpg”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Middle finger.jpg”

Appearing in the picture of Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong is a slender and smooth hand, rudely flipping the middle finger.

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “I skimmed through this secret manual and it feels very similar to meditation.”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “That’s right, meditation and asceticism are the main methods of refining the divine power recorded in this manual. It divides meditation into four levels: concentration, detachment, transcendence, and selflessness! It has similarities with many ancient philosophical thoughts on Earth!”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “As your meditation realm becomes higher, your divine power will naturally increase. In my world, besides the inheritance of Sakyamuni, this Desolate Buddhist Scriptures should be the most powerful divine power refining manual!”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “The improvement of divine power takes a long time to perceive. I don’t know if it will be useful in your world, so I’ll put it in the group first. Those who need it can start practicing now, and those who are not in a hurry can wait for me to form a skill after practicing.”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “I see, that makes sense.”

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “Enough talk, I’ll start practicing first!”

Swallowed Star World.

Elite Training Camp, Nine-story Tower.

Today is an odd-numbered day, a day for practicing in the training camp. Xu Zong has already submitted an application to use the gravity chamber in advance. There are two hours of usage time in the morning and afternoon today.

According to the internal data analysis of the elite training camp, generally speaking, practicing in the gravity chamber for two hours is the limit for most students. The effect of practice will be maximized, and it is meaningless to occupy more time without the body recovering.

Therefore, Xu Zong plans to practice for two hours in the morning and afternoon of odd-numbered days, and also practice for two hours in the evening of even-numbered days. In this way, six hours in two days, thirty days will be 90 hours, which corresponds exactly to the duration of his first place in the training camp last month.

Entering the gravity chamber, Xu Zong first opens his wristwatch and finds the music player. He clicks on “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Interlude” and starts playing it on loop.


The passionate music resounds in the gravity chamber. Xu Zong, who has already shared the Martial World General’s buff speaker, feels a surge of indescribable strength in his body and his mind becomes extremely clear.

After making the necessary preparations, he starts exercising directly in the gravity chamber, focusing his training on spear techniques and the Fivefold Force. He continues until his body is sore and exhausted, then sits cross-legged on the ground, practicing the Great Annihilation while silently reciting the Desolate Buddhist Scriptures.

The Great Annihilation refines the body, while the Desolate Buddhist Scriptures refines the divine power.

The Desolate Buddhist Scriptures emphasize meditation and asceticism, requiring a lot of time for mental cultivation.

And the extreme training coincides with asceticism. When practicing the Great Annihilation, he is also practicing meditation. The two complement each other, allowing him to do two things at once and gain double the benefits!

While practicing the Great Annihilation, Xu Zong clearly feels that his brain has become much sharper. With each movement of the spear, his spirit is vigorous, feeling like he is using twelve-tenths of his strength. This is the influence of Qiao Feng’s War God buff, and it also enhances the progress of meditation!

Although Xu Zong’s cultivation does not have a bottleneck, the speed of his cultivation depends on his own aptitude, which can only be described as excellent and not on the level of a genius.

But with Qiao Feng’s War God buff, his physical training and mental comprehension have clearly reached the level of a genius!

Under the influence of Qiao Feng’s War God buff and his own limitless talent, Xu Zong’s cultivation can be said to progress by leaps and bounds!

In the gravity chamber, Xu Zong immerses himself in cultivation, naturally absorbing the cosmic energy floating in the air, while his mind undergoes an inexplicable transformation, as if undergoing an unfathomable metamorphosis.

According to the Desolate Buddhist Scriptures, meditation is divided into four realms.

The first realm is concentration, which means being able to cut off the constant distractions and trivial thoughts in one’s mind, and being able to focus on something without getting distracted.

The second realm is detachment. Human thinking has inertia. When faced with a problem, people tend to approach it based on their own experiences. When the mind reaches the level of detachment, one can view the problem from the perspective of an observer, free from the constraints of personal subjective consciousness.

The third realm is transcendence. In one’s life, one is often influenced by external feedback and one’s own emotions. Ridicule and insults from others can gradually make one lose rationality. If the mind can reach the level of transcendence, one can view things with a calm and detached attitude, unaffected by others and one’s own emotions. This “calm and detached” state does not mean cutting off emotions and attachments, but rather, in the face of knowledge, facing it with sincere self-expression, being able to laugh, get angry, and curse while remaining detached.

The fourth realm is selflessness, also known as the Unity of Heaven and Man! It is the fusion of oneself and all things, forming a connection between the spirit and the world, profound and indescribable in words.

“Is this meditation refining the divine power or the mind? But it’s also true, the mind and the divine power are inseparable. It should be said that even something as elusive as the mind can be clearly divided into specific levels. This Pei San is truly remarkable!”

