Chapter 51 – Water Moon Immortal Realm

The vast land of Shenzhou is filled with various countries such as Qin, Jin, Tang, Song, Ming, Yuan, and Western Xia. Each generation has talented individuals, but no one has been able to unify the land.

Among them, the Jin Kingdom is located in the northeast of the continent, near the vast East Sea, with a humid climate all year round.

The martial arts of the Jin Kingdom is not well-known in the martial world, and the sects and factions have almost no presence. Only the Sword Mastery Villa, as the leader of the Jin Kingdom martial arts, has the power to control and govern the martial world.

It took more than twenty years for the Sword Mastery Villa to unify the martial arts of the Jin Kingdom. The current head of the family, feeling old, intends to pass on the position of Lord to his eldest son and invite heroes from the martial world to the succession ceremony.

On the day of the succession ceremony, many figures and factions from the martial world of the Jin Kingdom came to pay their respects.

“I am Zhao Yun, the Sect Master of the Feixian Sect. I have come to see Butler Li!”

In front of the Sword Mastery Villa, a beautiful woman dressed in a brown long dress, with a delicate appearance, bowed to the welcoming Butler Li.

“I heard that today is the succession ceremony of the Sword Mastery Villa. I have come to pay my respects. Dou Dou, bring out the gift!”

“Yes, Sister Yun!”

Behind her, a beautiful young man dressed in men’s clothing but with an unusually slender figure took out a box and handed it to the butler.

“Master Zhao, please come in!”

Butler Li greeted everyone with a smile on his face, extending his left arm to let the two of them enter.

“Butler, when did a sect called the Feixian Sect appear in the martial world of the Jin Kingdom?”

One of the servants who was also welcoming the guests muttered.

“There are countless nameless sects in the martial world. Everyone wants to ride on the reputation of our Sword Mastery Villa. Don’t bother with them.”

Butler Li stroked his black and white beard lightly, his smile unchanged.

On the other side, two people who seemed to be a man and a woman followed the guidance of the servants and walked towards the high building where the succession ceremony was being held.

“In a while, I will attend the ceremony. Dou Dou, take the opportunity to sneak into the backyard and meet up with the helpers. Once you get the Blood Ruyi, retreat immediately!”

“Don’t worry, Sister Yun. Can’t you trust me?”

Although the two of them remained calm on the surface, they secretly made plans while whispering to each other.

At this moment.

“The Lord of Longze Villa has arrived!”

At the entrance of the villa, with a loud shout, several fierce-looking men carried a roofless sedan chair. They were escorted by four beautiful women dressed in red, green, blue, and yellow dresses, each holding a long sword, and arrived at the gate of the Sword Mastery Villa.

“Wow, this person is so ostentatious!”

“Today is the succession ceremony of the Sword Mastery Villa. Isn’t this person afraid of stealing the limelight?”

“I’ve heard that Lord Yin is kind-hearted. He shouldn’t make things difficult for others.”

“Lord Yin is indeed kind-hearted, but the Second Master Yin is hard to say!”

The martial heroes at the entrance of the villa whispered to each other, showing a keen interest in the situation.

Seeing that something was not right, Butler Li’s expression changed immediately, and he led several servants to the front of the sedan chair.

“Butler Li of the Sword Mastery Villa greets the Lord of Longze Villa! Today is an important day for our villa’s succession ceremony. If this Lord is here to pay his respects, please get off the sedan chair and move to the cabinet building inside the villa!”


“How dare you instruct our Lord!”

“You don’t need to tell us what to do!”

“Step aside!”

Before the people on the sedan chair could speak, the four sword-wielding women in front of the sedan chair became angry. Their eyes widened, and their hands reached for their swords, as if they were about to draw blood if anyone dared to say another word.

Butler Li’s face immediately changed.

With a “clang,” a team of armored guards rushed out from the left and right sides of the villa, surrounding this group of people, creating a tense atmosphere on the scene.

“Wow! Sister Yun, this person is so arrogant!”

The two who had just entered the villa were also attracted back to the gate by the commotion, their faces filled with joy at the sight of the spectacle.

“Sister Yun, didn’t you always say that your beloved must be someone ambitious and powerful, someone above all others? I think this Lord can fit the bill!”

“Dou Dou, if you dare to mock me again, I will tear your mouth apart.”

The woman in the brown dress smiled slightly and said something terrifying with a gentle expression.

“Besides, since he is the Lord, he probably already has a wife and several children. Do you want me to become his mistress?”

“I was just joking, just joking, hehe!”

Dou Dou quickly covered his mouth and stepped back.

At the gate.

“Retreat, Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum.”

At this critical moment when the atmosphere became tense, a low voice came from the sedan chair.

“Is this how I taught you to behave?”

As soon as the voice fell, a young man with thick eyebrows and bright eyes walked out of the sedan chair.

He was dressed in elegant robes, with a graceful posture and a noble aura, making people’s eyes light up and unable to help but admire his handsome appearance.

“Wow, he’s handsome! Sister Yun, he completely meets your standards for choosing a partner, right?”

The young man named Dou Dou’s eyes lit up.

“Dou Dou!”

Super Yun’s expression gradually turned cold.

In the scene.

Xu Zong’s face remained unchanged, but he felt speechless in his heart.

He had already said that in the martial world of the Jin Kingdom, one should not be arrogant and domineering. But these girls completely ignored his words and became agitated as soon as they heard offensive words.

