Chapter 32 – Xu Zong: I really am doing this for your own good!

The multiple layers of Dharma Door, Xu Zong’s utilization of it is not at all clumsy.

But even so, his basic punching strength is only 15 tons.

Even if he cultivates the second layer of World Annihilation, which increases his strength by 2.7 times, his maximum punching strength is only around 40 tons, which is still inferior to Han Qihu’s 50 tons!

Especially his knife technique is equally fierce!

“So that’s how it is, he is using continuous rotations to continuously accumulate strength!”

While defending, Xu Zong is also constantly observing Han Qihu.

Since he started using his true strength, the number of rotations has clearly increased, and the flashy movements of his feet are just to cover up the fact that he is continuously rotating!

In each rotation, the power of each strike is not exhausted, but accumulated for the next attack!

No wonder the power of his battle knife has become stronger and stronger!

“I won’t be able to hold on for long, it’s better to change strategies first!”

Xu Zong’s thoughts suddenly changed.

Facing Han Qihu’s attack again, Xu Zong made a ruthless decision, giving up perfect defense and taking a step back to avoid the attack.

“He dodged!”

Han Qihu’s heart was filled with joy. Although his attack was not completely stopped, he quickly changed his footwork and, in an instant, turned his knife downwards to continue the attack!

This is the knife technique that Han Qihu has cultivated. Under continuous rotation, the level of power also continues to rise!

However, his realm is still not high enough, and the rotating movements obviously cannot be hidden!


Xu Zong’s eyes narrowed.

In the instant Han Qihu turned around, he thrust his spear straight towards his heel!

In the corner of his eye, Han Qihu suddenly realized and quickly gave up the turn, dodging to the side, creating distance between him and Xu Zong, and completing another rotation while evading!

“My speed is not as fast as his!”

Xu Zong frowned.

Due to his low basic strength, even if his power is high enough, he is still inferior to Han Qihu in terms of speed, strength, and other aspects.

And judging from Han Qihu’s evasive movements, it is obvious that he has also mastered the micro-level Body Movement!

With a disadvantage in basic qualities and inferior Body Movement, Xu Zong obviously cannot stop Han Qihu from completing one rotation after another!

Facing Han Qihu’s attack again, Xu Zong chose to evade once more.


Han Qihu’s eyes lit up.

In the end, this kid is just a new Warrior. Even if his talent is strong, he can’t possibly be a match for a veteran high-level War God like him! His strength is not far from that of a junior War God!

Facing his continuous attacks, Xu Zong could only continue to evade.

“Take him down… What?!”

Han Qihu’s eyes widened in surprise.

His attack, which was about to succeed after continuous pursuit, was unexpectedly forced back by Xu Zong’s cunning spear.

“How can his spear technique be so strong!”

Han Qihu finally realized that Xu Zong’s spear technique is far superior to his knife technique!

Although his basic qualities are slightly inferior, with his perfect-level spear technique, Xu Zong is obviously not inferior to Han Qihu!

Han Qihu continued to attack in anger. He believed that as long as he pushed his rotation to the limit, he would definitely break through Xu Zong’s defense!

“Hmm? What is he…”

Suddenly, Han Qihu became confused.

During the battle, Xu Zong’s evasive movements, which had been continuous, suddenly became more exquisite, as if they could adapt to the changes in airflow.

Han Qihu widened his eyes. In his line of sight, Xu Zong seemed completely immersed in evasion, as if playing a new game.

“You actually had an epiphany right in front of me?!”

A strong sense of humiliation struck Han Qihu’s heart.

This state of being completely immersed in something is the epiphany state that Warriors dream of!

Yes, in the Swallowed Star fantasy world, this kind of epiphany actually exists!

But to have an epiphany right in front of me, doesn’t that mean you completely disregard me?

However, this state is also very easy to break!

“Break it!”

Han Qihu roared and smashed his battle knife down from above!

“Why are you shouting so loudly?”

Xu Zong was taken aback, but quickly regained his senses. At the same time, he shouted loudly and held his spear above his head.


A loud collision sound swept through the surroundings.

A tremendous force suddenly struck. Xu Zong’s face turned red, and his knees bent. He almost knelt down on the spot, but he quickly took a step back to avoid the attack.

There was a shallow pit behind him, only a few centimeters deep.

Although Xu Zong didn’t witness the existence of the shallow pit, in the instant he retreated, he instinctively retreated a little more, avoiding the shallow pit.

“Where are you running!”

Han Qihu angrily chased after him.

He didn’t see the shallow pit behind Xu Zong. When he caught up, he stepped into the pit and his body slightly tilted.


Han Qihu’s face changed instinctively.

This is nothing for ordinary Warriors. As long as they readjust their balance, they can continue fighting.

But Han Qihu is different!

His knife technique heavily relies on his own balance. Even a slight tilt of his center of gravity can cause the accumulated power of his knife technique to collapse! It’s like a child who accidentally falls while spinning!

A fierce look flashed in Xu Zong’s eyes.


A short burst of explosive sound!

Xu Zong didn’t let go of this opportunity. He fiercely struck with his spear like a giant axe!

