Chapter 19 – Calculating and counter-calculating

Warriors are very profitable, especially the monsters they hunt. Many parts of the monsters are valuable and can be sold to the military, martial arts schools, or the HR alliance.

But generally speaking, a junior warrior can only earn about ten to twenty million in a year.

The five million earned by Bai Ziwen is a very good harvest for them, considering that an ordinary junior warrior would probably take four to five months to earn that amount.


At the command of the burly youth, more than ten people rushed out from the trees on both sides. They all held weapons and shields tightly, and began to cooperate with each other in a very coordinated manner to fight the enemy.

Unlike the inexperienced A Jie, these people were all junior warriors. When they attacked, every move was aimed at the vital points of the monsters. Their experience was extremely sophisticated, and they assisted each other. Despite the large number of people, there was no chaos at all.

Of course, the most eye-catching on the battlefield was on the other side.

“Hahaha! Die, all of you!”

The Skinny Monkey Youth held a heavy machine gun and had several bullet belts on his back. He laughed wildly as he fired countless bullets at a rate of dozens per second!

Even the advanced beast soldiers would flee from that machine gun, and the junior and intermediate beast soldiers were no match for it. They fell like wheat when they charged.

In just two minutes, dozens of monsters fell!

Bai Ziwen and the other four were dumbfounded as they watched this scene, feeling the gap from the bottom of their hearts.

They needed two intermediate warriors to kill a junior beast soldier, and even got injured in the process. On the other hand, a junior warrior could kill the same type of beast soldier on his own, and it looked as simple as eating and drinking.

There was a huge difference in their fighting styles!

“Don’t think that I’m not being generous. There are still some junior and intermediate beast soldiers left here. You guys can kill them!”

The burly youth stopped his teammates who wanted to kill all the monsters and gestured towards Bai Ziwen and the others.

“Thank you.”

The four bodyguards exchanged glances and looked at Bai Ziwen. After a moment of thought, Bai Ziwen decided to prioritize the assessment.

The five of them approached and each found a few beast soldier monsters to fight one-on-one with the help of the mercenaries.

“Hey hey! He actually aimed his knife at the monster’s skull!”

“Look at this one, he’s using his shield to smash the monster’s head!”

“Hahaha! This is so interesting!”

“Do they even know how to fight?”

Laughter came from the surroundings, making the faces of the four turn red.

Ten minutes later, the five of them successfully collected the ears of several monsters. The most valuable parts were kept by the mercenaries themselves. The materials from a junior beast soldier could be sold for tens of thousands, which was a good harvest.

Bai Ziwen and the others’ faces turned pale.

“Don’t mind too much. More than half of the people in this world perform poorly in their first battle. Those who can observe their opponents calmly are the geniuses of battle. You guys are just average.”

The burly youth walked over, tugged at the corner of his mouth, and tried to smile as he comforted the employers.

“Second, take a few people and safely escort our employer back to the vicinity of the battle vehicle!”


A flat-headed youth appeared from the side with four or five people. After completing the transfer, they escorted Bai Ziwen and the others away.

“Boss, what about the other side? Will we do it?”

The Skinny Monkey Youth approached the burly youth, his face glowing with excitement, either because he had released his tension or because he was happy about the large sum of money.

“Of course we will. We earned five million from this one, and the other one could make us another five million, maybe even ten million. How can we let go of such a large sum of money?”

“Number Nine, where is the other target now?”

“They stopped a long time ago. According to the map, they should be in a field of wheat!”

Number Nine held a handheld computer and replied with a smile.

“They stopped? Are they dead?”

The burly youth muttered to himself.

“Wait for Second to come back, and we will immediately rush to the other target. The tactics will remain the same as before, understood?”



It was now eleven o’clock in the afternoon.

After regrouping, the burly youth led a group of more than ten teammates to the other target location. In less than half an hour, they arrived near a field of wheat.

“The target hasn’t moved?”


“Could they really be dead?”

The burly youth fell into contemplation as he looked at the vast field of wheat.

Due to the lack of maintenance for decades, the weeds in the field grew very vigorously, almost as tall as a person, completely blocking the view from the outside and making it impossible to see what was happening inside.

