Chapter 58 – Celestial God Mountain

Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons: “I finally found Celestial God Mountain! @All Xu Zongs!”

Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons: “Celestial God Mountain.jpg”

After opening the picture, it was a tall mountain on the grassland, towering high as if it could pierce the sky.

At the foot of Celestial God Mountain, there were countless men, women, and children wearing the attire of the northern tribes, kneeling devoutly and praying for warriors in their tribes and children in their families to be chosen by Celestial God Mountain. Among them, there were even elderly people in their seventies and eighties, missing arms and legs, which was truly heart-wrenching.

Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons: “On the grassland, the strong prey on the weak. Powerful tribes can slaughter weaker tribes without any consequences. That’s why these people hope that their tribes can produce a warrior chosen by Celestial God Mountain. In the eyes of these grassland people, Celestial God Mountain is their only savior.”

Xu Zong of Swallowed Star: “Having to rely on others for survival, not having control over life and death, it’s really unpleasant to watch.”

Xu Zong of Martial World General: “Feeling unpleasant is normal. It’s proof that people haven’t lost their conscience.”

Xu Zong of Battle Through the Heavens: “Being scolded by an idiot again, I don’t want to talk.”

Xu Zong of the Nine Cauldrons: “I’m going up!”

In the world of the Nine Cauldrons, on the grassland.

Xu Zong strode towards Celestial God Mountain.

“Friend, if you want to join Celestial God Mountain, please come this way!”

A guard who seemed to belong to Celestial God Mountain stopped Xu Zong and pointed to a square not far away filled with stone locks.

“Report to them that I, Xu Zong, a solitary Innate expert, want to join Celestial God Mountain!”

After Xu Zong finished speaking, a stream of light flowed on his body.

It was a type of internal martial arts energy different from Innate True Essence, but in the current era where internal martial arts hadn’t spread, internal martial arts energy could be considered as a special form of Innate True Essence.

“Innate expert?!”

The guard was immediately shocked and quickly reported to the captain.

Before long, not only the captain, but even the commander of this guard was alarmed. They respectfully invited Xu Zong into Celestial God Mountain and led him to a palace for receiving guests.

“Hahaha! I heard that an Innate expert wants to join our Celestial God Mountain?”

Even before the person appeared in front of him, Xu Zong could hear the thunderous voice.

Innate expert!

Soon, a muscular man wearing a yellow robe walked into the palace. He had a shaved head, hand seals in his hands, and a carefree smile on his face.

“I am the seventh divine general of Celestial God Mountain, named Tegus Ch’aekt’u. You can call me Tegus!”

“My surname is Xu, given name Zong, a person from Yangzhou in the Nine Provinces.”

Don’t hit a smiling person, especially when you’re here to join them. Xu Zong also stood up to greet him.

“Brother Xu Zong, let me be straightforward with you!”

Tegus nodded and spoke straightforwardly.

“Celestial God Mountain resides on the grassland all year round. Apart from the residents of the grassland, few ordinary people from the Nine Provinces are willing to join Celestial God Mountain. According to reason, as an Innate expert, joining Celestial God Mountain should immediately make you a divine general.”

“However, currently, there are a total of eight divine generals on Celestial God Mountain, all of them are at the Innate Essence stage or above. I’m afraid we still need to have a battle to determine your position, Brother Xu Zong!”

“That’s reasonable.”

Xu Zong understood and nodded in agreement.

In other words, they needed to see if Xu Zong was the real deal. If he was just a weak Innate False Essence cultivator, then sorry, he couldn’t become a divine general for the time being. Celestial God Mountain valued quality over quantity when recruiting.

“Please follow me to the Life and Death Cliff!”

Under Tegus’ lead, the two of them arrived at a cliff on Celestial God Mountain.

“What happened to the seventh divine general?”

“Are they going to fight judging from the situation?”

The disciples of Celestial God Mountain who gathered at the cliff were all attracted by this scene and came to watch.


Tegus performed a bow in the manner of a Han person, then spread his arms and rushed towards Xu Zong without saying a word!

When he charged, he looked like a giant peng bird, with emerald green Innate True Essence gathering on his shoulders. It seemed like he was going to use his shoulders to collide, but during the charge, he clenched his palms into claws, secretly preparing himself.

Xu Zong smiled faintly, and his body emitted a radiant glow of internal martial arts energy.

He raised his fist, and his right arm muscles were like electric drills as he fiercely thrust it forward!


With a deafening sound, the disciples of Celestial God Mountain around them were shocked and quickly scattered, avoiding the surging airwaves and True Essence in the air.


Tegus met the fist with his shoulder. In the instant of their collision, his expression changed, and a piercing pain spread from his shoulder, causing his entire body’s blood and True Essence to surge uncontrollably. He was sent flying uncontrollably!


“The seventh divine general was defeated in one move?”

The onlookers were in an uproar, each wearing an expression of disbelief.The eight great celestial generals of Tian Shen Mountain have long been revered by ordinary disciples as legendary figures. Where have they ever seen them being defeated so easily?

Xu Zong silently retracted his fist, standing tall and motionless, with a smile on his face.

“Tegus, how do you think of my strength?”

In the past month, although he had been on the road, he did not neglect his cultivation. Every day, he practiced the Great Annihilation Technique, absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to strengthen his body. With the enhancement of Xu Zong’s talent, his arms had gained a strength of one hundred thousand kilograms in just one month!

And the Triple Force Technique of the third level of World Annihilation could make his strength explode to 3.6 times. Coupled with the initial Gang Force, it could also enhance his strength by two hundred thousand kilograms… His full strength was 1.28 million kilograms!

