Chapter 52 – Dragon God Technique


On the second floor, Yin Zhong’s face froze, and his sharp eyes suddenly looked down.

At that moment, Granny Long moved her gaze away.

“Second brother, what’s wrong?”

Yin Hao noticed his actions and looked at him curiously.

“It’s nothing, big brother. It’s probably our past enemies coming to seek revenge.”

Yin Zhong withdrew his gaze and smiled warmly.

“In the past few years, you have offended many people from both sides of the law, but it was all for the sake of maintaining order in the martial world. Your achievements outweigh your mistakes.”

Yin Hao comforted him, “Today is the auspicious day of our Sword Mastery Villa. No one dares to cause trouble today, so you can rest assured.”

“I understand.”

Yin Zhong smiled humbly and didn’t pay much attention to it.

He had offended many people over the years and was often hated by others, but he didn’t care about ordinary martial artists.

“What’s wrong? Why hasn’t Blood Ruyi been delivered yet?”

Suddenly, Yin Hao frowned, feeling suspicious.

Blood Ruyi was the treasure passed down for hundreds of years in the Sword Mastery Villa. It was rumored to have the power to revive the dead and was always regarded as the symbol of the villa. The Lord must invite it for the succession ceremony, otherwise the ceremony cannot continue.

“Could there be a mistake?”

“Don’t worry, big brother. Let me go and check!”

Yin Zhong took the initiative to stand up and ordered a team of Iron Guards to hurry to the back of the villa.

To prevent the Sword Mastery Villa from being embarrassed, Yin Hao and Yin Tianqi had to stay in the attic, so that the people below wouldn’t notice anything.

“It’s starting.”

Seeing Yin Zhong disappear from the second floor, Xu Zong narrowed his eyes.

“Zhiruo, Grandma, wait here. I’ll be right back!”

After entrusting the two of them, Xu Zong turned and left the Shanshui Pavilion.


Granny Long was immediately startled and stood up, intending to catch up.


Zhou Zhiruo quickly stopped her.

“Let Brother Long go alone!”

“Yin Zhong is ruthless and his martial skills are unfathomable. How can we let the young master face him alone?”

Granny Long’s face was anxious.

“Don’t worry, Brother Long is not a fool. He may not be going to confront Yin Zhong alone, and his martial skills are extremely high. If he can’t handle Yin Zhong, we will only be a hindrance if we go!”

Zhou Zhiruo persuaded Granny Long for a while before she reluctantly suppressed her emotions.

On the other side.

The backyard of the Sword Mastery Villa.

A beautiful young man named Dou Dou climbed over the wall and looked around. Seeing that no one was guarding, she quickly rushed towards the backyard.

Their Flying Immortal Sect was essentially a small sect with only four members. They usually made a living by accepting some shady tasks. This Flying Immortal Sect was their so-called business card. They had no choice but to have a sect when traveling in the martial world, otherwise they would be looked down upon.

“I was told that there would be a spy from within the Sword Mastery Villa to assist us. Where is the person?”

Dou Dou wandered around the backyard for a while but didn’t see the so-called spy, feeling frustrated.

Originally, they didn’t plan to offend the Sword Mastery Villa, but the other party clearly stated that there was someone in the villa who could assist them, and the reward was tempting, with sixty thousand taels of silver and an advance payment of thirty thousand taels. That’s why they decided to take on this big task.


Dou Dou suddenly brightened.

Not far from the wall, there was a young man wearing a white robe and a white cloak with silver decorations, who was surreptitiously observing his surroundings.

“Hey, what took you so long? I’ve been waiting here for a while!”

Dou Dou walked up with an angry face and complained to the young man.


The young man looked dumbfounded.

“What ‘huh’? Aren’t you the spy? Hurry up and take me to find Blood Ruyi!”

Without saying a word, Dou Dou grabbed the young man and headed towards the backyard.

“Blood Ruyi?”

The young man originally planned to deny it, but when he heard that her target was also Blood Ruyi, he closed his mouth.

“I was just about to find Blood Ruyi to save my father’s life. Although this person mistook me for someone else, it’s better to go along with it!”

Having made up his mind, the young man let Dou Dou pull him towards the backyard.

In secret, a woman dressed as a maid saw the two figures and immediately jumped out, appearing in front of them.

“Follow me!”

Without waiting for a response, the maid turned and ran.

Dou Dou and the young man exchanged glances and quickly chased after the maid.

After only half a minute of pursuit, when they passed by a small courtyard, they suddenly found that the maid had disappeared. On the opposite side of the courtyard, several Iron Guards were escorting a blood-red Ruyi towards the direction of the Shanshui Pavilion.

“Blood Ruyi!”

Dou Dou was overjoyed and rushed towards the Iron Guards.The Iron Guard, although the personal guards of Sword Mastery Villa, were all skilled in martial arts. However, caught off guard, they were still beaten down by her.

After snatching the Blood Ruyi, Dou Dou turned around and wanted to run.

“Put down the Blood Ruyi!”

The Iron Guard panicked and quickly drew their swords to chase after her.


The young man was also surprised and chased after her.

“I need this Blood Ruyi to save my life. Let me borrow it for a while!”

“No, the commission has not been completed yet. I can’t give it to you now. What if you turn your back on me? Or you can pay the remaining amount now, 30,000 taels!”

“What is money?”

The young man looked confused.

Dou Dou immediately felt that this person must be planning to turn his back on her. She couldn’t believe that he didn’t know what money was and became even more unwilling to give him the Blood Ruyi.

