Chapter 30 – What a brain-dead group!

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “Are you there? I opened a private chat channel with you. I feel like Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens is a bit strange!”

In his mind, Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons initiated a conversation with Xu Zong through a private chat, not a group chat.

Xu Zong in the supermarket paused for a moment and then hid behind the counter again.

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “What do you mean?”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “Don’t you think it’s strange? In the half hour since he joined the group, he said thirteen strange things that almost made me think I was not in a chat group but in a cloud of depression!”

Including things like fate, being born as a human, and who truly loves me.

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “Well, it is true. But it might be because of the different world that his personality has changed, right?”

He was already prepared for this.

It’s just melancholy, completely okay. He was just worried that there might be a Xu Zong in the chat group who would treat others as insignificant or even a world-annihilating demon Xu Zong. If this kind of Xu Zong appeared, it would be difficult to maintain the current harmonious and helpful atmosphere of the chat group.

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “Then he must have experienced something extremely thrilling to become so melancholic. But I don’t see any signs of that in you and me… There’s also something about his profile picture.”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “What’s wrong with his profile picture?”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “The background of his profile picture is a cliff. How did he listen to me explain the chat group function while mastering the method of changing his profile picture within half an hour and even calling his junior sister over to take such a photogenic picture? It’s not like the two of them were together on a cliff, cosplaying as Jack and Rose, right?”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “And I always feel that something is off with Nalan Yanran in his profile picture. Her temperament is completely different, and her expression is also very different. She doesn’t have the arrogance of a little girl who thinks highly of herself… Also, earlier, he said that he was worried about confronting Xiaoyan before joining the chat group, but I didn’t feel any nervousness from him!”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “This Xu Zong from Battle Through the Heavens must be hiding something important!”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “Don’t think too much about it. Maybe he had already considered everything. If you were in Xiaoyan’s shoes and got called off the engagement, you would probably feel that there was still room for reconciliation, right? Since we are all Xu Zong, it’s better to trust each other a bit more. He may be hiding something, but there was no need for him to reveal everything to us. After all, he has his own life, and we have ours. If nothing unexpected happens, we probably won’t have many opportunities to interact with each other in the future.”

Xu Zong from The Nine Cauldrons: “Your thinking is broad-minded. However, what you said makes sense. Alright, go and do your thing. I also have some troubles to deal with!”

Xu Zong from Swallowed Star: “Okay, bye!”

In the supermarket.

Xu Zong closed the chat group and let out a sigh of relief.

What is Battle Through the Heavens Xu Zong hiding? This has caused subtle changes in the relationship between Xu Zongs in the group. But as long as they are still normal people, there is still room for maneuver.

“I hope I don’t have to frequently play the role of a peacemaker in the future.”

Thinking of the possibility of a demon Xu Zong causing chaos in the group, Xu Zong felt a headache.

“I feel like I need to take some measures…”

While thinking about this, Xu Zong walked out of the supermarket and entered the outskirts of the city.

Not long after entering the city, Xu Zong encountered a black-toothed dog with a larger size than usual. It was obviously a beast soldier of the beast general level, currently patrolling the outer district with several high-level beast soldier level black-toothed dogs.

Upon seeing Xu Zong, the leader of the black-toothed dogs immediately bristled and let out an angry growl after a few snorts.

The other high-level beast soldier black-toothed dogs beside it immediately roared and rushed towards Xu Zong.

Xu Zong remained silent, his expression cold. In the moment the monsters rushed towards him, he shook the long spear in his hand!

In an instant, it was as if flowers were blooming in mid-air. More than ten cold lights swiftly pierced through the eyes of the black-toothed dogs, piercing through their brains!

With just one encounter, all the low-level soldiers were killed!

The beast general black-toothed dog immediately became furious and charged towards Xu Zong without considering the difference in strength between them!

“The essence of battle is to familiarize oneself with the opponent’s attack patterns and then evade them in the most efficient way possible, using the fastest and most accurate and ruthless attacks to kill them!”

In Xu Zong’s clear mind, even though the stench from the monsters’ mouths was overwhelming, it did not affect his calm observation.

With a slight turn of his foot, he narrowly avoided the attack of the black-toothed dog by a hair’s breadth.

But in the instant he dodged the attack, the tail of the black-toothed dog raised high and swung towards him like a whip!

Xu Zong raised an eyebrow.

This attack method caught him off guard, and his original intention to counterattack also paused slightly, turning into continued evasion. His precise body movement allowed him to easily dodge the black-toothed dog’s attacks.

This is the difference in battle experience, predicting the enemy’s attack patterns, which is also part of experience.

After spending two minutes, Xu Zong was completely accustomed to all the attack patterns of the black-toothed dog. He raised the long spear high and brought it down heavily like an axe!