Even an ordinary innate Golden Elixir realm expert was not his match!

“I admit defeat!”

Tegus got up from the ground with a bitter smile.

“If Xu Brother had told me earlier that he was in the innate Golden Elixir realm, I wouldn’t have embarrassed myself like this. With your strength, there are no opponents on Tian Shen Mountain except for the first and fifth celestial generals. You are fully deserving of the position of celestial general!”

“After I report to my teacher, you can become the ninth celestial general of Tian Shen Mountain!”

Xu Zong nodded secretly.

In Tegus’ eyes, my full strength can only rank third on Tian Shen Mountain.

Indeed, talented individuals are everywhere in the world. I am not strong enough yet!

But it doesn’t matter. In about another month, my Gang Force will break through to the mid-stage realm. According to my calculations, mid-stage Gang Force should be able to enhance my strength by four hundred thousand kilograms. Coupled with the fourth level of World Annihilation that Xu Zong is cultivating… Hmph, I’m afraid I will be invincible under the Illusory Realm in a month!

The Dharma Door of the Triple Force Technique is simply a downgrade in the world of The Nine Cauldrons!

This Dharma Door must not be easily spread. I have to remind my cousin when I go back.

“Tegus, if I join Tian Shen Mountain, I also have a request!”

“Tell me!”

Tegus said candidly.

A solitary expert in the innate Golden Elixir realm who wants to join a certain power must have some demands.

“In fact, I have always lacked a secret manual that directly points to the Illusory Realm. I came to Tian Shen Mountain precisely for the secret manual of the Esoteric Sect!”

Xu Zong’s mood was somewhat uneasy. For a sect, a top-level secret manual represents its heritage!

“Secret manual?”

Tegus widened his eyes.

Xu Zong’s heart trembled. Could this request be difficult?

“Hahaha! I thought it was something else. Just this?”

Tegus suddenly burst into laughter, his face full of indifference.

“No problem, just speak up if you want any secret manual. Even if it’s a heavenly-grade secret manual, you can take it for cultivation as long as you don’t spread it!”

In the world of The Nine Cauldrons, secret manuals are divided into three levels: Heaven, Earth, and Human, as well as the Outcast level. The Earth-grade secret manual points out the method to break through to the innate realm, while the heavenly-grade secret manual points out the method to break through to the Illusory Realm!

The comprehension of the power of heaven and earth after that still depends on the cultivator’s own practice!

In other words, a heavenly-grade secret manual is at most useful for the innate realm, and experts in the Illusory Realm no longer care about mere heavenly-grade secret manuals. In fact, they can even create heavenly-grade secret manuals themselves!

Although Tegus was only in the innate Golden Elixir realm, he was the disciple of the celestial god, the master of Tian Shen Mountain. As a celestial god in the Illusory Realm, he naturally looked down on heavenly-grade secret manuals.

To be able to win over a solitary expert in the innate Golden Elixir realm with just one heavenly-grade secret manual, it can’t be described as anything other than a huge gain!

“And from the way he speaks, it seems that he doesn’t even have a heavenly-grade secret manual and yet he has cultivated to the innate Golden Elixir realm! His talent is truly extraordinary, and he doesn’t seem to be very old. I’m afraid even the teacher will be tempted to accept him as a disciple!”

Tegus thought to himself.

“That’s great!”

Xu Zong immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

He finally obtained the secret manual for cultivating the “god”!

Soon, Xu Zong met the celestial god who presided over Tian Shen Mountain. He was a slightly plump middle-aged man dressed in a red robe, with a gentle smile that made people have a good impression of him.

“What a powerful god. A master in the Illusory Realm can actually influence my mind at first sight!”

Xu Zong suddenly woke up, secretly shocked in his heart.

With the permission of the celestial god, Xu Zong became the ninth celestial general of Tian Shen Mountain. Along with the celestial general token, he was also allowed to freely browse all the secret manuals on Tian Shen Mountain.

“Xu Zong, are you willing to become my disciple?”

The celestial god looked at Xu Zong with a smiling face.

“Thank you for your kindness, celestial god, but I have already found my own path.”

Xu Zong politely declined.

“Oh? Have you already seen the direction to break through to the Illusory Realm?”

The celestial god showed a look of surprise.

He didn’t force it either. Seeing that Xu Zong didn’t agree, the matter came to an end.He was a powerful figure who had achieved Great Achievement in the Illusory Realm. There was no need for him to lose face by obsessing over an Innate Golden Elixir. Moreover, if this person had truly found the path to the Illusory Realm, he wouldn’t be able to offer any guidance. The cultivation of the Illusory Realm relied on one’s own comprehension.

Under Tegus’s guidance, Xu Zong arrived at the scripture repository of Celestial God Mountain and saw several heavenly secret books of the mountain.

“Do you want the most powerful secret book for cultivating the spirit? Then this is the one!”

Tegus took out a book from the heavenly secret books, speaking mysteriously.

“This ‘Desolate Buddhist Scriptures’ was created by the mysterious palace master of our Celestial God Palace. Don’t ask who the palace master is, you will know when the time comes. This ‘Desolate Buddhist Scriptures’ is the most powerful spirit-cultivating secret book among the heavenly secret books, but it’s slightly inferior in terms of refining the true essence!”

“That’s the one!”

Xu Zong immediately made a decision.

He was a practitioner of Internal Martial Arts, and he would mainly focus on cultivating his internal strength in the future. He had given up on the path of true essence, and currently, he only needed to focus on cultivating his spirit and body to become even stronger!

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