Xu Zong couldn’t help but admire in his heart.Indeed, the Desolate Buddhist Scriptures saw the refinement of the mind and the heart as one and the same, or rather, the heart was the external manifestation of the mind. As the mind ascended, the temperament would naturally be elevated.

The Desolate Buddhist Scriptures reflected many aspects of Chinese and Indian cultures. After all, the world of The Nine Cauldrons had a special connection with Earth. It was not surprising that the strong ones from ancient times had once traveled to Earth.

“Upon self-reflection, I fear my realm is only at the first level!”

Xu Zong sighed inwardly after comparing the secret scriptures.

When he was young, in order to focus more on physical training, Xu Zong had tentatively practiced meditation. Within a month, he had made progress and his concentration had greatly increased. Since then, he had been able to train his body so diligently, and even began to enjoy the pleasure brought by the increase in physical strength.

He had not practiced meditation since then, as he no longer needed it.

Unexpectedly, he now had to spend time on a practice similar to meditation.

If he had known this, he would have spent more time on meditation.

After two hours of practice, the dozens of times gravity immediately dissipated.

Xu Zong stood up from the ground, his body aching and his spirit extremely active. He looked radiant, nothing like the exhausted state he was in twenty minutes ago.

With a thought, Xu Zong reached out to the watch that was still playing the interlude of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils on the console. He closed his eyes gently, then opened them fiercely.


The watch shook slightly, but only for a moment.


Xu Zong smiled slightly, expressing his emotion.

“The secret scripture of refining the mind, it seems it can indeed help me become a Mind Teacher. My mind is not weak, and after practice, it has initially left the Niwan Palace… However, such mental power is just so-so. I should focus on the cultivation of a warrior for now, and bring along the cultivation of mental power!”

For now, he needed to become stronger as soon as possible, to keep up with Luo Feng’s pace into the universe!

If he chose to be distracted, he might not even be able to become a strong warrior. Even if becoming a Mind Teacher had its benefits, there were no cultivation and combat secret scriptures for Mind Teachers on Earth at present. He might end up working hard for nothing!

It would be better to reach the Celestial Level on the path of a warrior first, and then focus on studying mental power when the cultivation speed slows down!

Having made up his mind, Xu Zong left the gravity room.

He still had a lot of time to use the trial room. He planned to go to the trial room to hone his Body Movement, so that his Body Movement could also quickly enter the Realm of Artistic Conception!

As April passed, his cultivation and hunting slowly progressed.

Numerous invitations from all over the world were delivered to him in various ways, and he simply rejected most of them. Only to the Chinese military, considering his own background, Xu Zong tactfully expressed his willingness to consider, and promised to help in any situation, as long as it did not violate the agreement.

As time passed, Xu Zong’s strength was steadily becoming stronger.

Everyone in the chat group was still checking in and chatting every day without fail.

Time quickly came to the end of April.

The competition on the Black Dragon leaderboard gradually intensified, but this had nothing to do with Xu Zong. His ranking on the leaderboard was still unshakably at the top!

As for why—

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “The fourth level of World Annihilation is completed, should I share it with all Xu Zongs?”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Boss 666!”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Boss 666!”

Martial World General Xu Zong: “Boss 666!”

The three Xu Zongs clicked on the avatar of Swallowed Star Xu Zong at the same time. By now, his skill bar was no longer as shabby as before. In addition to the Realm of Artistic Conception level of gunmanship, his Body Movement had also reached the Realm of Artistic Conception. Even the cultivation of the Desolate Buddhist Scriptures had reached the second level of the External Realm early on.

Swallowed Star Xu Zong: “I have to say, the buff sound is really useful, especially Qiao Feng’s War God buff, which makes my practice twice as effective. The Realm of Artistic Conception level Body Movement was completed in ten days, and the fourth level of World Annihilation, which was originally expected to take two months, was completed in twenty days. It’s simply outrageous!”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Indeed, especially the combination of the two talents of no bottleneck in cultivation and War God buff, the cultivation progress is frighteningly fast! It’s only been two months since I became a Dou Zhe, and now I’ve stepped into the Three-Star Dou Zhe realm. My beautiful master is overjoyed. I feel that in three years, when the plot begins, I should at least be able to become a Dou Ling!”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Why only a Three-Star Dou Zhe?”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “Only? What gave you the impression that it’s easy to cross three minor realms in two months?”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “I don’t remember much about the original work, I just remember that Xiao Yan often breaks through several minor realms, as if breaking through realms is as easy as eating and drinking.”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “That’s the protagonist, okay? I’m a supporting character. Three minor realms in two months is already very impressive. How many people can’t break through a minor realm in two months.”

Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong: “And it’s different here than where you are. The main difficulty lies in energy accumulation, which takes time, okay? Unlike you, once you understand one or two laws, your combat power will skyrocket.”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “That’s true.”

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