Chapter 20 – Sixteen Lives

After lurking in the wheat field for so long, it is certain that they have seen through what we want to do and planned accordingly!

Moreover, he immediately labeled them as “robbers” as soon as he spoke, which shows that this guy definitely had a premeditated plan and intended to fight them to the end!

In that case, what do we need money for?

Just kill them directly and avenge the gunshot from earlier!

On the other side.

When Xu Zong heard the name “Skinny Monkey” shouted by the burly young man, he suddenly shivered!

Because among these people, he was not afraid of anyone!

The only exception was the Skinny Monkey with the heavy machine gun!

Once hit by the bullet torrent that fired dozens of rounds per second, even he would die on the spot! Not to mention, in order to lure them into a trap, he had already taken off his armor and was only wearing a tracksuit!

Therefore, when the burly young man and the other two escaped, he did not chase after them.

Instead, he suddenly stomped on the ground and jumped into the air!

The jumping power of an advanced warrior was extremely astonishing. He could easily jump tens of meters high. In the blink of an eye, Xu Zong was already in mid-air.

At the same time as he jumped into the air, a torrent of steel bullets whizzed past from the spot where he was just now.

“That direction!”

Xu Zong’s eyes were sharp as lightning, and in an instant, he determined the location of the Skinny Monkey.

His arm muscles suddenly tightened and swelled, even causing the right sleeve of his tracksuit to bulge, resembling a giant’s arm.

“Hit him!”

In mid-air, Xu Zong flipped like a falcon and aimed his gun at the Skinny Monkey.

The long spear was fiercely thrown out!

Faintly, there was a soft “pu” sound as the spear flew through the air.

Immediately after, the long spear flew across the sky like a shell!


In just a blink of an eye, before the Skinny Monkey could react, he was shot through the head!

The slender body was violently thrown away, and blood immediately stained the ground.

The sudden spear throw caught everyone off guard. After all, in the minds of ordinary people, since the gun was their only weapon, they shouldn’t let go of the long spear, right?

No one had anticipated this attack!

“Skinny Monkey!”



The death of the Skinny Monkey instantly enraged the entire team.

They were teammates for many years, and they had trained their cooperation skills with each other. The team’s emotions were very condensed, and they couldn’t bear not being angry!

“Skinny Monkey is dead? Damn it!”

Upon hearing the furious roar from the channel, the burly young man clenched his teeth tightly, and a strong anger surged to his brain.

But he didn’t lose his reason due to the anger. Instead, he immediately gave instructions on the channel.

“Everyone, listen up. He has lost his weapon and is now defenseless. One hit can kill him! Kill him and avenge the Skinny Monkey!”


“Finish him off!”

“Avenge the Monkey!”

Everyone waiting outside rushed into the wheat field.

Inside the wheat field.

After witnessing his shot kill the Skinny Monkey, Xu Zong finally felt relieved.

The biggest danger had been successfully resolved!


Just as Xu Zong landed on the ground, he heard a furious roar from beside him.

A mercenary wielding a long sword rushed towards him from the left!

Behind him, there were four other young men dressed similarly, as well as several junior Beast Soldiers that had been attracted over!

At the same time, five mercenaries with several monsters also rushed towards him from the right.

This was the B and C groups that took action when the burly young man retreated, a total of ten people, plus eight junior Beast Soldiers!

Facing the fierce thrust of the mercenary with the long sword, Xu Zong didn’t retreat but instead advanced. He accurately calculated the distance and positioned himself where the mercenary would land, then launched a powerful uppercut from below!

This punch caused even his arm muscles to rotate!

Xingyi Five Elements Fist – Water Drilling Fist!


In the eyes of the mercenary with the long sword, his vision blurred for a moment and he suddenly felt intense pain in his waist and abdomen.

Immediately after, the cold-faced young man had already retreated, and with his unpredictable body movement like a fish, he rushed towards the second young man on the left!

Wait… he just wanted to roar this, but suddenly realized that he had no strength in his body, and his body slowly fell to the ground. In the midst of intense pain, he gradually lost consciousness.


As Xu Zong rushed towards the second mercenary, he fiercely threw a straight punch, hitting him in the face before he could assume a defensive posture.

Followed by the third, fourth, and fifth.

It was as if he was harvesting vegetables on a farm, each punch easily taking down a mercenary.

After being hit by his fist, although there were no visible wounds on the surface, they all fell to the ground unconscious and gradually stopped breathing.

Except for Xu Zong himself, no one could see through the principle.

In Xingyi Five Elements Fist, the Water Drilling Fist trained a strong penetrating spiral force!

His fist, although it appeared to hit the battle suit, had actually penetrated through the battle suit. It even pierced through the skin and muscles, crushing their internal organs!

“Do you think I’ve become weaker because I lost my gun?”

Looking at the several unconscious bodies on the ground, Xu Zong’s mouth curled up into a cold smile that revealed no emotions.


Several Beast Soldiers roared and pounced towards him.

“Bang bang bang bang!”

Four consecutive punches were thrown, and several Beast Soldiers fell to the ground one after another, unable to get up.

They showed even less combat wisdom than the mercenaries.

Although they were all killed by him in an instant.

“Fourth Brother!”


“Bok Choy!”

“How can he be so strong?”

At this moment, the other group from the right arrived at the center of the battlefield. They looked at the bodies on the ground, some convulsing and twitching, and each person’s anger surged.

“We’ll attack together. I don’t believe that he can handle all five of us at the same time!”

Under the furious shout of the fifth leader, the five of them joined forces, each wielding a battle knife or a long spear, and attacked Xu Zong together.


Xu Zong sneered and extended his hand, firmly grabbing the third mercenary’s gun, then exerted force and smashed him towards the burly young man, smashing the Remington shotgun he had just taken out on the ground.

Immediately after, Xu Zong lifted his long spear and gave a punch to the burly young man and the second mercenary.

Then he picked up the Remington and aimed it at a flying monster in the sky.


The flying monster fell from the sky and crashed to the ground, twitching twice before becoming motionless.


On the other side, the teenager who was holding the palm-sized computer tried to run, but his head was instantly blasted open.

For a moment.

There was only Xu Zong left in this wheat field.

And a large number of bodies.

“…A total of sixteen?”

The battle was over, and the pent-up breath finally dissipated. Xu Zong’s breathing gradually became rapid.

In his mind, the appearance of the sixteen people he had killed flashed one by one, and his heart started to beat uncontrollably.

The first time I killed someone, I killed sixteen people in a row?

“This is the fate of a warrior. Either be killed or kill others. Since stepping on this path, I must be prepared to kill or be killed! I just killed the enemies, and they were here to kill me, so I did nothing wrong…”

A series of thoughts flashed through his mind, and the meditation he had practiced for years took effect, gradually calming his brain and heart.

This was something he would eventually have to adapt to. There would be even more difficult situations waiting for him in the future. This was just a small obstacle!

“Let’s go back…”

Picking up his backpack, Xu Zong walked slowly and firmly in the direction he came from.

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