With a loud collision, the black-toothed dog suddenly stiffened and fell to the ground.

There were no visible injuries on its body, but its fierce gaze quickly stiffened, until it became lifeless and motionless.

This move was called “Splitting the Wind and Cutting the Waves”!

Different from “Shadow Following” and “Mixed Yuan Qi”, this move focused on attacking from a distance. No matter how hard your shell is, if your internal organs are not strong enough, you won’t be able to withstand this spear!

“This black-toothed dog is just a low-level beast general. It recklessly attacked me despite my ability to kill five high-level beast soldiers in an instant… Xu Zong’s aura of reducing intelligence is indeed effective against monsters!”

After the battle, a slight smile appeared on Xu Zong’s face.

This talent of the aura of reducing intelligence is actually much more useful than imagined!

“Let’s continue to find the next beast general to practice!”

Taking out the teeth of the black-toothed dog, Xu Zong found a hotel as a temporary base. He observed from the rooftop of the hotel and immediately provoked any beast general that appeared in a certain direction. The monsters, whose intelligence had been reduced, would rush towards him without hesitation.

As the sky gradually darkened, the black night replaced the sunset in the late February sky, slowly occupying most of the sky.

Around 5 o’clock.

Xu Zong returned to the military base carrying a full backpack.

“Upgrade my warrior level!”

He arrived at the office of the Extreme Martial Arts School located in the base and took out his warrior certificate, as well as a set of snake scales from a mid-level beast general iron wire python from his backpack, placing them in front of the service staff.


The service staff was a woman who appeared to be around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. She glanced at the snake scales and then at the very young Xu Zong, immediately showing a strange expression and a sweet smile.

Warriors cannot test their strength to upgrade their certificate level. They can only rely on their achievements. For example, as long as Xu Zong presents these snake scales from the iron wire python, his warrior level will automatically be upgraded to a mid-level battle general!

“Here is your warrior certificate!”

The woman handed the certificate back, taking the opportunity to scratch his palm.

Xu Zong looked at the woman’s eyes with a different meaning, turned around, and left.

This is definitely a hint!

Tonight, there is definitely a chance!

Being reincarnated, having been a virgin for over ten years, he can finally end it tonight!

This woman can be the current host here, and she is good in every aspect.

For a moment, Xu Zong’s heart burned with desire.

“Never mind.”

But when he thought about the family situation in this lifetime, the fire in his heart extinguished.

Shaking his head, driving away the stray thoughts, Xu Zong found the HR Alliance’s office in this place.

“I want to sell materials!”

Xu Zong poured out a pile of materials from high-level beast soldiers, low-level beast generals, and mid-level beast generals.

The person in charge was a middle-aged man in his forties, slightly hunched over.

He glanced at Xu Zong and immediately showed a disdainful expression upon seeing that Xu Zong was only sixteen or seventeen years old.

“According to the rules, the materials from high-level beast soldiers are all priced at 200,000, low-level beast generals at 1 million, and mid-level beast generals at 2 million. Well, let’s say these are worth 6.68 million!”

He didn’t even want to get up from his chair and lazily said.


Xu Zong slowly formed a question mark.

Then his face turned black, and he took out his newly upgraded warrior certificate.

“Take a good look at my warrior certificate and say that again?”

“A… mid, mid-level battle general?!”

The man was startled and quickly got up from his reclining chair, smiling obsequiously.

“I made a mistake, I made a mistake. These teeth from the high-level beast soldiers, according to our alliance’s prices, will be uniformly priced at 300,000, and this tooth from the low-level beast general can be priced at 9 million! The scales from this mid-level beast general, the iron wire python, look intact and rare. I can offer you 16 million… a total of 28.8 million!”

Goodness gracious, it’s more than four times the difference!

How dare you?


Xu Zong nodded expressionlessly.

“Also, what is your hotline for reporting?”

The person in charge instantly turned pale and begged for mercy, repeatedly saying that he was possessed.

Xu Zong left the office with a black expression.

Reporting is inevitable! How dare you cheat me out of so much money?

Suddenly, Xu Zong stopped in his tracks and fell into deep thought.

“Did I forget to turn off the aura of reducing intelligence?”

Thinking about the experience just now, Xu Zong’s mouth twitched.

Goodness gracious, the power is really strong!

“Chat group, close the sharing of the aura of reducing intelligence for me!”

Xu Zong silently prayed in his heart.

“Ding! This chat group currently does not provide this function!”


Xu Zong was instantly dumbfounded.

No function available at the moment?

How could there be such a brain-dead chat group?

Does that mean I have to live as a potato protagonist until this sharing ends?

After looking around, Xu Zong suddenly noticed that many people were looking at him with disdainful eyes.

No need to say more, it’s definitely because they think I’m too young and have no skills.

It’s like being mocked on full screen!

“What a brain-dead group!”

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