“Damn it!”

Han Qihu’s face was filled with shock and anger as he quickly retreated.



But he didn’t manage to dodge in time. Xu Zong’s spear directly hit his leg!

Han Qihu screamed in pain and flew backward.

In the process of flying backward, he knew he was in trouble.

The excruciating pain from his leg bone indicated that it was most likely broken!

A sense of fear overwhelmed Han Qihu’s whole body.


In the sound of the wind, a sharp sound like an electric drill suddenly rang out!

Xu Zong, holding his spear, took a thrusting posture. His muscles coordinated perfectly, and with his full force, he charged fiercely towards Han Qihu!

Muscles, bones, and the spear, all the elements in this power chain were rotating fiercely!

“Triple Force! Poison Dragon Drill!”

In the intense sound of the wind, the tip of the spear swept across Han Qihu’s abdomen!

Under Han Qihu’s terrified expression, the spear, like a broken bamboo, pierced through his combat suit and left a fist-sized hole in his abdomen!

Xu Zong’s figure passed by him.

In an instant, Han Qihu’s upper and lower body tore apart, and his upper body rotated in the air for a while before heavily falling to the ground.


Xu Zong took a deep breath and released his swollen muscles.

“You see, I’m really doing this for your own good.”

He turned around and looked at Han Qihu’s upper body, his helpless expression not at all fake.

Han Qihu lay on the ground, his face full of confusion, as if he hadn’t fully reacted yet.

It wasn’t until Xu Zong spoke that he snapped out of it and angrily glared at Xu Zong.

But the loss of consciousness in his lower body and the intense pain made him terrified.

“No, I don’t want to die… Please, save me! Save me!”

He felt the power and vitality in his body gradually fading away, and his face was filled with fear as he desperately begged Xu Zong for help, his expression full of pleading, without a trace of his previous arrogance.

“Unfortunately, I can’t help you.”

Xu Zong shook his head, looking at him with pity, but he couldn’t do anything to save him.

Han Qihu is not a good person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have tried to frame Xu Zong during the assessment. But he didn’t have to die here.

After a long time, Xu Zong finally understood the range of the Intelligence Reduction Aura.

For ordinary passersby, this aura is like a mockery aura. When they come into contact with Xu Zong, they can’t help but feel a sense of disdain. Only when someone harbors murderous intent towards him will the aura make them lose their sanity and chase after him.

Otherwise, why didn’t others come to kill me, only Han Qihu came?

That’s because he already had murderous intent towards Xu Zong.

It can only be said that the Intelligence Reduction Aura changed his choices, thus changing his fate.


The scent of blood attracted the monsters back. Xu Zong took out his flying knife from his leg, infused it with Triple Force, and with the blade moving close to the speed of sound, he easily killed several monsters with a single strike, scaring the rest of the monsters away.

“I promise you won’t be killed by monsters. Rest in peace.”

Han Qihu watched this scene in despair.

He spat out countless curses and obscenities, angering Xu Zong to the point of leaving. But he still stayed, guarding Han Qihu until he completely lost his breath.

Retrieving his flying knife and digging out the materials from the monsters, Xu Zong also picked up Han Qihu’s armor and battle knife. He leisurely left the area.

The smell of blood attracted the monsters back, and they devoured Han Qihu’s body, naturally erasing the evidence.

In the chat group.

Swallowed Xu Zong: “Swallowed Xu Zong vs. Han Qihu.avi”

Battle Through Xu Zong: “What’s wrong with you???”

Swallowed Xu Zong: “What’s wrong with you! The video format in the group is like this! And it even gave me this name without my permission!”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Is it over?”

Swallowed Xu Zong: “It’s over. Your talent was not needed. I had an epiphany during the battle and my Body Movement reached the perfect level. I killed him instead. By the way, this is the second time I’ve had an epiphany this month!”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “Alright, as long as you’re fine. I’m going offline, there are still things to take care of here.”

Swallowed Xu Zong: “What things are not taken care of?”

The Nine Cauldrons Xu Zong: “I’ll tell you after it’s over. Going offline.”


In the city area.

Xu Zong wandered around for a long time before finally discovering an advanced Beast General-level Crimson Blood Wolf in the center of the city.

“Watch my sliding tackle!”

Xu Zong charged towards the Crimson Blood Wolf.

In the midst of the charge, he lowered his body and changed his move to a sliding tackle, sliding towards the abdomen of the Crimson Blood Wolf!

The Crimson Blood Wolf grinned, ready to enjoy a hearty meal.

But when it swiped its paw, it was shocked to find that it couldn’t even shake a single hair on Xu Zong’s body. It was as if Xu Zong, in his sliding tackle state, was immune to any damage!

On the contrary, it was itself that was easily cut open by Xu Zong!

It didn’t understand until it died, what exactly happened in that split second of the sliding tackle!

“This Crimson Blood Wolf alone could be sold for over 50 million!”

Xu Zong happily dismantled the Crimson Blood Wolf.

“Calculating the time, the person who is supposed to pick me up should be here soon. Let’s call it a day!”

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