As they chased and ran, a team of Iron Guard followed behind.

“Put down the Blood Ruyi!”

Just then, a gust of wind suddenly struck!

Yin Zhong led a team of Iron Guard to arrive at the scene. Seeing the situation, his face darkened, and when he saw the appearance of the young man, his eyes widened with joy.

“The Tong Clan! The white clothes and silver accessories are the attire of the Tong Clan. After five hundred years, the Tong Clan has finally reappeared… Put down the Blood Ruyi!”

Yin Zhong stepped forward, his five fingers forming a palm, and he struck towards the young man in white clothes!

This strike was incredibly powerful. Even before it reached, a gust of evil wind came rushing towards the young man in white clothes. His face changed drastically, knowing that he had encountered a formidable opponent. He didn’t dare to be careless and quickly turned around to counterattack.

Although his martial skills were not bad, he was no match for Yin Zhong, especially when he hastily struck, only exerting thirty percent of his strength.

When their palms collided, the young man in white clothes felt an irresistible force coming from Yin Zhong’s palm. His body involuntarily flew out, and Dou Dou was also knocked away.

The two fell to the ground, the young man in white clothes clutching his chest, blood seeping from the corner of his mouth, his eyes filled with astonishment.

“Set up the formation!”

At the same time, the two teams of Iron Guard gathered together, surrounding the two of them, forming an inner and outer concentric circle formation rotating in different directions.

“It’s over!”

Dou Dou, who had just gotten up from the ground, turned pale when she saw this formation.

“Capture them!”

Yin Zhong shouted, and the surrounding Iron Guard immediately rushed forward!



In an instant, dozens of stones flew out like raindrops, each containing internal energy. They were thrown with skillful techniques, knocking down the Iron Guard one by one, but accurately avoiding the young man in white clothes and Dou Dou.

Everyone’s vision blurred, and a masked person in black appeared in the middle of the scene.


He shouted at the young man in white clothes and Dou Dou, then stepped forward, stepping on the 64 hexagrams, advancing and retreating, floating and unpredictable, and rushed towards Yin Zhong!

Dou Dou and the young man in white clothes glanced at each other, then turned and ran.

At this critical moment of saving their lives, they temporarily put aside the ownership of the Blood Ruyi.

Yin Zhong’s face immediately darkened. The Tong Clan had finally produced someone after so much effort, how could he let go of such a great opportunity?

He didn’t want to pay attention to this person in black, but when the opponent struck, it was as if there was a thousand catties of force, making Yin Zhong’s face tighten. He had to strike back!

“Who are you to dare to be so arrogant in my Sword Mastery Villa?”

During the fight, Yin Zhong angrily shouted, intending to provoke the other person’s identity. However, he saw that the person in black remained silent, only focusing on displaying his footwork and palm techniques.

“These palm techniques and footwork are incredibly powerful. Why does this style seem somewhat familiar?”

Yin Zhong became more and more shocked as they fought.

Within a few moves, they had already exchanged more than ten moves. Yin Zhong not only couldn’t defeat the person in black in a short time, but also felt that this person’s martial arts were exceptionally exquisite. His footwork was unpredictable, his palm techniques balanced yin and yang, and his internal energy was endless and extremely powerful, making it difficult for Yin Zhong to handle.

He was surprised, but in fact, the person in black was even more shocked.

“I’m using the full power of the Nine Yang Divine Art and the Tian Shan Six Yang Palm, but I can’t gain the upper hand against him?”

This person in black was Xu Zong. After leaving the Shanshui Pavilion, he changed his clothes and arrived here, just in time to save Dou Dou and the young man in white clothes.

He had been diligently cultivating since he was young and had obtained the Nine Yang Divine Art and the Tian Shan Six Yang Palm. With Qiao Feng’s talent, he had learned everything to perfection. However, even so, he couldn’t defeat Yin Zhong!

Yin Zhong’s martial skill was unknown, but when he used it, his moves were perfect and smooth, as if he had immersed himself in it for countless years.

Moreover, his combat experience was astonishingly rich. He could instantly cover up any flaws, and even deliberately sold several flaws to Xu Zong, almost tricking him.

“As expected of an immortal who has lived for five hundred years, you old thief are indeed formidable!”

After another palm clash, Xu Zong took the opportunity to retreat, sneering coldly.

Yin Zhong’s face darkened.

This man knows my identity, and his martial arts seem somewhat familiar. What is his background?

“Try this move again!”

Xu Zong turned around, his internal energy surging throughout his body!

In the blink of an eye, his physical body disappeared like a mirage.

A red divine dragon, its body wrapped in flames, suddenly appeared. It roared towards the sky, soared into the air, and then swooped down towards Yin Zhong!

“Dragon God Technique?!”

Yin Zhong’s face finally changed drastically!

He hurriedly retreated, dodging the red divine dragon’s initial claw. Then, he also turned around, transforming into a deep red divine dragon, even darker than Xu Zong’s, and fiercely collided with the red divine dragon!


With the collision of the two divine dragons, heat waves surged in all directions like a wild wind. The artificial hill shattered into pieces of rock amidst the booming sound, and explosions echoed everywhere.


Yin Zhong suddenly transformed back into human form, screaming as he fell from the sky. He couldn’t stop vomiting blood, and several shocking wounds opened up on his chest!

The other light red divine dragon was suddenly thrown back, disappearing from Yin Zhong’s sight.

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