Coming from the Lingjiu Palace, it was expected. This was how Tong Lao trained his subordinates.



As soon as the leading woman was about to speak, Xu Zong’s face immediately darkened.

“Lord, it’s my fault!”She shrank her neck, knelt down in terror to apologize, as if Xu Zong would kill her at the slightest disagreement.

“No more of this.”

Xu Zong waved his hand, brushing the incident aside.

With another wave of his hand, the four maids, Mei, Lan, Zhu, and Ju, retreated as if they had received a royal pardon.

“I apologize for the scene, Butler Li. It seems I have spoiled these servants too much. Please forgive me.”

Xu Zong stepped forward, a flawless smile on his face, and gave Butler Li a bow.

“I am Long Cang, the Lord of Longze Villa. I am here to pay my respects. Please ask your men to put away their weapons. It is not appropriate to see blood on such a joyous day.”

“Lord Long is right!”

Butler Li breathed a sigh of relief and quickly ordered the Iron Guard to retreat.

He was secretly surprised. This Longze Villa, like the Flying Immortal Sect, was a completely unheard-of faction. How could a few maids be so arrogant and domineering?

Thankfully, Lord Long himself was easy to talk to, otherwise, this joyous day would have been ruined!

“Lord Long, please come inside to talk!”

“Alright. Mei, Lan, Zhu, Ju, you four wait outside. Zhiruo, Grandma, you come with me!”


The four maids, Mei, Lan, Zhu, and Ju, seemed to have objections, but under the restraint of Mei Jian, the leader, they had to present their gifts and stay outside the villa with the carriage driver.

The other two, one in a moon-white long dress, beautiful as a begonia, holding a golden sword, a stunning beauty. The other was a middle-aged woman in her early forties, dressed in black gauze, silent.

Both nodded in agreement and followed Xu Zong into the Sword Mastery Villa.

Zhao Yun and Dou Dou, who were at the door, quickly made way.

Xu Zong glanced at the two of them inadvertently.

Just then, Zhao Yun also lifted her head, her dark eyes filled with a touch of curiosity and inquiry.

Their eyes met for a moment.

Xu Zong raised his eyebrows, as if he had realized something.

But he didn’t say a word, just smiled politely at Zhao Yun and naturally passed by them.

However, the young girl named Zhiruo behind him frowned slightly and looked at Zhao Yun with a hint of caution.

“Sister Yun, Sister Yun! He just smiled at you, I think he must be interested in you!”

Dou Dou grabbed Zhao Yun’s arm, shaking with excitement.

“Dou Dou, you really need a beating every three days!”

Zhao Yun’s face darkened, she wanted to punch her, but the occasion was not appropriate, so she had to walk towards the villa first.

“But that Lord Long just now, he is indeed a dragon among men. I just don’t know what kind of power this Longze Villa is?”

Zhao Yun thought about it, but couldn’t think of any power called Longze Villa in the martial arts world. Even the nearby Ming and Song dynasties didn’t have this power, did they?

Compared to Dou Dou, who was all about romance, Zhao Yun was clearly more concerned about power.

Inside the Sword Mastery Villa, it was exceptionally lively today. Servants were coming and going, and from time to time, you could see the figures of the Iron Guard patrolling.

The place where the succession ceremony was held was a pavilion called Shanshui Pavilion inside the Sword Mastery Villa. Here gathered dozens of famous sects in the martial arts world of Jin Kingdom. Sect leaders and elders were as cheap as cabbages here.

Under the guidance of a servant, Xu Zong also arrived at this pavilion.

“Why can’t I see any powerful figures in the martial arts world of Jin Kingdom?”

Zhou Zhiruo looked around and whispered in Xu Zong’s ear.

People around were either drinking or chatting, all immersed in socializing. No one heard her words, otherwise, a fight would surely break out.

“The Jin Kingdom is the weakest among the major powers, so its martial arts world is naturally not strong. The Han has the Supreme Alliance, the Tang has the Three Masters, the Song and Ming each have their own prodigies. Only the martial arts world of Jin Kingdom is almost invisible on the land of Shenzhou.”

Xu Zong smiled lightly and transmitted his voice to Zhou Zhiruo using his internal energy.

While the two were talking and laughing, Zhao Yun also arrived at the front of Shanshui Pavilion, but the figure of Dou Dou was missing from her side.

Soon, several figures appeared on the second floor of the pavilion.

The one in the lead was about forty or fifty years old, looking upright, and beside him was a handsome young man. The two were whispering something.

These two were Yin Hao, the current lord of Sword Mastery Villa, and his eldest son, Yin Tianqi.

And beside them was a middle-aged man in his forties, dressed in a brocade robe, with long hair flowing freely. His eyes were as sharp as a hawk, and his aura was even stronger than Yin Hao’s.

“Yin Zhong!”

Granny Long, who had been silent, suddenly showed a look of hatred, her eyes fixed on the man.

“Second Master Yin of Sword Mastery Villa, it is said that the reason why Sword Mastery Villa could conquer the martial arts world of Jin Kingdom, Second Master Yin should be credited.”

Zhou Zhiruo’s gentle smile also faded, her expression solemn.

“Granny, don’t stare at him.”

Xu Zong’s face was calm, but his hand was on the table, slightly exerting his internal energy.

Granny Long was shocked by his internal energy, came back to her senses, and quickly looked away.

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