“Boss, let me go up and take a look!”

“Be careful, Xiao Liu.”

After getting permission from the burly youth, Xiao Liu equipped the glider again and took off vertically from the ground to a certain height before gliding at a low altitude.

The glider was covered with feathers from flying monsters, which should not attract too much attention from ordinary flying monsters. Even if they noticed, the Skinny Monkey Youth’s machine gun could scare them away.

In addition, there was Number Nine, who was good with computers, and Old Second and Old Third, who followed orders.

These were the brothers that the burly youth had gathered at the talent base of the Flame Legion. Each of them had their own unique skills, and their cooperation was highly efficient.

He was confident that with this team, he would definitely be able to make a name for himself in the world of mercenaries!

In fact, the system of special combat assessments was more advantageous for groups!

If an individual participated in the assessment, they could only choose their own handy weapon and at most bring a shield. But if a group participated, they could maximize the power of the group according to each person’s expertise!

Since it was the Flame Legion leading the assessment, it was naturally more advantageous for a mercenary-style team!

“Boss, a backpack was found in the center of the wheat field!”

“Only a backpack?”

“There’s also armor! The battle suit is taken off, everything is here!”

“What about the person?”

“Didn’t see them!”

The burly youth frowned tightly.

What’s going on?

Whoever is operating in the wild, who would dare to take off their battle suit and armor? If they were accidentally bitten by a poisonous insect, they would have nowhere to complain!

Could this person really be dead?

“Boss! What should we do next? It’s difficult to control these beast soldiers!”

Groups B and C, who were controlling the beast soldiers, were complaining. Although they were tied up with ropes, these beast soldiers were just as strong as them. They could easily escape if they went crazy.

“Tsk, go in and take a look! We need to see the person or the corpse!”

There was no other choice. The burly youth had to grip two battle knives and took the initiative to walk into the wheat field with Old Second and Old Third.

Guided by Xiao Liu, the three of them arrived at the center of the wheat field and indeed saw a complete set of equipment laid on the ground, including the battle suit, armor, backpack, and wristwatch, all intact.

“The communicator is still inside, untouched.”

The flat-headed youth picked up the backpack and found the button-sized communicator in the compartment.

“The equipment here should be complete… strange, there are no signs of battle. This means that he shouldn’t be injured!”

Old Third checked the armor and other items, patting his head in frustration.

The burly youth saw this and fell into contemplation.

His gaze swept back and forth on the equipment on the ground for a long time, suddenly noticing something wrong.

“Old Second, Old Third, do you remember what weapon that person used?”

“I remember, it seems to be a spear?”

“Then where is his spear?”

The burly youth asked in a deep voice.

Old Second and Old Third suddenly realized and their faces became very serious.

That’s right!

There’s only armor, a small shield, and a dagger here. Where is his spear?


Suddenly, the sound of fabric rubbing against wheat ears rang out.

The burly youth’s body was covered in goosebumps, and his eyes widened beneath his sunglasses.


But it was already too late!

The weeds in front of them were suddenly pushed aside, revealing the figure of a teenager wearing sportswear.

A triumphant smile appeared on his face as he thrust his spear like a shooting star!

The three of them immediately changed their expressions and retreated without hesitation, running towards the edge of the wheat field.

“Groups B and C, release the monsters!”

“Protect him?”

“Fuck! Kill him!”

The burly youth covered his bloody chest and angrily cursed.

“Xiao Liu, Skinny Monkey!”

“Understood! Skinny Monkey, the enemy is between your nine and ten o’clock!”

“Got it!”

Outside the wheat field, the Skinny Monkey Youth grinned and raised his machine gun, aiming at the designated position.

“Da da da da da da!”

Countless bullets, like a storm of metal, destroyed a large number of weeds and poured towards Xu Zong!

In the wheat field.

After shouting “Xiao Liu, Skinny Monkey,” the burly youth, Old Second, and Old Third retreated without hesitation, running towards the edge of the wheat field.

“Groups B and C, release the monsters!”

“Protect him?”

“Fuck! Kill him!”

The burly youth covered his bleeding chest and fiercely said.

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